Make The Traditions That Make The Holidays For Your Family

Young children spend weeks and months in a whirlwind of excitement about the upcoming holiday period. Christmas, in particular, is a holiday that is full of wonder and magic for little ones. Every parent loves the idea of keeping that sense of something special alive for their kids. The lights, the sounds, and the food are all a big part of that. Of course, regardless of your background, gifts are also a big part of the magic of this holiday period. It has become a tradition for many families.

Giving gifts is perhaps the biggest tradition we all try to stick to. Sometimes diets get in the way of all those food and drink indulgences that are popular at this time of year. Eggnog is one of those popular beverages that we might cheat a little for! See SkinnyTaste.com for more ways to enjoy them without the guilt. Then there are the cooked and cold meats, the cakes, the puddings, and the ever so naughty Yule log! It’s so hard to say no to all these traditional foods.

When you’re trying to create a holiday feast at home to suit everyone in your family, you might already be adopting some of the traditions you enjoyed when you were a child with your parents. All the different kinds of potato and all the different ways to use carrots are part of the fun - Snowman noses, mash, and even shredded for an evening salad. Then, of course, are the obligatory chocolates. Sometimes they’re even given as gifts!

Part of the magic of the holidays for the kids is all the lights. Candles are elegant and beautiful, but probably not the safest choice with little ones and pets around. Instead, hundreds or even thousands of fairy lights adorn the house inside and out. You can put them on the tree, along the walls, and even hang them from the ceiling.

Outside, the lights look amazing when the sun goes down. Some of the neighbors might have moving reindeer that light up, or flashing penguins sliding down the snowy slope. If you’re not up for ladders and hard labor, you can hire someone to manage your holiday lighting for you. See Atkinsinc.com for more ideas on how you can make the most of holiday lights on your property. Storing them is a nuisance too, but this company will take care of that for you too.

Ornaments decorate the home. Some hang from the tree. Children love having a go at this, so why not buy some wooden or plastic tree hanging ornaments for them to put up? The glass ones can be too fragile for little hands. Most people, like us, have the same ornaments in the same place for years and years. Some might be gifts from loved ones. Others might be inherited as family members pass. They all remind you of something that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. It doesn’t matter how silly they look!

Holiday movies are pretty important for a lot of people too. In fact, some people have copies of their favorite movies on DVD just in case they’re not aired one year! Some of the favorites are ‘Home Alone,’ ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ These are nearly always broadcast between the 25th and 31st December so check your TV guide. Of course, the holidays aren’t all about sitting around and eating chocolate!

If you live in an area where it snows a lot in winter, then chances are there will be a Christmas Day snowball fight or two. Making a snowman or snow bunny is always lots of fun too. Some families have an old scarf and hat set aside in the garage just for their Christmas snowman. It’s good for families to get together and work together to build something like this. It can get pretty cold too, so prepare a hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm you all through again.

What do you do with all your seasonal greetings cards? Some families hang their cards on string along the wall. Others have special card trees they can slot each one into. Many people simply stand them up along the mantel or the sideboard. Eventually, they’ll be picked up for recycling, but it’s nice to see just how many people thought to write to you each year.

Do you entertain your extended family at this time of year? As senior members of your clan become older, it’s nice to invite them to you instead of the other way around. This might change the traditional family Christmas somewhat, but you’re all still together. That’s what counts. And as your children get older, they might prefer to spend that time away with friends. Traditions will have to change as time goes by. That’s why it’s nice to have one or two that are just special to you. An ornament, a celebration around the tree, or that favorite box of chocs could be just the thing.

If your children are just reaching an age where they can remember this holiday period, why not start up a tradition just for them? It doesn’t matter if you think they might outgrow it one day. It will be that something special that they remember most about their childhood Christmas. Maybe they’ll keep the tradition going for their own children, your grandchildren? Here are few ideas:

  • The silly seasonal sweater - these often have a snowman, reindeer or Santa picture on the front. As far as woolly pullies go, this is definitely for just one day of the year!

  • The cake topper - you might go all out and place an entire nativity scene on the top of your seasonal cake. Or perhaps you each make one character for the top to eat on Christmas day?

  • The switching on of the lights - this is a firm favorite already for many families. Wait until dark, then throw the switch on your light display. You might include fireworks to celebrate.

  • The sing-song around the piano - singing carols has fallen out of favor over the years, but there are plenty of fun and upbeat seasonal songs you can all sing.

Which happy traditions do you have for the holidays?

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