Making Your Home Look And Feel Different In 5 Simple Steps

Many people get to a stage in life, when they look around their home and are just bored of how everything looks. This can easily happen if your house has looked the same for a while, or you’ve been through something life changing and want your home to reflect that change. Whether you are looking to decorate on a budget, revamp your whole house, or simply wanted a bit of a change, there are many simple ways to make your house look and feel different.

1. Change The Smell
This may sound completely ridiculous, but I promise, it’s not. One of the main things that makes a person’s home feel like their home is the way it smells. This could be anything from the smell of freshly baked brownies to the vase of flowers that you always have on the dining table, but whatever it is, when you smell it somewhere else, you think of home. If you wanted your home to feel completely different, you should change the scent of it, perhaps by using a candle or a new air freshener. This won't make your home look different, but it will definitely feel different.

2. Change The Lighting
Lighting can change a lot about how a room looks, from its size to its color. Changing the lighting in one room, or even the whole house if you want to, can have a similar effect. Try changing the lighting fixtures, the placement and number of the lamps, even trying a different lamp shade could have an affect. If you want a room to feel cozier, perhaps add some fairy lights and small lamps, and leave off the big light. If you want a room to feel bigger, then ensure every corner of the room is illuminated.

3. Change The Furnishings
Adding some new throws and pillows to your bed or your couch could make a lot of difference. They will take away attention from the furniture, so it looks completely different, despite not changing the furniture itself at all. This would work even better if your new furnishings are brightly colored, or have any type of pattern on them.

4. Add Some Greenery
Adding plants to a home can really help brighten the place up and give it a completely different look. What’s more, it will even improve the quality of the air in your home, which can help to decrease stress levels, and improve your overall mood.

5. Change The Walls
If none of this is enough, and you want to change something big, then go for the walls. It’s a lot cheaper than changing any of your furniture, and painting or papering the walls yourself could be quite therapeutic. Choose a color scheme for a room, or even the whole house, and buy paints and wallpaper to fit that scheme.

Hopefully, these steps will provide you some guidance while you’re re energizing your home. It’s always best to stick to small changes first, and then go for something big, if this isn’t enough. Make sure to always think things through before committing to anything big, but have some fun with it too.

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