How to Select the Right Curtains and Blinds for Your Home?

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Curtains and blinds add beauty to your boring room and this is the reason why they need to be picked carefully. There is a lot of variety available in the market for curtains and blinds but that is not the issue. You need to carefully select the right fabric and color for your room as per your room’s layout. You may find a lot of beautiful stuff in this category but not everything will look perfect in your room. This is the reason why you have to consider a lot of factors while going to buy curtains/blinds.

The decision of selecting the proper curtains and blinds is an important one. So, make sure your first step would be examining the room, doors and windows. But more importantly the need of your room, it’s color, layout and the positions where you want to fix curtains. Decide the style and shape according to the position of the windows /doors.  Decide how much you want to cover with the blinds. When you are over with making decisions, you can go ahead to think about finalizing the style and the fabric.

4 Important Things to Consider When Selecting Curtain and Blinds

Selecting the right curtain and blinds will help in giving the room a statement of its own with creating warmth and softness. But this is not that easy, below are some factors that you need to consider.

#1. Color

It is a very important factor when you are going to select the curtains/blinds. If you pick curtains with the same color as the wall, it won’t look good. Don’t go for very dark or too light colors either, unless you like the contrast. It might seem like a hard decision, but there are so many colors available online that you're sure to find one you love.
Just search Blinds Central Coast or something similar depending on your location to browse the options near you.

#2. Fabric

This is important as it decides the quality of the curtain and its reliability. It’s the most important thing to consider while looking for quality curtains/blinds. You can choose to go for, silk, velvet and linen material. Not only will it add to the décor of your room but also help to keeps the room in moderate temperature, so try to go for the fabric that supports the temperature, and which will keep you out of the cold in winters.

#3. Length and lining

First of all, decide the length of the curtains and blinds. You can measure the length by yourself to decide how high or low you want the curtains to be.  Start measuring from the top of the window where there are curtain hangers, add 4-8 inches on both sides and double the reading while measuring the width. The extra inches are to help you in case of a brighter day.

#4. Cleaning method

 You need to maintain your curtains or blinds well.. They can be either washed in the washing machine or you can also dry clean them. The washing friendly type of curtains will save you a lot of money, no doubt. Try going for them in case you are following a budget. If you are going for dry cleaning ones, make sure that you do maintain them from time to time and keeping it up to its quality.

How to Choose Right Location for Your Home Needs?

After selecting curtains and blinds, now you should decide which part of the home needs the curtains or blinds.
  • Living room: Curtains are a good choice for the living room, they add beauty to the décor of the room with their different designs. You can also go for bow window curtains blinds; in case you are considering to make your room a bit modern.
  • Bathroom: Blinds are a good choice for the bathroom as you need privacy. 
  • Bedroom: The bedroom in any house must have that beauty in it. Curtains are a better choice for bedrooms, but if you want to go for blinds, go for decorative ones.
  • Kitchen: Curtains are light and can easily get spoiled by the food or water... You should go for blinds; they are easy to clean. 
There is a lot to calculate before you select curtains and blinds. Follow the above ideas to get the right choice of curtains and blinds for your house.

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