Integrating Fitness into your Daily Life


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Integrating fitness into your everyday life is as much a mindset as it is a practice, you need to switch your thinking from fitness as an "at the gym" activity to something you are involved with every moment of the day. When you change your attitude like this you find that all of a sudden opportunities to improve your health and fitness are everywhere, and completely free. 

Get more active 

To integrate fitness fully into your everyday life you need to escape from the idea that fitness and exercise are something you do at a particular time in a particular place. Of course, this also works, but it's less effective overall. 

When you think of your life in terms of fitness you make choices that lean towards fitness over non-fitness. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, for instance, or taking a walk on your break instead of sitting in the communal area. Use a step counter for motivation. 

Change up your routine 

Maybe you've found the perfect exercise routine for your life, such as Fitness 19 and you want to stick with it. That's fine and good. It's good that you have settled on something that works for you, but if you start to lose interest it could be down to the routine and not your motivation. 

If you find yourself starting to lose interest and procrastinate it's time to change things up. So what does this mean? Well, you could go swimming instead of running, or cycling instead of swimming. Try yoga or spin instead of weight lifting. 

Make a schedule 

Although it's best to think of your fitness in terms of a lifestyle rather than one-off activities, making a schedule for your fitness activities is also an excellent idea. Your more formal activities at the gym or with your sports team are the main events in your fitness lifestyle. 

When you have some of these main events scheduled it provides excellent motivation for you to keep up the smaller efforts in your lifestyle routine. All of these small efforts add up and support your fitness goals and your health. 

Find something you love

Naturally, if you love to do something you want to do it more often, so it follows that if you find a fitness activity such as cycling that you enjoy it will be far easier to integrate fitness into your life than it would be otherwise. Getting out and about on the best titanium road bikes will be a joy rather than a chore and your motivation and fitness levels will grow because of it!

 In many ways, this is the secret formula for fitness lifestyle integration. If you contrive your fitness and pursue activities you don't have a passion for it leads to procrastination and low-performance outcomes. 

Get into habits 

Whether you like it or not, you have habits. These develop over time and are linked to your moods and mental persuasions. Some of them are healthy, others, not so much. Cultivating positive fitness habits is a cornerstone of the fitness lifestyle. 

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that healthy fitness habits can be a challenge to establish; the good news is that your fitness habits support the cultivation of positive habits, making them easier. 

Gary LeVox EP, ONE ON ONE Review


Gary LeVox is an American singer and songwriter. He is known for being the lead vocalist of the contemporary country pop trio Rascal Flatts, and his stage name was taken from the studio-console label for his lead-vocal track.

One of the world’s most successful & distinguishable voices in music has gone solo, and with a style all his own, #GaryLeVoxMIN is bringing his own unique personality and flare to a signature collection now known as Freedom Farms and LeVox Wear. The collection is a true representation of all that Gary is passionate about – song writing, performing, fan engagement, charitable causes, hunting and fishing, his family farm, family and faith.

I truly enjoyed every song on this album, EP, ONE ON ONE I listen to it at work, at home, in my car.  His words really speak to me.  it is a great family album.  “While I Wait” is a precious duet with Brittany LeVox, Gary’s daughter!   Give it a listen by going here: 

I love this next point because I am a big fan of Tim Tebow foundation and $1 of every purchase goes to fight human trafficking through the Tim Tebow Foundation


Thank you to #MomentumInfluencerNetwork for the opportunity


Disclosure: Many thanks to Capitol Christian Music Group for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.


The 4 Keys to Having a Great Relationship

The 4 Keys to Having a Great Relationship


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People are always looking for the keys to a happy relationship. It is not as simple as fitting puzzle pieces together or getting rich quickly through Instant Cash Solution (click on this link to find a review of Instant Cash Solution: ibuyireview.com/instant-cash-solution). 

With that being said, there are some strong building blocks to build a relationship off of. To help get you started, below is a list of four keys that will help you create a strong bond with someone you love:


Having good communication is essential for any relationship, let alone the relationship you have with your significant other. Being open and effectively communicating will make it easy for the both of you to understand how one another is feeling and thinking.

Like well, mostly everything, more practice makes it easier to communicate. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” but there is no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to relationships. Still, continually effectively communicating will help get you and your loved one on the same page and make everything that much easier.


Being honest with your partner is key to maintaining a strong bond. If you or your boyfriend, girlfriend, et cetera, is dishonest at any point in time, it makes it harder to trust them. 

Now, that is stating the obvious, but it must be said. Lying will get you nowhere in creating a strong connection with family, friends, and -of course- your partner. If you are dishonest, you can not communicate effectively, so just be honest! It is not a hard thing to do. A little white lie here or there can be used to surprise someone, but overall, lying in a relationship is two thumbs down. 


Another key to having a great relationship is respect. Respecting your partner is of utmost importance. If you do not have respect for the one you are supposed to love and care about, then who would you have respect for? The person that you are able to be honest and open with should be treated as great as possible. Being disrespectful is not close to that (obviously). 


Fun and spontaneity can be two overlooked things in a relationship. Communication, honesty, and respect are some of the first things people think about when asked 'what makes a good relationship’.
Incorporating spontaneity into intimacy is also a great way to keep a relationship exciting. You may want to introduce new things into your sex life, perhaps even surprising your partner with Sex toys for Men, or using sensory items to enhance your experience together and create an even closer physical connection.
Fun and spontaneity should not be overlooked. For example, you may think going bowling is fun and an awesome type of date. But at the same time, you can not be bowling every Saturday for years on end. Change it up! Go to breweries, play laser tag, do an escape room, whatever. Just go have fun and be adventurous. It makes your relationship that much more exciting.
If you decide not to do that and continue bowling, like the example, have fun getting back on dating apps. No person wants to do the same thing every single Saturday, and you shouldn’t either. 


3 DIY Lip Masks for a Smoother Pout

We’ve spent lots of time behind our face masks, which is all the more reason to spend a little

time focusing on our lips. Winter and spring can do a number on our skin, so now is the perfect

time to practice a little self-care before the summer months ahead so you can put your best

smile forward.

Cooling Aloe Lip Treatment

Aloe vera is often used during the summer to treat sunburns, but its benefits extend much

further than post-sun care. Aloe vera contains enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

These ingredients help to provide moisture to dry skin and help calm inflammation. Aloe vera is

suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin), making this a perfect mask for summertime.

You’ll need:

● Bottle of aloe vera

Recipe steps:

1. Before bed, apply a small amount of aloe vera to chapped lips.

2. Rinse it off in the morning and apply throughout the day as needed.

Hydrating Lip Mask

Avocado is the star ingredient in this lip mask and it boasts many benefits for the body including

boosting hair health. The natural oils in avocados provide lips with moisture to nourish, soften and

hydrate. Avocados can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Because avocados contain vitamins

E and C, they can help protect the skin against environmental toxins and dirt.

You’ll need:

● 2 teaspoons of mashed avocado

● 1 teaspoon of honey

Recipe steps:

1. Mash up the avocado and put two teaspoons in a bowl.

2. Add honey and mix.

3. Apply to lips for 20 minutes for moisturized lips.

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Cocoa powder isn’t just for desserts — it mas many skin benefits including strong antioxidants

benefits. This is important because antioxidants help protect our skin against free radicals and

help repair damage caused by environmental toxins, car exhaust, ultraviolet light and household

chemicals. Additionally, cocoa powder has been known to help fade the appearance of scars.

You’ll need:

● 2 tablespoons of brown sugar

● 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

● 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

● 2 teaspoons of olive oil

● 3/4 teaspoon of raw honey


1. Mix together all ingredients in a small bowl.

2. Once blended, apply the scrub to your lips and massage in a circular motion.

3. Leave the mask on for five minutes and wash off with warm water.

Self-care is all about finding the things that make you feel happy and relaxed and doing more of

that. For more ideas on how to pamper yourself, check out this infographic with six more DIY lip

masks to start off the summer season feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!


Hollywood Secrets: How to Get the Perfect Celebrity Smile

Not only viewed as one of the most attractive aspects of a person, a beautiful, sparkling

smile is often considered to be the secret behind that special, Hollywood-esque good look

as well. And thankfully, perfectly even, dazzling white teeth are no longer reserved only for

celebrities, with many dentists around the world offering a number of treatments aimed at

improving your smile. However, an abundance of available products and procedures can

make it quite difficult to make the right choice, so here are some of the most popular dental

treatments that will allow you to get that perfect celebrity smile:

Teeth-whitening procedures

For those who already have straight, nicely-shaped teeth, and would simply like a brighter and more dazzling smile, While there are a number of over-the-counter, ‘do it yourself’ teeth-whitening kits available on the market,

the safest and most efficient options are always professional procedures performed by a dentist. The most common teeth-whitening procedures include bleaching solutions

combined with ‘intense light’, as well as expert home bleaching with gel and a customized

mold, both of which can be great options depending on your needs.

Clear teeth aligners

Providing the perfect alternative to traditional braces, clear aligners are ideal for anyone

who wishes to straighten their teeth discreetly, and might even be one of Hollywood’s best-

kept dental secrets. While this option might be best for those with mild to moderate

misalignment, clear, removable aligners can efficiently straighten your teeth and put them

in the desired position, while being nearly undetectable to those around you. Although

Invisalign is among the most popular clear aligner brands, there are many options available

on the market that might be more budget-friendly and suitable to your needs.

Crown and bridge restorations

If a tooth is severely damaged or missing, a dental crown or bridge should be placed in an

effort to give more strength and structure to a smile. While crowns and bridges can come in

a number of different forms, the most popular materials used include Zirconia, providing

strength, compatibility, and a natural look, Lithium disilicate, which offers reliability and

visual appeal, as well as Vita Enamic, which perfectly balances strength with flexibility. No

matter which one of these wonderful materials you opt for, just make sure to choose an

experienced and reputable Dental Laboratory that offers high-quality implants and

restoration options, for a brilliant smile that will last for years to come.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are very thin porcelain pieces that are bonded to the natural teeth, so thin they

effortlessly fit into a smile without adding any bulk or an unnatural shape. Instead of being

quite noticeable dental work, veneers appear very similar to natural natural teeth, and can

completely transform the size, shape, and color of a smile. In fact, when celebrities suddenly

appear in the public with new, dazzling smiles, veneers are most commonly the source.

Dental bonding procedures

Dental bonding is a simpler, quicker, and more affordable alternative to veneers, as it can mostly be done in a single appointment, with no need for additional work. This procedure is done by applying a special dental composite to any exposed roots or potential gaps between teeth, giving you the opportunity to improve the appearance of your smile without a large commitment. As a quick yet efficient fix, dental bonding canton (or a similar procedure offered by a dentist in your area) is ideal for those who simply want to cover any small flaws and imperfections in an effort to achieve that Hollywood smile.

While the path to the perfect smile might not always be simple, finding the right dental

treatments for your specific needs will allow you to achieve that brilliant celebrity smile just

like the Hollywood stars.


nineteen years

We are celebrating nineteen years of marriage today and as I look back on these past years of married life it seems only fitting to write a tribute to man who made me a Mrs.

Here’s to the man who caught my attention as a blue-eyed drummer at a youth camp. The man who became my friend, my confident, my dream of someday. The man who wrote me long letters in his best cursive, sent me surprise roses at work, made me feel loved and beautiful. The man whose sweet voice I couldn’t wait to hear coming through the phone line, the man who I couldn’t wait to see after weeks and months apart, the man who distracted me from school. I spent hours in class doodling about him and spent days dreaming about him.  This man and I spent hundreds of dollars to buy tickets to visit each other across the province. We planned out lavish surprise visits and gifts for each other. We lost sleep over our late-night phone calls.

This is the man who proposed to me on a snowy January night… This is the man who I prepared to see as I curled my hair, pinned on my tiara, laced up my white dress, slipped into my high-heeled shoes. This is the man I walked down the aisle to meet amidst the admiring gaze of our families and the sweet music filled that room. This is the man I left everything and moved across the country for.

On that cold day in May, we stood before God and proclaimed our vow “to love and to cherish until death do us part.” We toasted to our life together and we had no idea what the future would hold for us.

After 19 years of marriage, I still could not ask for more. 19 years is not really that long of a time but looking back at all that has happened between now and then, it feels like a lifetime. Here’s to the man who has stood by my side all these years.

We  moved from our newlywed apartment to our starter home. We have bought a house and survived remodeling projects together. Then we bought another home ( hopefully our forever)  We have a beautiful daughter who is a graduate this year, how did that happen

We made it through job changes, opening a business and now a pandemic

We have traveled thousands of miles, walked sandy beaches hand in hand, re-visited our romantic dating spots, celebrated life together. We’ve learned to live together, how to compromise, how to forgive, how to grow as a couple.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fought, we’ve prayed, we’ve loved, we’ve dreamed, we’ve planned. We’ve realized how much more we still have to learn about marriage, about each other and how much we need God to be at the center.

We’ve built a relationship, a family, and a life together.

So, here’s to you, the man I am so thankful and blessed to have walking with me on this journey of life.  These words are just as true now as they were when I doodled them as a love-struck teenager, daydreaming about my someday with you:

No matter what happens, what trials we face, or what lies ahead of us in life, Now and Forever, It is you  

Here’s to many more joyful, adventurous, grace-filled years with you, my beloved spouse and best friend! Here’s to us and to our nineteen years of marriage.


I love you with all of my heart,



Life Lately.

 I miss blogging about my family and catching up on all the happenings. So here is a catch up for you. 

We just bought a new home!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have outgrown our current home since Andrew is working from home, he needs an office area that is not shared as a spare room.  I cannot wait to move in and make it a home 

I will share more pictures when we move in and are settled.  

Brooke is in full on graduation mode. She just got he license and we got her a car.  Her graduation will be June 22 and then in sept she is going to St Thomas University.  She will do a major in music, a minor in French and then a Education degree.  We are so proud of this girl 

Kim and Moses are having a baby.  Baby girl will arrive in June if not before, we are so very excited for a baby to be around to love on.  

Nothing real big happening over here ;) 

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