7 Must-Have Items In Fashion and Accessories

Fashion serves as a mode of expression and portrays one’s personality. Outfits change with every season and there’s nothing more exciting than a shopping spree to keep your fashion game up 

to the minute.
Are you looking to revamp your wardrobe? 

No matter what season, here are 7 stylish options that will keep you at the top of the fashion game all through the year:

1. Checkered Items
Sport a retro look with a pair of checkered trousers or a shirt. Cropped checkered trousers make a
great casual wear and can be paired with any tee or sweater. Or smarten up with a bright-
coloured checkered skirt. Try a swingy little black and white checkered dress and pair them with
zip-up sneakers. Accessorize with a red bandana tied around the neck for a flawless cute-casual
You can even flaunt this print as footwear with checkered slip-on shoes. Plaid suits and blazers
are also making quite a rage and can be used for formal events and occasions. This print can help you create an elegant and refined outfit. Try a black and white checkered coat over a casual t-shirt, then add a statement belt for a street style look.

2. Customised Pieces
The new era of fashion has seen a growing trend towards customised items. Customizable
fashion is on the rise! Customised pieces give a sense of control to finicky shoppers and can also help to add a personal touch to their outfits.

Image Source Try a customised bag to add an extra edge to your outfit. DIZAIND bags is a dream brand thatoffers customizable handbags.
They allow you to pick out your preferred bag style, material, and colour and design your own bag. You can also try customized jewellery, t-shirts and even jackets that cater to your specific wants and needs.

3. Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a bag where you can chuck in every single one of your belongings- you
desperately need a tote bag! Dark coloured totes work perfectly for a person that loves a
minimalistic style. Carry them to office, dinner parties or for a fun day at the beach. They work as the perfect bold accessory to brighten up a dull outfit. Add a pop of colour to a
monochromatic outfit with a large red tote and you’re guaranteed to make a surefire statement.

They can accommodate laptops, beauty products and clothes all at once to help you maintain high standards of self-organization. Moreover, they contain slots that are specifically made for the safekeeping of valuables and fragile items. Spacious and durable, these bags were designed to be comfortable to carry and easy to style.

Image Source  

 4. Athleisure Outfits
The athleisure trend has been sported by many celebrities worldwide. It refers to comfortable clothing that’s suitable for both exercise and everyday wear. Sport the trend with leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies or comfy tracksuits. You can make this look work by adding a low-cut shirt and a strappy bralette. Or layer a leather jacket atop your sweats for chilly days. However, avoid head-to-toe athleisure to avoid looking like you’re back from the 90’s!

You can either tone it down with sneakers or step it up with sleek heels. Avoid ratty or beat-up sneakers and opt for branded ones for a more polished look. Mix different prints and patterns and jazz it up with dainty, minimalist jewellery to avoid looking like you’re headed to the gym or just rolled out of your bed!

5. Neutral Heels
Heels are a must-have in a girl’s closet. It is recommended that you own at least a pair,
preferably in black, grey, tan or beige. Neutral heels fit seamlessly into any outfit and can help you look modish and sophisticated. A sexy pair of heels compliments any dress. Furthermore, they give the illusion of slender, tall legs.
You can balance the casualness of short pants with a feminine heel. Or pair them with casual jeans to add a hint of glam to your outfit. Pairing a black and white outfit with nude heels can help to soften your look while dressing up your feet. Don’t forget to add an individual spark with some interesting jewellery.

6. Monogrammed Accessories
Nothing shouts high-fashion and ultra sexy like a monogrammed accessory. It can make any outfit ooze confidence and style. You can monogram not just your name or initials but any word or alphabet that hold a special meaning for you.

Image Source

Monogrammed goods were a luxury reserved for the rich and famous a few years ago, but not anymore! DIZAIND bags is a unique brand that allows you to create your own bag or edit their bag designs and emboss your name or initials on them. It is perfect for customers wanting to have a differentiated accessory and something they can call truly their own.

7. Stripes
Stripes are a timeless classic that you can’t miss in your outfits. They are an evergreen trend.
Horizontal stripes can give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette while vertical stripes work to add character and depth to the outfit. Striped dresses and jumpsuits can also create a cute, easy summer outfit. Topped off with a with a wide brim fedora hat they can transform your outfit from boring to chic in a matter of seconds.
You can try mixing prints by choosing complementary colours. For example, pair a blue and white striped top with a red polka dot skirt. However, make sure to opt for smaller prints so that the outfit doesn’t look too overwhelming. Micro prints look dainty and work well with stripes to create a multi-print look that won’t feel too far out of your comfort zone.

Fashion is cyclical and keeping up with the latest trends can be a handful. Every year new trends come in and old ones need to be modernized. These options are timeless classics that are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. We hope these trends sparks creativity in you and inspires you to express yourself better through fashion.

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