Christmas at our House

All about Christmas at our House This post will be picture heavy so it may take a while to load I wanted to blog about different traditions we have here and how we decorate and what better day then a Wednesday to do just that

So this year i didn't put out a lot of decorations because we are not going to be here for Christmas Day, we weren't even gonna do a tree but we decided we would anyway and we got it for a really good price. 
So here is a tour thru my home during Christmas ....

1) The Den 
These 2 snow people sits below the fish tank . I have had them since we got married. 

This sits by our front door and it says "let it snow"- i don't really want it to snow though. 

this is a candle holder with snowmen and penguins( my favourite) and this was given to me from my grandma before she died so it is indeed special to me and i take the best care of it, it is always wrapped well and stored each year. 

Living Room


the mantel has the nativity scene 

 This is my village- every year i buy one or two pieces to add to it, some day i hope to have everything. 

 this is going down the stairs to rec room
 this guy sits right by the door to say hi when you come in

 more snowmen- these are by front door to "welcome"

Kitchen/Dining Room 
another Snowman display 

This is just a very basic and easy to make center piece, bought some fake ever green branches, had some flowers and ribbon it it with some cranberries amongst it, inside of the jar is a candle floating in water and cranberries. 

Back entrance has 2 more snowmen and a silver NOEL sign 

This little guy sits on back of the toilet, we have wonderful conversations in there :p

So as for Traditions go:

Christmas Eve is my favorite time to spend at my in laws - my mother in law throws the best Christmas Eve party. Every year she has a crowd of people over- we play games, sing songs, chat, and eat lots of delicious food.  Then we exchange presents once everyone besides family has left- it is so much fun. We always sing : on the first day of Christmas song...each of us adding something in each time. 
then we would go view Christmas lights- they have some awesome displays back where we used to live, not sure what it will be like this year.  
We have started some traditions as our own family as well...
last year we stayed home as a family of 3- Christmas Eve- i cooked nachos, wings, and other yummy stuff... we had Kristi and Bennett and Malachi over and our pastor- we laughed, played games and enjoyed the evening. 
I think Christmas eve is my favorite time of the whole season. 
I also read the Christmas Story to Brooke before bed on Christmas Eve and she also can open one present which is usually her Pj's.  

This Christmas we are with my parents :) We will visit Inlaws for New Years. 

Christmas morning we open presents, relax, sleep and eat a delicious turkey dinner. Then Brooke can choose what she wants us all to do and we all check out everyone's gifts and then sometimes we nap because after a turkey dinner we all need sleep 

So whats your Christmas Traditions?


  1. Oh, your decorations are beautiful!

  2. I wish I had a banister to decorate! Pretty!

  3. I love all your decorations! I think next year will be the year I go full out in decorating. Right now with two toddlers it is a bit of a pain keeping them out of everthing :)

  4. gorgeous decorations! I found you via the "Love my Post" link up.

  5. Love your penguin! From the love my post link up and am now following you


  6. Fun to stop by and see your decorations! Very nice. I came from Kelly's blog. Traditions: We open our Christmas gifts on Christmas eve because that is what my Norwegian heritage husband always did. In fact, lots of people in our Minnesota town do the same; lots of Scandinavians here and that is tradition for them. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Found your blog through the blog hop! I am following!


  8. It's great to have traditions and build them up over the years. I'm just starting them out this year with our toddler. Just need to get the decs out of the roof first.

    Found you through the Love your post blog hop: http://www.bubbablueandme.com


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