Wednesdays for Women

Today I wanted to talk about a very important part of marriage that not a lot of people see as a "Must do"


Praying for your Husband

I believe you can bring good to your husband through prayer, prayer for his integrity, his strengths, his weaknesses, his walk, his work – for every aspect of His life. If you aren’t praying for these things for your husband, who is? I want to be a prayer warrior for my husband and my family. My hearts desire is that my husband would feel covered in prayer with intentionality and meaning through scripture. Here are a few verses that I have leaned into while praying for my husband.

Here are some scriptures you can pray over him:
  1. That the Lord would teach him how to be a good husband &likewise me a good wife {Ephesians 5:22-33}
  2. That he would submit his fears to God {Psalm 118:6}
  3. That he would fully grasp his purpose in Christ {Romans 8:28}
  4. For his health {1 Corinthians 6:12}
  5. For strength {Psalm 28:70}
  6. That the Lord would bless his work {Proverbs 22:29}
  7. For discernment in handling finances {Luke 16:13}

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