Celebrate The Season: Fun Ways You Can Get Festive For Fall

The change of season is always exciting, and with autumn just around the corner we can expect to see nature’s spectacular show of changing leaves within a few short weeks. If you’re a fall fanatic, chances are you’ll be keen to see in the new season and there are a few ways you can go about this. Here are a few to consider!

Make Your Home Cozy
When the colder weather hits, most of us will be wanting to spend our time in the comfort of our homes! So making sure they’re extra cozy is essential. From a home maintenance point of view, ensuring that the roof and windows are in good condition and that your house is properly insulated is a smart move. According to http://www.charlotteroofing.com/charlotte-insulation-services/ this could save you up to date on your energy bills too. From more of a home decor perspective, introducing an accent colour that’s suitable for fall could really switch up the look of your rooms. For example, if your decor is quite neutral you could switch up cushion covers, throws, lamps and other accessories to an autumn inspired shade. Fragrance is another nice way to get your home feeling fall-festive, warm vanilla, seasonal fruits and spices all work well for the time of year. Use candles, reed diffusers and potpourri to give a gorgeous scent around the home.

Refresh Your Wardrobe and Makeup Bag
As well as updating your home you will also want to update your look for the colder months. Out goes the summer dresses and flip flops, in come the chunky knits and boots. Scarves, hats and boots will soon be a staple whenever you go outside, and you will probably need to dig your umbrella out too. Switch out your wardrobe, putting summer clothes you want to keep into storage next year. And go on a shopping spree to pick up any pieces you’re missing. Your makeup bag is another area to update for the season, some darker lipsticks are ideal for a vampy fall look- and some heavier foundation will cover those rosy cheeks from the cold. http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/makeup/g8668/fall-2017-makeup-trends/ has more information about this year’s fall beauty trends, plus you can check out Youtube for endless tutorials and guides for perfecting your look.

Invest in Some Cold Weather Essentials
There are a few things that really help you stay cozy and warm when it’s cold outside. A fluffy dressing gown, pyjamas and slippers. A hot water bottle or electric blanket. A coffee machine that makes tasty drinks like flavoured tea, coffee and hot chocolate- http://bestreviews.com/best-coffee-makers has a rundown of some of the best models. Some good box sets are another good addition, the perfect thing for keeping you entertained on those cold autumnal nights. These are all things that are worth investing in when the weather cools down and you’re spending more of your free time in the house.


Upgrade Your Kitchen For Less Than $1,000

Fall is here, and it’s finally time for households to embrace the new season and get ready to welcome the colder months of the year. But before you get your Christmas decorations out, there’s still plenty of time to give your home sweet home a new look for winter. You do need to change the feel of your home interior regularly to keep it attractive, elegant and functional! So why not start today with the most important room in your home: The kitchen, the place where all the sweet pies and family dinners start? It’s by far the room in a house that is used the most often, and that shows signs of tear and wear the soonest. So it’s probably time for a revamp that should give it a good spruce up! But, you’re in for a treat: You can renovate your kitchen’s look for less than $1,000. Does that sound like a good project idea? Let’s get started!

Space saving practicality
It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is. The truth is: All kitchens get crammed with stuff that you probably don’t even need. From too many mugs – mugs are a favorite last-minute present for birthdays and Christmas, so if you’ve got 5 different best mum mugs, you know that your kids were running out of ideas – to extra large kitchen bins, it can be difficult to keep the room tidy. It’s time for a clear out; the kitchen will feel spacious once you’re done. Start by installing a space saver garbage disposal in your sink as these are great to deal with food leftovers and organic waste in a few seconds. Then declutter your kitchenware cupboards – yes, that means getting rid of most items in your mug collection. You’ll notice the difference immediately: A tidy kitchen feels big and roomy.

Upgrade your cooking gadgets
A kitchen stove and a new fridge don’t come for free. But smart kitchen gadgets – while they are not free either – are a lot more affordable in comparison. You know how it is: The blender is so old it barely blends, the toaster burns the bread and your cookware has seen better days. Changing little things for brand new gadgets can give a modern vibe to your kitchen. From a colorful stand mixer to a new set of cookware, you don’t need to spend much to upgrade your kitchen’s look easily and durably.

Give your kitchen a new feel
Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to revive the spirit of the kitchen. You can find kitchen-friendly paints that are non-stainable and washable in all good DIY shops, and you can finally leave the Magnolia color scheme behind you for something exciting and full of energy! Red kitchens stimulate the appetite and make you feel warm. If red is a little too vibrant, try a Mediterranean orange shade instead. For a ray of sunshine, paint it yellow as it makes people feel calm and happy. It’s also a good choice to vitalize a small room.

With a little attention to details, you can give your kitchen a second life without breaking the bank. All it takes is smart space saving solutions, new kitchen gadgets and a fresh coat of paint.

Knowing Your Other Half

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When you choose to spend your life with someone, it’s important that you don’t take the decision lightly. A lot of people hate to live without a partner, often choosing a bad relationship over none at all. Others, for whatever reason, simply don’t have the time to put into their other half. In a lot of cases, this can leave people who are practically strangers dating each other. This is a shame, though, as it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you just need to do some learning. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the different attributes of your partner which you should be considering.

If you don’t understand someone’s emotions, you’re missing out on a huge part of their personality. To be able to do this, though, you first need to stock up on some empathy. When you interact with your other half, you should be thinking about the way your words may make them feel. Along with this, when you do things, you should also think about how your actions might impact your partnership. Without this sort of connection, it will be very hard to understand each other.

When you first meet someone, it can be easy to ignore their life before they time they met you. In most cases, though, people have had incredibly rich and interesting lives, and they love to share this kind of information with others. As their boyfriend or girlfriend, you should be eager to know everything there is to know about them; and this includes the past. You should know where they grew up, their family, and a rough idea of their life experiences. As you’re with someone longer, you will be able to get a better picture of their life, understanding them more and more.

Now, it’s time to start thinking a little more materially. Things like fashion, design, and even taste are all subjective. This means that your loved one will almost certainly like different things to you, making it important to consider this area. If you were planning to propose, for example, you would need a ring to seal the deal. A girl interested in high-fashion would be drawn to a Tacori ring over a lot of others. But, for those on the more discrete side, something a little tamer might be better. Only those that understand their loved ones properly will be able to get things like gifts right.

Knowing your loved on inside and out could take a lot of work. Over the years, you will learn more and more about them, slowly building an understanding of them which no one else has. Towards the start, though, you will have to work hard to show that you’re learning. Most people will be upset if you don’t make efforts to learn about them. When you start a relationship, you should be excited to learn about a new person. If you’re not, though, it might not be a good relationship to start.


Simple Solutions To Seemingly Complex Health Issues

We often overestimate the complexity of a cause for a health problem and here is a very quick example. You might have a headache. It’s persistent. It’s been with you for quite some time, maybe reoccurring over a couple of weeks. Now, if you look online, you’ll find that a headache like this is a red light for a brain tumor or something just as terrifying. However, there could be a simple solution?

Are you binge-watcher? If you know that after a time Netflix actually asks you if you want to continue watching a show, the answer is yes, you absolutely are. That means that you’re spending hours at a time staring at a screen. To get that message you need to have not touched your laptop at all, meaning your eyes have been glued to the latest show for ages. If this is a big part of your life, you will get more headaches than most people. The same goes for working at a laptop screen all day. Try taking breaks, having a wander around and squeezing in some exercise between a TV show binge. You’ll probably find that headache does go away. Here are some other seemingly complex health issues with simple solutions.

I Can’t Sleep

If you can’t sleep, there are numerous complex possible causes. Maybe you have insomnia? Insomnia is actually quite rare and is usually caused by a traumatic event. Or, perhaps you’re super stressed. You just can’t get your brain to switch off, and you need to find a way to relax. But do yourself a favor.

Before you book that spa weekend or book an appointment with a therapist, lie down on your bed. Have a wriggle around. Does it feel comfortable or is it quite lumpy? Can you feel the springs and is it too firm? If your mattress isn’t comfortable, you will have trouble getting to sleep. Check out a resource like mattress.review, and you’ll find information on all the mattresses currently available on the market. That way, you can pick a better one that isn’t going to keep you up all through the night. You’ve saved yourself a weekend at a spa and a trip to see a therapist. One of those is definitely a plus...we’re not so sure about the other.

I Really Am Stressed

Okay, you’re stressed, you need a career change, you need to reassess your personal relationships, and you definitely need to move away from the city? Wait a minute, take a deep breath, hold it for ten seconds and let it go. Do it again, and again, and again. Do you feel that? That’s your brain receiving extra oxygen, and that’s your breathing slowly regulating. You probably feel a little calmer and more secure. You might have even started to figure out a solution to the issue that is causing you stress. The answer to dealing with serious levels of stress really can be that simple. Sometimes all you need to do is take a deep breath and let life slow down a little.

Do bear in mind this article isn’t suggesting that issues like this aren’t serious. Constantly having headaches can be painful, stress can give you physical symptoms and not getting enough sleep will impact your mood. But that doesn’t mean you should look for a complex cause to an issue like this. When it comes to issues with your health, sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.

Crammed Family Home? Reshape Your Home For More Space

If you’ve rented a holiday home abroad with your family, you’ve probably noticed how big some of the houses are on the continent. The truth is scary: our British houses are incredibly small in comparison. In fact, a recent research has revealed that the UK has the smallest homes in Europe. Did you know, for example, that the average three-bedroom home – which is a standard for small families – measures 88 square metre, which is truly tiny! In reality, the growth of the population in certain areas of the country is already forcing people to ignore legal requirements. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is going to change soon. Besides, recent changes in regulations allow to convert former commercial properties into residential, which means that the minimum size value can be easily and legally ignored. In other words, it’s no wonder your family feels a little tight in your home. In the worst case scenario, people have barely enough space to stand up comfortably in any given room. It’s about squeezing in and ignoring the clutter. Naturally, you could get used to it if it weren’t for the constant commercialisation of bigger-than-life household items – XXL TV screen anyone? So the big question is: can you adapt your lifestyle to make the most of the British shoebox homes or are there ways to make more room for real-size life?

Problem 1: British houses present a health problem
Everything that is small might be cute, but it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Tiny homes are the British response to the housing crisis. But the price for any home is higher than it’s even been: the value of small-sized flats sounds like the worst kind of joke, with £810,000 in London for a 41.7 sq metre apartment – yes, you’ve read me well!  But it’s more than just a problem of how expensive your home is. Riba, the Royal Institute of British Architects, have produced a report about the British shoebox homes to warn that half of newly built homes are not fit for purpose. They are too small for the family of two, three, four or more that they target. People are confined to a tiny space where they can’t socialise together comfortably and healthily. As a result, when your everyday job isn’t stressing you out, it’s your tiny home that’s driving you mad.

Besides while the homes are getting smaller, our everyday items are growing in size. It’s a nightmare situation!

Problem 2: people still want everything bigger
Your smartphone doesn’t fit in your pocket anymore thanks to an XXL screen. And when was the last time you could watch TV without your eyes turning blood red from the light? That’s a common problem in small houses where you’re forced to sit with your nose almost caressing the screen of your home cinema equipment. There simply isn’t any possibility to combine modern luxury and small homes. According to the Time, the British population prefers a king-size bed in their bedroom. With the size of bedrooms shrinking, it’s easy to see how there soon will be just barely room for a bed in your bedroom. So how do you best tackle this contagious case of shrinking homes and keep your favourite modern items at the same time?

Problem 3: who can afford a big family home?
Becoming a homeowner is difficult enough, but climbing the property ladder to buy a bigger home is almost impossible. The average price for a family home in the UK is over £307,000, according to MoveHub. Naturally, you can still find more affordable homes in certain areas, but that doesn’t change the main problem. Homes are more expensive, and they are not getting bigger. Comparatively speaking, for one extra bedroom, you end up paying in average £30,000 to £45,000 more. At that price, you could expect golden walls and ceiling! Unfortunately, this isn’t a trend that is going to stop in the near future. Within the past decades, the price of houses has increased faster than the growth in earnings. So, a bigger house is often too expensive for a family with young children and only one source of income, which means that for too many families a shoebox home is the only affordable option.

Abandoning your dreams of a family?
Young adults all over the world are refusing to have children. The primary Millennials’ arguments for not having babies – at least less than previous generations – are financial and practical. With everything becoming more expensive, they don’t think that they can afford to raise children. And finally, they don’t want to face an increase in their rent or to feel crammed in a small flat. While this might sound like an extreme view, there’s no denying that the young generation doesn’t have much of a choice when it comes to finding the perfect-sized home for their family!

Maximise your family garden
But there’s another solution that doesn’t mean buying a bigger house or ignoring your desire of having a family. You could be looking for a way to increase the size of your garden. Sounds mad? Bear with me an instant and everything will become clear. If you can find around your property an affordable land for sale that is also constructible, you can be looking at a cost-friendly solution to your size issue. Naked plots tend to be considerably cheaper than houses, and they generally indicate whether they come with a planning permission. More importantly, they offer the ideal alternative to a home office or even a guest bedroom – assuming you add a small bathroom! The thing about buying a land that touches your garden, or the back of your house, is that you can build an extra room outside of your home. It’s the best compromise between a bigger home and keeping your budget under control! Besides, there’s nothing trendier than a separate home office in your garden.

Minimalism and your family
If you can’t make your home bigger, then you need to consider changing your lifestyle to match the size of your home. The minimalist look does just that for many families. By focusing on the essentials, a minimalist lifestyle keeps your family home free of clutter and can make room for more life within. As a result, you need to get rid of everything that you don’t use and embrace a simple and clear lifestyle that emphasises space. In other words, fewer decorative items, smaller wardrobes and minimum furniture need to be your new way of living. If you prioritise your comfort and the one of your family, you’ll soon see that clearer rooms give you more space to focus on each other and bring your family together.

Smart furniture for family homes
Last option, but not least, is to purchase smart furniture that makes it possible to live in a small space without missing out on any function. Flexible furniture is a trend for tiny homes and, while it might seem expensive at first, it’s often a matter of buying only one item instead of two or more. Combining functions saves a lot of room for your family! The streamlined sofa bed is a renowned favourite to make the most of a small home: welcome your guests even if you don’t have a guest bedroom.

In the end, whether you choose to adapt your lifestyle to your tiny home or to transform your home to fit your lifestyle is a matter of finances and availability. One thing is for sure, though: Families can’t continue to live in tiny homes without making a change. A little organisation can make a big difference!


The Promise of a Letter- Book Review

This is the second book in The Amish Novels Series, and just as good as the first, in fact the people we learned to love are right here.
I adore it when a book continues with the folks we lived with in the first book, and this one will warm your heart. Phoebe and Jalon are now married and expecting a baby, and Leanna is working for Daniel, fixing motors, she is not a girly girl.
We catch up with Daniel and Barbara, and your heart will break for them. A very sad happening is a catalyst for bringing Roman back to Birch Creek, Ohio, and a reunion with Leanna, and if you are familiar, they were like oil and water.
Be ready to be absorbed into the Amish life in this community, whether you are sitting down for dinner, or playing in the yard with the children, and living their faith. The community has their share of gossips and like everywhere; they spread their damage by words, and we see how all are affected.
Forgiveness and trusting God to make your path in life are strong themes in this story. Daniel and his brother Roman had a rough childhood and many hard feelings between them, but a letter from their grandmother asking them to reconcile tugged at their hearts. Leanna was not your typical Amish woman, and figured she would never get married. Roman had always rubbed her the wrong way. But God had his own plan and things started to change.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

An Amish Christmas Love: Four Novellas- Review

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman
Three generations of Stoltzfus women are all living under the same roof. At twenty-five, Naomi has never been married, and both her mother, Barbara, and her grandmother, Ruth, have recently been widowed. Each nursing broken or lonely hearts, they also each have potential suitors. When a storm on Christmas Eve forces the three couples to take shelter in the basement of the Stotlzfus homestead, secrets are revealed, hearts are opened, and all three potential grooms drop to their knees for very different reasons—a proposal, a prayer, and an epiphany.

THE CHRISTMAS CAT is kind a sad story, but it's also sweet. Emma is spending her first Christmas without her husband and as expected is awash in a sea of memories. The story sways from present to past as she relives her courtship with Henry and their years together. A cat decides to spend Christmas with her, and some young adults stop by to share a meal and fellowship and end up snowed in. A sweet story, even if I did read it with a tear in my eye.

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin
As a young man enjoying his rumspringa, David Byler gave his heart to an Englisch girl, but he eventually realized he couldn’t give up his Plain faith and family for her, so he let her go. He’s found a new love in his Bee County Plain community, Molly Shrock. Molly has been patient, waiting for the man she loves to love her back. Just as he is ready to propose, David makes a startling discovery: Bobbie McGregor, his Englisch love, is back. Will Molly’s prayers for a Christmas love be answered?

Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid
When a misdirected GPS sends Ellie Whetstone to the wrong address, she inadvertently finds herself breaking into the home of Amish man, Ezra Mast. Ellie hopes to fix up the house left by her aenti and sell it quickly, but a series of run-ins with Ezra and his young daughter have her questioning whether a hasty sale is the right move. Could this new place with its slower pace be the right home for Ellie?

Why You Should Try Medical Shopping


We shop around for cars. We shop around for places to live. Why do so few of us shop around for medical expenses? Obviously, if it’s an emergency you don’t have the time to compare prices. But when it comes to many other forms of treatment, many of us have the time to shop around but choose not to. There are many perks to medical shopping – here are some of the major expenses and why you should compare all of them.


When buying medication, many of us gravitate straight for the famous brands. However, there are often generic brands out there that have exactly the same impact whilst costing much less. All pharmaceutical drugs must be thoroughly tested so that they do what they say they do. The only reason some brands pay more is because they can get away with it due to their reputation.

Sites like WellRX.com can be used to compare medication prices. This can be far more economical than going to your pharmacy and comparing prices on the shelves. Be aware that there are also coupon sites out there which can allow you to save extra money.

Shopping around for medication also has other benefits. You may be able to find child-friendly medication that your kid is more willing to take. Those with allergies, may need a hypoallergenic medicine in some cases. There may even be moral or ethical reasons such as avoiding drugs that have been tested on animals or going holistic.

Clinic treatment

Prices may differ from clinic to clinic in some cases. With expensive surgery, this can sometimes make a huge difference. Advocacy services may be able to help you find the cheapest clinic in the country, whilst sites such as TreatmentAbroad.com can even be used to compare costs overseas. Even with the price of flights added, the lower cost of treatment can still make up for it, plus you get to spend your recovery on vacation.

There are other reasons why you may want to shop around for clinics. Certain clinics may be more specialised in a certain area, whilst there may even be specific doctors who are experienced in a certain type of treatment. This could be a way of lowering the risk. Another reason to shop around may be to skip the waiting lists. This is another reason why people will get treatment abroad, as it can sometimes allow them to get vital surgery faster.


Okay, so this is something that many of us do shop around for, but many of us could probably spend more time comparing rates than we do. Rather than using your everyday comparison sites, it could be worth using specialist medical insurance brokers such as HealthInsuranceQuotes.co. These sites are able to not just shop for rates, but give information on perks and even deductibles.

On top of regular insurance, it can sometimes be worth taking other measures such as opening a savings account or taking out a credit card. These can be used to pay an insurance deductible. Make sure to compare interest rates here as they could determine how much you make in a savings account and how much you pay for a credit card.  

Perfect Home Projects To Spend Money On This Fall


If you have been hibernating for the past few weeks, then you’ll be excited to know that - on the other side of your windows - Fall has touched the world. The leaves have turned sixty shades of bronze, the temperature has dropped just enough for you to start layering up and it is now acceptable to have a big mug of hot chocolate at 9.30am.

But before you pull on your favourite slipper and thick sweater combo and get settled for the winter months, now is the time to make a few improvements to your home so that you are ready to enjoy the best holiday season since records began. It could be that you have a bit of money tucked away that you have been mulling over, or it could be that you are looking for ways to use that line of credit you got from homeequitylineof.credit in the wisest way possible. Whatever it is, we have pulled together a list of home improvements that will add value to your home, prepare you for the winter and make the holiday season nothing but smile-inducing.



Spruce Up The Spare Bedroom
Given history has a way of repeating itself, you will find your spare bedroom is going to get a lot more use over the next few months than it does at any other time of the year. Your kid may have a sleepover, friends may come and enjoy a glass of red too many and family members may come and overstay their welcome - either way, your spare room is going to need to some sprucing up. If you are in need of ideas on this front, then check out what countryliving.com is saying about cozy spare rooms. Otherwise spend a little on a new guest bed, add a pile of thick throws, paint the walls and hang up some eye-catching art. Whatever is going to take this room from embarrassingly forgotten about to showpiece is worth doing, both in the short term and the long.


Renovate The Top, Bottom Or Both
From the start of spring until the end of summer, your garden becomes an extension of the house. It is that place you can play hostess and your kids can run wild - but this luxury comes to a close about halfway through September. That means your home is going to start feeling a lot smaller as people trip over each other. That is why you should use the fall to renovate either your basement or your attic (or if you have the means, both). Not only will this increase your living space and give you an extra room to enjoy for years to come, it will also add a huge amount of value to your home. Whether it becomes a designated playroom, home office, cinema room, hideaway or snug, you can’t go wrong with an extra room in the home.


Take The Kitchen Up A Notch
No room is going to get used and abused quite as much as your kitchen this holiday season. After all, that is what the holiday season is all about. That is why you should give it a big, old spruce up by renovating it. Not only will this make it more equipped at handling the mas family occasions, but it will also see mouths drop in total wonder. It could be new cabinets, a new island, upgraded appliances or a total overhaul - it doesn’t matter. The kids are back at school and that makes Fall the perfect time to have the professionals come in and remodel for you.



Hello Lovelies,

I am sorry for the lack of heart felt post lately, it has been a lot of reviews and guest posting.
I have had some health problems going on so I am not up to writing because it pretty much takes all of my energy to get a full day of work in + drs apt etc. I am tired of this whole disease

I am not giving up on the blog just yet so forgive me if my post are few and far between

Is the Air Quality in Your Home Getting You Down?

Air pollution is something that most people think lays outside. They think things like smog, car pollution and smoke from cigarettes is what causes air pollution. They might have such a strong opinion on it in fact, that they actively try to avoid taking their children outside unless absolutely necessary. Instead, they keep their children at home or only take them out to the park and to the garden.

The truth is, air pollution can be anywhere and buildings are often more polluted than the outside. This is because there are many things in your home that can cause air pollution, and if you lock up your home and keep these pollutants in, then you’re going to reduce the quality of air in your home and ultimately make it worse.

This can lead to asthma development in children, allergies or even other respiratory issues. If you want to avoid this, then here are a couple of ways to clear the air around you.

Source: Pexels

Dehumidify the Air

One of the quickest ways to bump up the quality of air in your home is to dehumidify it. Take a look at http://www.dehumidifierweb.com/ and choose a suitable dehumidifier for your budget and the size of your home. These devices will help reduce the humidity in the air, thus reducing the growth of things like mould or mildew and it lowers the amount of dust mites in your home.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows is a quick way to get some ventilation. If you regularly smoke, use sprays or toxic cleaning products in your home, then those fumes are going to get trapped indoors and could cause adverse health effects on those that live with you. Make sure you ventilate your rooms properly by keeping the windows open when possible. Let the bad air out and let some fresh air in to keep things smelling nice and to keep the quality of air high. This is especially important if you have a party because all of the smells, odours and dust need to be cleansed from your home after having several guests in.

Source: Pexels

Clean the Floors

Floors can accumulate lots of allergens, chemicals and all kinds of dust. Depending on the type of floor you have, you’re going to need different types of cleaning products and equipment in order to get the job done. Take a look at https://www.realsimple.com/ for some quick tips on how to clean different types of flooring and what tools to use for the job.

Stop Using Fresheners

Fragrances might smell nice, but they’re ultimately no good for the quality of air in your home. Try to use as few sprays as possible. This means using rollers instead of spray deodorants and mild or natural cleaners that don’t have fragrances or harmful chemicals. If your home smells funky without them, then try and locate the source of the harmful chemicals. Use natural smells from plants if you want to give your home a little boost—don’t try to do it artificially.

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