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3D Snowman Cookie Tutorial
December is my favourite month of the year. The holidays are a big part of why – the lights, the trees, the smell of snow in the air, and of course, the baking! One of my absolute favourite things to make for Christmas is a gingerbread house. Decorating them is so much fun and I love trying out new things to make my house just a little different this year than it was last year. So for my guest post, I decided I would teach Rambling Momma’s readers how to make an adorable little 3D snowman that will look great in the front yard of any gingerbread house.Step 1: Bake up some snowballs.
You can use any white cookie dough for this, so if you have a favourite sugar cookie recipe, go ahead and pull it out. I’m partial to shortbread though, so here is the recipe I use.
Shortbread Cookies
½ c butter, softened
¼ c powdered sugar
½ t vanilla
1  c flour
Cream butter and powdered sugar. Beat in vanilla. Mix in flour.
Roll dough into balls, making sure you have three sizes. Laying them out on the cookie sheet to resemble a snowman will help you decide if you’ve got the sizes right.
Place balls about 1 inch apart on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake at 350F for 15-20 minutes. The smaller balls will cook faster, so feel free to pull those out first if they start to brown.

Step 2: Stack the cooled snowballs
Using royal icing to attach your cookies, stack three of the balls to resemble a snowman. While you have the royal icing out, add some food colouring and pipe two round black eyes and an orange carrot nose. Let the royal icing dry completely before moving on to step three.

Step 3: Add some snow
Once the royal icing is dry and your snowman is nice and sturdy, roll it in powdered sugar to give it a snowy look.

Step 4: Decorate
This is the best part. Using a dab of royal icing, attach the eyes and nose you made in step two. Then dress up your snowman any way you’d like. I chose to add a scarf made out of fondant, but experiment with different mediums or even different types of clothing!

Thanks, Terri, for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post for you. I hope you and your readers enjoy these snowy little treats!

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