how to take care of your health while pregnant

In order to protect both your health and the health of the unborn child, it is crucial to know how to take the best care of yourself whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy.

You have come to the correct spot if you are not sure how to prioritize and make the most out of your health during pregnancy. You can be sure that you can take the best possible care of your health during your pregnancy by following the advice in this guide.

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Invest in top-notch medical assistance,

To optimize your health during pregnancy, it is a good idea to invest in additional medical support, even though your doctor and nurses will be taking care of you throughout.

For example, the increased pressure inside your body may be causing you to experience pain in your bones and joints. If so, a chiropractor is the best person to get in touch with if you are dealing with bone pain and tension during pregnancy. They have experience helping people of all ages—from the elderly to pregnant—by relieving pain and other uncomfortable conditions.

If you take the time to get the greatest medical care possible, you can regain your happiness and health during pregnancy. For the benefit of your unborn child as well as yourself, it is crucial that you take excellent care of yourself during your pregnancy.

Restrict your diet to safe foods only.

Even if you are not a picky eater, it is still important to watch what you eat during pregnancy because some foods can be harmful to the unborn child. If you like raw fish, this is a no-go.

Some foods to avoid during pregnancy include:

  • Eggs

  • Seafood

  • Unwashed vegetables

  • Sesame seeds

  • Processed meats

Eating the right foods will ensure that you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy in addition to making your body as healthy as possible for growing your baby.

Try to keep up a moderate exercise regimen. 

Another great health tip for pregnant women is to maintain moderate exercise as much as possible.

Even though you may experience extreme fatigue during your pregnancy, it is crucial to continue working out as much as you can. You can make sure you get your daily dose of movement even if you are too exhausted to attend an exercise class or pilates. Instead, take a walk. It is advised that you and your child engage in 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity each day to maintain good health.

Throughout your pregnancy, it is advisable to engage in a lot of stretching and mild exercise classes to protect both yourself and the unborn child.

By using these suggestions, you can ensure that your unborn child has the best possible health and that you stay safe and well during your pregnancy. To ensure that you can ensure optimal health for your growing baby, it all comes down to leading a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and exercising caution when it comes to what you eat.


Are Your Shoes Affecting Your Back

Believe it or not, what you are wearing on your feet can affect your entire body.If you're wearing high heels on a night out, you will feel that for days afterwards. If you are wearing trainers but you like high impact running, you're going to feel that in your spine and your legs. No matter how often you run. 

Your feet carry your weight whether you are walking or dancing, and so the wrong shoes can have a huge impact.you need to make sure that you don't have poor posture and you're walking is supporting your back not damaging it. Shoes that are the wrong design or the fit can cause issues and your chiropractor will be able to tell you exactly which shoes you should avoid wearing for your particular back issues. Let's take a look at how your shoes could be the blame behind your back pain.

Image source: Pexels

  1. They are giving you poor posture. If you are wearing heels to the office, it may be time to switch to flats. Poor posture creates muscle tension throughout your spine which puts a strain on the soft tissues around the spinal column. This causes pain and one of the common posture mistakes you are making is the tendency to stick your bottom out while you walk. This creates a curve in your lower back that you could be avoiding by standing or walking the right way. Your chiropractor should be able to walk you through how to improve your posture. Stilettos may look pretty, but they are not great for your back.

  2. They don't support your body in any way. If your feet aren't properly supported, then the rest of your body will not be properly supported either. Shoes that don't support you in the correct way will cause the position of your body to be misaligned. This will affect everything from your back to your feet with your knees and hips in between. If you are experiencing pain throughout these areas then you need to look at orthotic shoes which have support in them.

  3. They are worsening an existing condition. Are you dealing with scoliosis or ankylosing spondylitis? Arthritis in the Spine or curvatures of the spine can cause pain issues, but if you're wearing the wrong shoes, they can exacerbate those issues. Speaking to a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist about footwear or insoles can really help you to improve the pain in your spine and lessen the pain from existing conditions.

  4. Your shoes are stopping you from exercising. If you are gaining a lot of pain in your body because of the way that you exercise then you need to look at whether your shoes are the problem. You should be able to exercise comfortably, and that means we're in the right shoes that are still supportive and comfortable in your feet. If they're comfortable in your feet, they're going to support your spine and your hips. 


After Death- Movie Review

From Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom) comes After Death! Get your tickets to see this movie in theaters starting 10/27!
After Death features interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors including 
Don Piper (90 Minutes In. Heaven), 
Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and 
John Burke (Imagine Heaven), 
Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence of the Afterlife), 
and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life).
 John Burke was a skeptic before he first read about near-death experiences. Now, 
after researching near-death experiences for over 30 years and interviewing countless people who have gone beyond the veil and back, John is a pastor and an international speaker. Hear more from him in the film After Death, which comes to theaters on October 27.
As a christian we know we go to heaven when we die but I have always wondered " What is it like when we are dead?, Do we know?  
This movie is based on the true accounts of New York Times Bestselling authors, survivors give us a peek into life’s biggest question: What happens when we die?

After Death is a gripping feature film that explores what happens after we 
die, based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and sur￾vivors. From the New York Times bestselling authors who brought you titles like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Imagine Heaven, and To Heaven and Back, emerges a cinematic peek beyond the veil that examines the spiritual and scientific dimensions of mor￾tality, inviting us to wonder: Is there life after death?

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Many thanks to Angel Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. 
Thanks to #MomentumInfluencerNetwork for allowing me to be a part.

Opinions are 100% my own. 


Weather, Theft, and Worse: How to Protect Your Home



Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home. They want to come home after work and relax, to go to sleep feeling comfortable and secure. Not to sound too doom and gloom, but there is always the possibility of your home becoming the victim of safety problems. These problems can range from extreme weather to burglaries and much more. So, knowing how to protect your home is essential for anyone, no matter where you live or who lives in your home. 

If you want to ensure your house is safe and secure, you must learn the best steps to guarantee property protection. 

Common Home Safety Hazards 

It’s useful to understand the most common home safety hazards so you know which areas to prioritize. 


There’s a prevailing opinion that most homes are burgled at night while everyone’s asleep. However, while this still happens occasionally, most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. instead. For the most part, this is because these are the times of day when people are (or were before remote working became more accepted) out of the house. Burglars can take advantage of empty homes, especially if no cars are in the driveway, and feel more comfortable scoping out properties. Since neighbors are also out, there is a smaller chance of being caught. 

Carbon Monoxide 

Carbon monoxide is considered a silent killer for a reason. It doesn’t have an odor like a gas leak does, meaning you often don’t notice an issue until it’s too late. Carbon monoxide can commonly occur if your home isn’t ventilated, especially if you smoke indoors, but other causes can affect you and your family. You could be affected by carbon monoxide while sleeping or suffer from hallucinations and memory loss if not dealt with. A carbon monoxide detector can help prevent this. 

Weather Damage 

Weather damage can cause severe damage to your property if you live somewhere extreme weather is frequent, such as strong winds, hurricanes, or heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures. All of these events could damage your home, causing roof damage caused by flying debris. Sold temperatures can also cause pipes to burst if you don’t drain them before winter. 


One issue many homeowners ignore is the potential for infestations. Your home could be infested by termites or vermin, such as rats or mice, and this is usually caused by food being left out and not securing your property correctly. Multiple problems can arise from an untreated infestation. Your property’s foundations could suffer, while vermin can bring in bacteria. Furthermore, an infested house is simply not a nice place to live, so you won’t be able to sleep comfortably until you solve the problem. 

How to Protect Your Home 

Protecting your home is essential for anyone, whether you own the property or rent. These tips will highlight the best ways to keep your home safe from hazards. 

Security Systems 

Security systems are arguably the best way to protect your home from potential threats and issues. Products such as security cameras and lighting offer exceptional benefits to protect your home, and modern technology enables you to customize their features to suit your needs, including remote viewing and communication and setting times. 

Furthermore, security systems can deter potential burglars, even if your system isn’t real. While some will still try their look, many other burglars don’t want to run the risk of being caught on camera. 

Doors and Deadbolts 

You can also install a doorbell camera that can provide mild protection for your property. At the very least, you can see everyone who comes to your front door, which could be beneficial if you experience a theft later on, as the person on camera could have been scoping out your property. 

It is also worth considering upgrading your doors and locks, especially if you live in an old property. Reinforced doors are much harder to break down, while new locks can prevent previous owners (or anyone with the key) from trying to gain access. 

Home Inspections 

Homeowners can benefit from home inspections to increase security and protection before purchasing a property entirely. Most countries legally require a home inspection as it highlights potential issues the new owner should not have to deal with. This approach enables you to discover any faults within the property, especially damaged roof or structural problems. 

Knowing which areas of your home are not up to scratch enables you to request repairs before moving in, which gives you peace of mind. Of course, you can also do this yourself if you have the budget and fancy taking on a project. 

Internet Safety 

Promoting internet safety inside your home will also go a long way toward ensuring your property is safe and secure. A robust cybersecurity system is essential for protecting your bank details as well as any passwords. You should also keep this system up to date and change passwords regularly. 

Parents must educate their kids about internet safety, too, especially in the age of streaming and putting your face everywhere online. Teach your kids not to share personal information and never respond to messages from strangers online. 

Garden Care 

Although you might not be too passionate about gardening, you must focus on garden care to keep your home safe. Overgrown bushes can give burglars a convenient place to hide, while unkempt lawns are a prime spot for critters and pests to inhabit. If your kids like to play in the garden, they could suffer bites if they disturb the wildlife. 

However, it’s overwhelming to deal with your lawn if you let it grow too much. Still, working with a landscaping company can solve your problems and even help make your garden more amicable. You might even realize you want to spend more time outside once the weather clears up. 

Delicate Documents 

From your passports to your birth certificate to your signed Taylor Swift Polaroid, you have plenty of sensitive documents in your home. But what happens if your home catches fire or suffers from flooding? 

It can be inconvenient, expensive, and sometimes impossible to replace these documents, so investing in a fireproof safe can provide a solid defense against potential threats.

Neighborhood Watch 

Getting to know your neighbors is an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s security. If you’re friendly with each other, you are more likely to look out for each other. It doesn’t need to be an official neighborhood watch, but setting up a WhatsApp group to report any suspicious activity can prevent theft or criminal damage and keep everyone on alert, especially during the holidays. 


You cannot stay in your home at all times to ensure it’s safe. You need to go to work or grocery shopping. You need a break and a vacation a few times a year. So, what can you do to ensure your home is safe while you’re away? Outlining and remembering a home security checklist can cover all bases. You don’t need to go over everything every time, but making sure all doors and windows are locked and any valuables are out of sight can put your mind at ease and prevent potential break-ins. 


A safe home is a happy home, and these tips will help you ensure your property is protected from a wide range of potential threats and hazards. Although you can’t anticipate everything, you can take preventative action that gives you and your house a better chance of avoiding common issues, enabling you to sleep easily and feel comfortable in your home


How To Have A Healthy Divorce

There’s a lot to think about when you’re going through a divorce, and no matter how positive the outcome is going to be, the whole process can take a toll on your mental and physical health if you don’t put measures in place to stop that from happening. 

There are some easy things you can do that will help you stay healthy during even the most challenging of divorces, so read through our list, and you’ll soon see that you can keep your health in order and come out on the other side of your divorce in good shape. Read on to find out more. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Get Professional Help

There are so many people out there who can help you during a divorce, and they can give you that help in a lot of different ways. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for assistance when you need it, and in fact, you’ll get sicker if you try to do it all yourself. 

Some of the people you can speak to include counselors and therapists, your doctor, family and friends, support groups, and, of course, your divorce lawyer, who can guide you through the process and get you the best possible outcome so you don’t have to worry about it. If that sounds as though it would be useful, go here for more about what you need to know before you hire a divorce lawyer near you. The more help you can get, the healthier you’ll be, and the less you’ll need to deal with on your own, so it’s definitely worth doing. 

Prioritize Self-Care 

It’s so easy to forget to put yourself first when you’re getting a divorce, especially if there are children involved; you’re likely going to want to make sure they’re happy above anything else. That’s a positive thing, but it can also mean that you don’t take care of your own needs, and that can lead to stress, depression, burnout, and so on, and when that happens, you won’t be able to take care of your children in the best way anyway. 

It’s far better to take some time for self-care every day if you can - just ten minutes is enough to help you settle down and re-center yourself. You might do a hobby, read a book, take a nap, have a bath with some aromatherapy oils, listen to your favorite songs, and so on. Make sure you put this at the top of your to-do list, and everything else will fall into place. 

Set Realistic Goals

There will be a lot of changes after (and during) a divorce, and they can feel overwhelming and as though you need to tackle everything head-on and all at once. That’s not the case, and trying to do that will only make you unwell. 

It’s best to set yourself some realistic goals and work towards them surely and steadily. In that way, you’ll always have something to do next, but it won’t be so much that it makes you ill and causes you more problems than you had before. Plus, you’ll get a real sense of achievement and control as you tick these things off your to-do list, and that will help you feel better too. 


upgrade your bathroom with these easy tips

One of the most exhausting experiences is renovation when you are living in the house being renovated. Watching the building site unfold around you and having to live in plaster dust? Not the one. However, redecorating and remodeling doesn't have to be a hugely daunting - nor expensive - task. 

Instead, a bathroom update can be an easy one; it’s just a matter of planning. From buying up the silicone sealant to reseal the bathtub (and give it a new breath of life) to changing out the shower curtain, even the most minor changes can make a difference to the space. You can shop around for ideas for your bathroom but the chances are good that you already have something in mind. To add to it, here are our tips for easy bathroom upgrades you can appreciate.

Image source: Pexels

  • Paint the tiles. If you haven't done this before, you will find that your bathroom pops with the simple addition of paint to the tiles. Painting the old tiles - whether together or as individuals - brings a whole new look to the space and that’s what you’re going for. Just make sure that you use a proper tile paint that is suited to the wet areas of the home; it’ll make a difference and you won’t have to worry about mold growth.

  • Change up your cabinets. A good way to upgrade your bathroom is to replace your vanity and cabinets with new ones. If you don't quite have the funds to replace them and your cabinets are wooden, sand them down and reseal them with a new paint job. Again, just make sure that the paint is good for wet areas because you don't want your new cabinet to look moldy. Another good way to change up the bathroom when it comes to your cabinets is to change out the hardware. The cabinet pulls and drawer knobs are really going to look completely different with just one simple change.

  • Change up your fixtures and fittings. Trendy tapware can always make a bathroom look brand new, but so can swapping out the shower head. You don't have to replum the shower to swap the shower head either. Just simply unscrew the one you've got and re screw a new one.If you've got copper taps right now, then swap them, swap them out for matte black and see how much of a difference it can make.

  • Install a shower screen. If you've always lived with shower curtains then you might find the shower screen can make a big difference. You can choose to have a frameless shower screen or a pivot shower screen, but you can even have a fixed one where you would have to walk out behind it. A shower screen in the bathroom could open up the space and then you don't have to worry about soggy shower curtains anymore.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn't have to take a lot of money or a lot of time. You just need to know what you want first. 


41 things when I turn 41

1. You have to love yourself because it truly is no one else’s job.

2. Most folks are doing their best with what they have—this does not mean it is the best for you.

3. Some dreams and goals won’t get realized because of two things: you are being protected from something that you find out about later, or you change your mind or lose interest.

4. No one knows what they are doing.

5. Anyone who says they have never lied is a liar (include those times you’ve lied to yourself as well).

6. Stop comparing—everyone is on their own timeline and has their own set of challenges.

7. Keep breathing.

8. Everyone has had tragedy and everyone has had joy—it’s not a contest.

9. It’s okay not to know all the answers (because no one does).

10. At some point, you realize all the ways you have been conditioned, socialized, and even brainwashed this will make you angry at first, and then it will lead you toward liberation.

11. Life can be a sad experience and that is okay! Not everything is there for us to fix, some things are there for us to feel.

12. Every bully has a terrified inner child—this doesn’t mean you have to take their bullying. 

13. Pet dogs whenever possible.

14. Keep some things to yourself—not everyone is happy for you.

15. Know-it-alls are terrified of one thing—not being in control. How stressful for them.

16. People who need a lot of attention usually never give any to themselves.

17. As you age, what is important to you will change. Allow this to happen.

18. No one outside of you can ever “make” you happy.  That is your job.

19. The only constant in life is change. This really is true.

20. Stop assuming and start communicating. Consumption can be a slippery and dangerous slope.

21. Car noises and body aches will always cease as soon as you get to the mechanic or the doctor. This is normal.

22. Forgive yourself for all the stuff you didn’t know before you knew it. I know it’s hard, but you kind of have to if you want any peace.

23. Leaf blowers, crappy vending machines, and car alarms will annoy you at any age. There is no escape.

24. Know your boundaries and be unapologetic about them.

25. Buy the extra insurance on rental cars. Peace of mind is everything.

26. Experiences and relationships from our 20s start to make more sense as the perspective gets longer and wider.

27. Meditation and deep breathing will always bring you closer to the answers or peace you seek.

28. Use your turn signal. It’s there for a reason. It could save a life.

29. Our body lets us know when something is wrong or off. Start listening to it.

30. Busyness is not cool, sexy, or something to strive for. It is a conditioned belief about our worth.

31. Most people are not thinking about you at all—they are thinking about their own responsibilities. This is liberating.

32. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a therapist.  We all need a mental tune up from time to time.  

33. Self-care is not selfish. In authenticity is.

34. Practice radical self-compassion. Life can be challenging and we need to be on our own side.

35. No one is completely altruistic. No one.

36. It's okay to quit something that is no longer resonating with who you are right now.

37. No one escapes pain in this life. No matter how it looks on the outside, the inside story is often very different.

38. Most people have a secret they pray no one finds out about.

39. Marry your best friend, laugh with them, travel with them

40. Follow your gut. It is never wrong, even if it doesn’t make logical sense.

41. Don’t be afraid of birthdays—some people wish they had more of them.


Serious Strength-Building Protein Oatmeal!

Pixabay - CC0 License

Protein? It’s all that most of us can talk about these days, and finding protein-packed recipes, especially to replenish our minds and bodies post-workout, should be the top priority. With so much more information out there on just how much protein we should be getting, it’s a no-brainer that having more of it in our diets will undoubtedly improve our more than our strength! 

In fact, in terms of macronutrients, protein is the most important, and whether you’re carb mad or keto-focused, a protein-packed breakfast or snack will give you the energy to see you through the day and give you the things your body really needs. 

So if you’re looking for a breakfast that’s protein-tastic, look no further! This hearty protein oatmeal recipe is not just packed with wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, peanut butter, as well as some chia seeds and ground flaxseed for fiber and healthy fats, but we’ve also included a couple of things for those fitness-conscious individuals too, like creatine and Ostarine, which is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), a performance-enhancing agent that stimulates anabolism, which can help build muscle and strength, however, these two are optional. 

So what are we waiting for? Let's get cooking!


  • 1/2 cup of rolled oats.

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

  • 2 tablespoons of sweetened peanut butter.

  • 1/2 cup of frozen fruit, such as smoothie mixes or anything you have in your freezer.

  • 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds.

  • 10 milligrams of Ostarine and 1 tablespoon of creatine, both of which are optional.


  • Firstly, prepare those oats. If you want to add an extra dose of protein, now’s the time to add your milk of choice into the mix. Put the oats and a cup of water (or your milk of choice) into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it on high for two to three minutes until the oats reach your desired consistency. 

  • Add in the frozen fruit, the flax seeds, and chia seeds, and your optional protein enhancements. If the mix gets too thick at this point, make sure to top it up with some boiling water and put it back in the microwave for an extra 60 seconds. 

  • Once you've taken it out of the microwave, you will see just how thick it is, so at this point you can stir through the peanut butter to guarantee that even distribution of flavors and nutrients making for a yummy, hearty, and healthy dish.

A Few Things to Consider

The great thing about oatmeal is that there is no hard and fast rule when we’re talking about consistency. This oatmeal is full of goodness, there’s a whole variety of healthy fats, carbs from the oats, and protein from quite a few different sources, including the chia seeds. 

It's also worth bearing in mind that with meals such as this that come with quite a quantity of healthy fats, so you need to build up your tolerance gradually, especially if you’ve been strict with your fat consumption. Remember, fat is not the enemy, so long as it’s good fats like coconut oil and peanut butter, but consuming something with so many different nutrients in at once might be a little bit too much for delicate bellies!

And there you have it, strength-building protein oatmeal! If you are on the hunt for something that is nourishing, nutritious, and provides a shot of warmth as the weather turns colder, protein oatmeal is exactly what you need in your life. And for an added bonus during the summer months, all of these ingredients can easily be blended together to make a delicious protein smoothie! What’s not to love?

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