How to Choose the Right Panties That Suit Your Body Type

Shopping for underwear is not the most exciting thing in the world, that’s for sure,
but oh boy, you are in so much trouble if you don’t pick the right pair. You don’t
know what’s worse – sagging, pinching, rolling or rising. That is why it is crucial to
know your body type. And without further ado, here is how to find the perfect
panties for your body type.

You should measure your hips and your waist. That will help you find the proper
size across brands. Use a tape measure and measure your natural waist and the
widest part of your hips. In case you don’t know what a natural waist is, you will
find it by bending sideways. You will see a crease forming and that will help you
identify it. Also, make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground.

Don’t just measure once, measure two or three times to be sure you have the right
numbers memorized. Once you have your measurements, you will be able to consult
the sizing information for any brand and you definitely won’t make a mistake.
Usually, size S (small) is between 24 and 25 inches, M (medium) is between 26 and
27 inches, L (large) is between 28 and 29 inches, and XL (extra large) is between 30
and 31 inches.

Firm elastic is your best friend
Constantly pulling your briefs up in order to keep them from slipping is quite
annoying, you’ll agree. And that problem can be solved by choosing underwear that
has quality and firm elastic in its waistband. However, have in mind that firm elastic
on the waist is helpful, but you should definitely avoid elasticized leg holes, since
they bunch up over time and that can be quite unpleasant to wear.

Stick to cotton
Natural and pleasant, comfortable women’s underwear is the best underwear
money can buy. Natural fibers are the best when it comes to keeping your intimate
parts feeling clean and fresh. It wicks away excess moisture and discourages yeast
growth, unlike nylon and lycra that trap heat and moisture, which makes a perfect
breeding ground for yeast. And if you are not that much of a cotton fan, try wearing
underwear with at least a cotton lining.
If you work out in your cotton underwear, change it immediately after your workout
session. Even though cotton prevents yeast infections , if sweaty, this slow-dry fabric
can actually increase the risk of infections. So toss an extra pair of cotton briefs in
your workout bag and change them before you leave the gym, no matter whether
you are planning on showering when you arrive home or not.

Make sure it is not too tight
A too tight pair of underpants will lead to both those awful and unflattering lumps
and bulges beneath your clothes, and skin irritation and chafing from all that friction. 

Generally, if the panties are tight enough to leave marks on your skin after 
just a couple of minutes of wearing them, they are too tight for you. Not to 
that tight underwear doesn’t allow your skin and your intimate area to 

breathe, and that can lead to sweatiness and other not-so-attractive things that occur in there.

Go seamless
Why? Because seamless styles are probably the most comfortable styles for your skin. They will not only prevent visible underwear lines, but they will also be much gentler to your skin. Have in mind that chronic rubbing and irritation can cause abrasions that can further develop into dark skin and even permanent scars. Not to
mention, if your underwear is old and the elastic is exposed, that can give you irritating contact dermatitis , or simply said – rash.

To conclude this story, we will give you one bonus tip: when it is bedtime – go
commando. Simply forget about underwear. Why? Because that is the best way to keep your intimate parts dry and prevent all kinds of yeast infections. However, don’t be completely naked. Put on loose-fitting and breathable pajamas that are non- constricting and not only will you have the best sleep of your life, but you can also
get lucky if you have someone who sleeps next to you (wink).


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