Weekend Recap

Spent the morning volunteering at Brooke's school- i have been helping out in the library, and i am loving it.   Never know when a full time job is coming from volunteering. 
Got home just after lunch and then did a general tidying up. 
Packed our bags and packed Brooke's bag because she was going to a sitters for the night while hubby and i went 2 hours away for his work Christmas party.
I usually dislike his Christmas parties because his co workers are so smart and i never know what they are talking about, so i was hoping this year would be different. 
We left town around 5 pm- dropped Brooke of at sitters and we left town for the drive to Moncton. Was a clear night and we made it in good time, got to hotel checked in, got our room, showered and got ready for the party.  
We get down stairs and got our drink tickets and met some people from his team- his manager is the sweetest lady ever, then met another co workers wife- we hit it off so well.  They served a beautiful dinner and dessert, then we hung out with people and had fun. We laughed late into the night, 4:30 am before i slept at all, i love laughing with friends old and new.  Hubby won a Ipod Nano, i hope i get it for Christmas. :p The Co workers wife - Dale... her and i had a great chat about something that has been heavy on my heart for a while i will post about it soon i promise. 

 Beautiful Christmas Tree in Lobby 

 I love this man!! 

 because we didn't get to bed til late Friday night/Saturday morning, we decided breakfast would be at 10:30 in the hotel restaurant, we were gonna meet my cousin but they couldn't make it, so we ate with friends from the party.  Around lunch time we left for the mall and i needed to visit David's tea for the giveaway i hosted.  So we managed to find David's tea and walked around the mall, ended up buying a Christmas present for Brooke ( i wish i could post here but she reads my blog) and a movie for being such a good girl for the sitter {not like i doubted} We got home around 4 pm, then i went right to the hospital to see my friend Naomi- she ended up in there on Thursday night with a ruptured appendix and her bowel ruptured as well, doctors told her she is lucky to be alive right now because it was ruptured for a few days and if she was much longer it would have been too late, when i saw her yesterday she was in a lot of pain and was very sick, gave her a hug and told her we were praying. Please remember her in prayer as she has a long recovery ahead of her. 
We went to bed early because of the late night before. 

 the normal Sunday morning stuff except alarm didn't go off so Brooke woke us with 20 mins to be ready and out the door, we did it.  
We had made plans with a lady from our church to go out for lunch so i didn't prepare any lunch, but then she had to cancel so we just picked up a BBQ chicken with salads and ate at home. 
I napped as usual, then got up at 4 pm to get Brooke ready for our Christmas Banquet - my girlie is so beautiful 
 Here she is, ready to go 

 it was at the New Maryland Center- it was decorated so beautifully, 2 ladies from our church did it and it was amazing. I took lots of pictures as you can see
We had it catered and they did a super job with the food, so hot and all fresh and delicious. 
Our Bible School students did an hilarious skit pretending to be some people from the church, they did it perfect. 
Then the church gave us a present for all we do, i feel like we dont do much but it was appreciated.  
The students then all came to our house to hang out etc, we had fun

Enjoy the pictures and have a great week
 This guy pretended to be our Pastor 

 My self and Marissa, love this girl 

 here are the students doing their skit 

 Andrew taught her Sunday school years ago, its amazing how we move here and she is here going to Bible School, we love you Jardeine. 

 Brooke and Pastor's daughter- Selah 

 Brooke and Chloe- sweet

 Marissa and her boyfriend Kyle 

 Brooke with Marissa and Jaredine, they are like her older sisters 

we are supposed to get 10 cm (4 inches) of snow tomorrow ( monday)- please i hope not, i am not ready for the weather at all. 

I cannot believe we leave for Newfoundland in just over 10 days, please keep the emails coming for guest posting, i do have several more spots opened.

Love you all

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