Confessional friday

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Confessional Friday

1)      I confess I am struggling with the thought of keeping this blog as a hobby or making money with it. I had a great chat with a dear friend last night who told me things to change in my blog, I appreciate her honesty so much.

2)      I confess I am excited for the weekend, it feels like a very long week and I am ready for a family road trip tomorrow.

3)      Only 1 more weekend after this one until moving day- not excited.

4)      I am so tired of a certain co worker and her negativity, I feel like today I have blocked her out ;)

5)      I have to shop for school supplies this weekend; I wish I it was all done.

PS: Every person married, getting married, in a relationship, read this 

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  1. I feel the same way about my Blog!! I never intended to try and make money from it because it was simply a passion of mine...however, the option of making money is becoming more and more interesting! Not so much for the actual money, but to attract more attention to the blog!

  2. Every job does have a negative person, it seems. Keeping positive consistently helps. I've had people say, 'oh we can't say that in front of Rose, she doesn't like the goooooosssipppppp.' And they're joking, but still, they don't say whatever it was they were going to say negative, and that's fine by me. :)

  3. thats cool you got to chat with someone with what to change. what did she suggest?


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