Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

worked the day, had a lunch date with a co worker- Thanks Ann, it was nice to spend time with her. 
Had a very busy after noon, our team has a friday cake break and so I went up for a few mins, my office is on the 3rd floor and I work from the 2nd floor, so I barely know what happens up there, my manager keeps me informed of most things, it also keeps ya away from office type gossip as I am on my own in the scan room. 
Hubby picked me up and we went to the mall for dinner as I wanted to check some stores for clothes for Brooke for school…. no luck there. 
I had pizza- Have had a craving for that, it didn’t satisfy my craving though, i hate when that happens, Brooke and Andrew had Japanese food , which is what I usually get, so good there, but I had it for lunch so I wasn’t wanting a big meal like that. 

We went home after that, i did some laundry, some packing, a little tidy up, it is so hard to keep things neat and tidy when your moving. I then relaxed with Netflix and watched the 5 year engagement, i like that movie but holy hannah, the language is not the easiest to hear, i talked to my friend Jill for a bit via text and then I went to sleep. 

Hubby woke me around 9 am and told me to get ready for a day shopping in the United States, we are only an hour from the US, so it makes for much easier and cheaper shopping. We got to the boarder and we had an HOUR to wait- it was so busy, but we got through and then the fun family day shopping began, first we went for lunch at Burger King and it was good, the dessert was so much better though, I had Cinnabon cinnamon rolls- holy hannah they are so delicious, I wish we had a Cinnabon in Canada. 
Went to Label shopper- got some clothes there for Brooke for school, some jeans and a belt for Andrew and I got nothing for me, that SELDOM happens ;) I just got a ton of clothes though and I am on a no shoe buying frenzy for a month.. 
Then we went to Walmart and got all of her supplies, there were some things that we couldn’t find there as they need to be purchased in Canada only, so when we got back in town Andrew and Brooke went to get these things and also got her school bag, lunch bag etc. Now my girl is ready for school to begin. crazy how the summer is gone

The school bag is actually purple and there is a lot of purple going on here. ;) 

I also had a cell free day, it was so beautiful to not have anyone that could contact me, it was a day with family. 
We then went to some grocery stores and got some groceries, and gas and back to the border for the hour drive home, I slept all the way because the medication I am on for my tooth infection knocks me out- they went to Staples and Walmart here to finish the list for school, while I slept, got home and I got sick and then I slept some more… That was my Saturday 

Sunday’s always begin to early - we have to be at the church for 8 am so hubby can get the music and the sound set up, 
We went out for lunch with a friend, i had Chinese buffet, while there I got a fever, so i'm in bed watching Netflix and hoping by tomorrow, I'm back to new, I have to work 8-10 hours overtime this week, so I need to be better 


  1. Sounds familiar ;) the busy life we lead... what part of Canada are you in? we used to live in Alberta before we came down to Arizona 2 years ago :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend! Feel better soon. Alana visiting from UBC.


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