Amazing Hair Growth Foods To Eat Daily

Having hair that is strong and glossy is a dream for many people, yet hard for many of us to achieve. And many of us think that it is all down to the hair products that we use that will have an impact on our hair and on our scalp. But in reality, that is only part of it. What you should really be doing is looking at what you are eating, as that does have an impact on the health and shine of your hair, as well as your scalp.

So before you start looking up the causes of dandruff to help your scalp, have a look at what you are eating; could that be what is causing it? Here are some of the best foods that you should be consuming to have a healthy looking scalp, as well as healthy and glossy hair.


Eggs are an amazing source of protein, and we need plenty of protein for our hair and our scalps. You can get protein in other ways, but eggs are one of the best sources of natural protein that can be consumed quickly. They are easy to prepare too, right?


Leafy greens in general are great for the health of your hair, but spinach is the superfood for hair. Spinach is full of iron, which is an essential mineral for our hair. If you are deficient in iron, then it can lead to hair loss, amongst other things. So strengthen your locks with plenty of spinach or other leafy green vegetables.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are tasty, but they are full of vitamin C, which is a great vitamin for our overall health. But did you know that it plays a part in how healthy your hair and scalp are too? Vitamin C helps iron to be absorbed into the body, as well as helping with the production of collagen to help keep hair strong. A lemon or lime squeezed into a glass of water each day could be just enough.

Nuts and Seeds

We all know that nuts and seeds have some essential fatty acids in them, as they contain what is often called ‘good fat’. But the fatty acids that they contain really help to nourish hair and help to make it thicker. The interesting thing about the fatty acids is that they can only come from your diet, as they aren’t made in the body. So that is why, if you’re not allergic, nuts and seeds should be part of your diet each day.


Avocado is also another superfood for good fats, but it is also a great food that contains plenty of vitamin E. Vitamin E is used to help improve the circulation of your blood, which can help your hair follicles, so great for both hair and scalp. Avocado can be eaten, of course, but it can also work on your hair has a natural hair mask too; it really is an amazing superfood for your hair and scalp.

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