How To get back into a healthy positive mindset

 Many of us struggle to be positive. Perhaps we have been through a bad time in our lives and we feel let down. Maybe we are recovering from a type of addiction and have just left a rehab center. Maybe we are concerned that we won’t ever get our careers back on track after a spell of depression. It is time to turn all that around. It is known that positive thinking has a positive effect on all areas of your life:

  • Your health,

  • Your mental well-being,

  • Your mental abilities and on your perception,

  • Your professional and financial successes and

  • Your interpersonal relationships.

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Mental well-being

The mental well-being of positively-thinking people is mostly good. They know consciously or unconsciously that they feel like they think and that they determine how they think. They also sometimes feel uncomfortable, are anxious or depressed. But this malaise does not last very long. They are doing something to make them feel better quickly. They regard defeats or failures as something temporary, as a short-term setback and feel even more incited by them to achieve their goal.

The positive basic mood of positively thinking people causes their sensory organs to function better. Thus, it has been found that positive attitudes and thus balanced people have a better memory, are more creative and imaginative, see and hear better.

Physical well-being

Positive-minded people usually enjoy very good physical health, as mental and physical well-being are closely linked. A positive attitude to life acts like an elixir of life on our internal organs. Optimists stay young and healthy longer. They are convinced that they have their well-being in their own hands, and that makes them strong. Therefore, a positive basic mood is also an important ingredient for health care. Numerous studies show that our defenses are strengthened by a hopeful and optimistic attitude. If we are in mental harmony, then our body is also in harmony, and that is the best protection against diseases. Research shows that people with an optimistic attitude to life are healthier than pessimistic people. When optimists get sick, they focus all their energy on getting well by mobilizing their inner self-healing powers through positive ideas and self-talks. Diseases are a warning signal for them that they need to make changes, in all aspects of their life. It is something many of us can practice.

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Professional and financial benefits

Professionally and financially, positive thinkers are usually very successful. Where others see problems, they see an opportunity. They do not regard problems as an annoying evil, but as a challenge to reach their destination anyway. Due to their optimistic attitude - also towards themselves and their abilities - they dare to do a lot, believe in themselves and their success and can thus fully develop their abilities. They are self-can-thinkers and first approach one thing impartially and expect to succeed until they have thoroughly convinced themselves otherwise. They are not so easily influenced by failures. So they see failures as valuable experiences that bring them a little closer to their goal. They rarely go on well-trodden paths, but look for new paths that no one has ever walked before them. Professional athletes for example, are capable of higher sporting performance if they are optimistic about their performance.

Interpersonal relationships

Positive thinking people do not regard their fellow human beings as enemies. As long as they have not been disappointed by a person, they continue neutrally, without thinking bad about them. Most people are inherently good, afterall.  If they are disappointed by a person, they cannot be deceived, but still stick to their positive basic attitude towards their fellow human beings. In general, optimistic people rarely have bad experiences with other people, as they attract like-minded people through their friendly and open nature and they usually stay away from pessimistic people.

What do you think of these advantages of positive thinking? Do you think they are achievable for you? The longer you are there, the more you practice positive thinking and act on it, the more you will also enjoy this positive way of life. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. These tactics take months if not years sometimes. It is about learning to let go of your worries about others and focus mostly on yourself. It is about thinking only in the current moment and not thinking ahead - almost at all. Moment to moment mindfulness will help you sleep better, but it is not going to be easy. Just realize that no matter how much worrying you do about a situation or thinking, it will not change the outcome. This is where you can learn to let go a little. 

Professional and financial disadvantages

Professionally and financially, pessimists are usually not very successful. Since they sense problems everywhere and expect a bad outcome even in favorable conditions, they not only let many opportunities pass by unused, they attract misfortune in a way. Pessimists have much fewer chances than optimists when applying for a job. As employees, they are not very popular because they are very destructive and develop little initiative. They have no confidence in their abilities, they shirk responsibility and remain rather passive. Even if pessimists are very talented and capable, they cannot develop their abilities due to their pessimistic way of thinking and therefore often fail. They are very quickly discouraged by failures and believe that it will never happen for them. Pessimistic people can't concentrate on a task because they are far too busy imagining what can go wrong. They have problems remembering something and are not very creative. Does it sound familiar?

Many people who are negative thinking are suspicious and always make sure that others want to trick or betray them. As a result, they are not very popular with others and may struggle to keep friends. It will be a nerve ending battle if you don't change your mindset. Exercise, meditate, listen to positive podcasts, change your friends, and focus on your goals. This is what will greatly assist you going forward.


Finding the perfect dress

 If you  have known me for long, you know I am a shopaholic and I do love a good deal, now that my daughter is older we can shop together and find the deals. 

We came across DRESSVY  and the pricing was to good to not continue browsing.  They have autumn dresses, winter dresses, summer dresses, business dresses, anything you could possibly want, they have. 

This little black dress would be good for a date night, business conference- everyone needs a little black dress 

One of my all time favorite is the tweed dress- there is nothing as classy as a tweed dress for the fall/winter or family photos. 

DRESSVY is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on women's wear, offering a wide range of different styles of clothing to beautiful girls. DRESSVY mainly targets Europe, America, Australia. The brand was founded in 2013, and since then it has upheld the philosophy that "Enjoy the newest fashion at affordable prices". 

DRESSVY prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens at affordable prices. DRESSVY adheres to the concept that "everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion." DRESSVY is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market. So whether you're searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, DRESSVY is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista. It aims to promptly offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world.


Reasons Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

We’re witnessing many changes due to the increased popularity of cloud-based services. We

like using streaming services for entertainment at home or on the go, while chances are your

company is heavily reliant on the same technology. There are many valid reasons why more

and more companies are switching to the cloud, and they are all able to enjoy numerous

benefits. Here are just some of them.


Let’s start with possibly the most important reason for any business. It saves money, which

means more profit. When you move your business online, you don’t need to buy, maintain and

replace expensive data centers and on-site servers. What you do instead is pay a hosting

company and the fee includes using its hardware and facilities, which means you have more

resources to invest elsewhere.

Great scalability

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to pay only for the services you need. Since those

needs change over time, you can always negotiate a new deal with your hosting company, since

they are all quite flexible, because they understand how the market operates. This means that

if there is a sudden breakthrough and you go through a period of enormous growth, you’ll be

able to get more storage space instantly, without having to invest in new hardware.

Backup and disaster

Relying on experts in providing cloud services means you don’t have to worry about backup

solutions and prepare and respond to disaster recovery situations, which affect every business

eventually. When your data is safely stored and backed up, you’re ready for the moment we

hope never comes..


It’s vital that your company’s data are accessible only to those you allow access to. Since any

data backed up in the cloud is encrypted, this is not a problem. Also, hosting providers

constantly monitor and update their security features, which is great news for you and the

security of your data. This only means that as long as device access is kept to your employees,

you won’t have to worry about security.


It’s worth remembering that if you move your business to the cloud, your company will

consume less power, which means you’ll pay less, and you’ll do your part when it comes to

helping the environment. Lowering your company’s carbon footprint is not only beneficial to

the planet, but it also contributes to creating an image of an eco-friendly business, something

that clients surely appreciate.

Facilitates remote working

We’ve seen most companies switch to remote working due to the current pandemic. This

wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the cloud technology. Some companies had

allowed their employees to work remotely even before the onset of COVID-19, because they

realized they could benefit from being more flexible. Another benefit of remote working is that

companies no longer recruit people living in their area but can cast the net much wider when

looking for your employees, which allows them to attract top talent from all over the world.

It’s always up to date

Apart from providing security, your cloud provider is also in charge of keeping all your

applications and data up to date, which means that all those granted access to them will always

be presented with the latest and most relevant versions, regardless of where they are at the


It promotes collaboration

With cloud-based workflow and file-sharing apps, people have the ability to work together

more easily and efficiently. Everyone can make real-time updates, see what other people are

doing and communicate effectively. This level of collaboration also speeds up projects and

improves customer service.

These are just some of the advantages of cloud computing for businesses. All you need to do is

find a reliable provider of this service, i.e. one that offers proper security and backup measures

to protect your data, and your business will be ready to grow and meet future challenges.


How to find inspiration for a kitchen remodel?


The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so you really want it to be something you can be proud of. If you’re bored or you dislike it’s current design it can really draining to spend time in the room, whereas if you’re in love with your kitchen you’ll love being in there, so it’s important to get it’s design perfectly suited to your tastes. However, picking a design isn’t an easy decision, it’s best to look for inspiration to help you find exactly what you want, so that you don’t waste money on a design you end up hating. To help you find inspiration for your kitchen remodel, we’ve put together 4 great ways to find the inspiration you need for that perfect kitchen.


Pinterest is an online visual pinboard where users can share or repost images, it’s perfectly suited for killing some time as well as finding plenty inspiration for your remodel. You can easily search for different aesthetics through their search bar through terms such as “modern kitchen” “Rustic Kitchen” or “Traditional Kitchen”. These will help you find exactly what type of design you’re looking for and will help filter out designs you wouldn’t want. 

Visiting friends and family

If you know anyone that’s recently had their kitchen remodelled ask to see it, see if the design they’ve gone for matches or has some resemblance for what you want in a kitchen. They could’ve gone for an aesthetic you hadn’t considered before but now are very fond of, or there are elements/colours that you think would go well with your carpet for example. You can also ask about pricing if they’re comfortable talking about it, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect going forward, especially if you have similar kitchens/areas that are being remodelled. Also, this gives you a great opportunity for a little chinwag.


YouTube is great for design inspiration, there are hundreds of channels made by interior designers explaining the latest trends and giving tips and tricks to get your perfect design. They also show what these trends look like and explain why they’re so popular at the time. Some of the tips they give are truly valuable as they give you industry insight you wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else.

Websites/ blogs

There are plenty of websites out there to devoted sharing advice and design inspiration for those looking. They give real-life experience from when they’ve had work done on their kitchens and give advice as to where to go for the best deals. They also share great tips on what to do post-remodel to keep your kitchen looking nice and fresh.

This article was written in collaboration with Home Tiles(www.hometiles.co), a London-based tile supplier.


Vindication- a series review.

 I had surgery in the past week and when browsing for a show to binge because what else is there to do when you are on bed rest and I came across Vindication.  I wasnt sure if I was going to like it as I am not a fan of crime drama but after the first episode I found myself wanting more, my daughter watched it with me and we love it.  

Vindication is a crime show unlike any other I’ve seen. The stories are told in an artsy style with flashbacks seamlessly interspersed. The writing is top notch, pulling you into each episode and literally keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. You can’t look away for a moment or you’ll miss something. Vindication takes very seriously the rule that everything in a movie is there for a reason and nothing is there unless it adds to the story. There’s no fluff.  This is also an family friendly series. 

We watch a lot of detective shows and we are usually  pretty good at predicting the end, but not with  #VindicationMIN While I might have suspicions, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the final outcome. In fact, after an intense climax that usually has me bawling, in the end, I know that something will catch me by surprise, and I’ll laugh before it’s over. For me, that’s the ultimate test of entertainment – something that brings me to both tears and laughter. To do that in a 30 minute segment is incomprehensible, and yet they do it each time.

I watched it on Pureflix because that is one of my fav streaming service.  


Advice For Women Who Want To Take Up Golf


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More and more women are getting involved in golf, and it is not difficult to see why.

Playing golf requires a lot of skill and you also need to be in good shape too. From your cardio to your cable flyes, putting together a good exercise regime is a must. Aside from this, you need to get all of your golfing clubs and equipment. For example, have you considered golf monitors yet? Websites like https://shopindoorgolf.com/pages/best-golf-launch-monitors-2021 offer a range of these, so it's important to browse at what is available for you.

The first thing you need to consider is the length of the putter. Today, golf putters range in length from around 32 inches to 52 inches. With most women opting for a putter between 32 and 36 inches. This decision is of huge importance, as the length of the putter is going to have a big influence on your stroke. You should never have to change your stroke to fit the putter; rather, the putter should fit your stroke. 

The second factor to consider is the insert technology that is used. To generate an enhanced feel and a smoother roll, materials are inserted into the clubface for improved performance. They vary in material, firmness and colour, and they are designed to lower the ball skidding off the club face and rolling. 

Finally, the design of the club head is the final aspect that needs to be carefully considered. Alignment putters are ideal for those who want assistance when starting the ball on the correct target line. Mallet putters are beneficial due to their improved alignment. Finally, blade putters are the traditional option that are widely used by most. They tend to be heel-toe weighted and they are thinner in depth from the face to the cavity. 

Shaft Lengths To Consider

Golf putters on sale come in different designs with varying shaft lengths. The latter is what we are concerned with in this post. Finding the right length putter is paramount importance. It needs to be right for your stroke and your height if you are to produce high quality strikes and consistent putting. Read on to find out more.

It is vital to recognise that this is measure from the top of the shaft down to the sole of the putter, which is below the hosel. In terms of maximum and minimum limit, there is no maximum, but rules state that you cannot have a putter that has a shaft smaller than 18 inches long. Most people tend to opt for golf putters between 32 and 36 inches; these are known as traditional length shafts. One of the main benefits associated with this type of shaft is that you can give the ball a roll that is as true as possible because it improves your ability to utilise a pendulum-like stroke. Next we have the Belly Putter, which is between 41 and 46 inches. These have grown in popularity as of late. The reason why they are so popular is that they can completely change the posture of the player, thus generating more stability. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful because anchored putting or belly putting methods are illegal in competitions, the putter itself is not though. The least common of the three is the long putter, which is between 48 and 52 inches. 

Women’s Golf Shoes – Why Choose FootJoy?

There are lots of reasons why golfers, both professional and casual, have fallen in love with FootJoy golf shoes. 

Firstly, there is the sheer fact that there are so many different shoes and styles to choose from. Consumers should have no trouble finding the perfect golf shoes for them, whether they are looking for spiked or spikeless golf shoes, or whether they have certain requirements, for example, they need wide fit shoes. 

FootJoy are also known for their stylish designs, from sleek golf boots, to trainer-style golf shoes, to fashion forward shoes made from luxurious materials, such as calfskin leather. However, the main reason why these shoes are held in such high regard is because of the innovative technology behind them. 

All shoes contain different features, but let’s take a look at some in further detail. Some of the golf shoes they sell come with a 3D FoamCollar, which is designed for comfort and support, as it moulds the show to your heel and collar. Another popular features is the TourLock Cleat System, which is obviously for spiked shoes. This system ensures that cleats remain in the shoe even in the most difficult conditions. 


Romantic Decoration for a Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding day should be a big celebration of love that will take everyone’s breath away. So how do you decorate your venue to incorporate romance in your special day? From lighting to decoration, prioritize things that you love. And don’t think you need to drain your budget—romance usually lies in small details, so don’t overlook anything. If you need some inspiration, here’s how you can decorate your wedding venue to pay homage to all things romance:

Go soft with lighting

Start from the top and light up your venue. No matter the size of your space, proper lighting can make it look cozy, cute and romantic. Tall candles on every table are a great solution for intimate atmosphere, but if your venue doesn’t allow them, you can go for battery-powered kind. Sting lights are also a great idea, especially if you’re aiming for that rustic barn vibe.

Get draping

Don’t overlook your backdrop. Consult with your venue managers and see whether you can incorporate light draping in your décor. If they don’t hold any, there are always online auctions that allow you to buy second-hand decorations. When placed strategically over your ceiling, these drapes can add romance, elegance and occasion to every reception.

Include plenty of flowers

Nothing says romance quite like flowers, so make sure to shower your venue with greenery and color. Most places in the world have roses and they might be an obvious choice for anything romantic, but there are other flowers to incorporate as well. Big cities like Sydney have a lot of great flower choices from peonies, tulips and lilies basically all year long. Just consult with your trusted florist in Western Sydney and you can even create bouquets for every table up to your liking. Work with your florist to create a balance between flowers with delicate Baby’s Breath and greens. If you want to go into flower meaning, you can incorporate white lilies that signify purity, pink carnations that signify devotion and red tulips that symbolize love.

Choose delicate décor

Romance lies in the details, so find smaller pieces that will complement your lovely vision. Consider adding gold and red accents to your color scheme, provide extra fabric for the head table and decorate the entire venue with heart-shaped balloons (if you do it right, it won’t look tacky). If you think out of the box, there are many ways you can use décor to tell a story of love.

Add cute signs

Your wedding venue and reception need signs so that guests know that they are in the right place. You also need to inform guests of the seating plan, schedule, photographs and signature booklets for cute messages of love. Signs should be displayed at the entrance, but you can also decorate your venue with hand-written love notes, romantic quotes and messages from great minds—it’s a great way to further awaken romance.  If you're in need of some professionally designed signs, then suppliers like Loom Weddings are readily at hand to provide everything you need. Combined with a personal touch, these signs will start your second part of the wedding on the right note 

Create a romantic photo opportunity

Having a flower wall, light-up hearts and letters, a balloon sculpture or a cute little corner for two will encourage people to take photos, spread love and commemorate your big day. Put out a box with props for even better pictures. You can think outside the box with photo-op decoration, just make sure it stands out. The majority of people will take advantage and photograph there, posting photos online and creating a digital album of your love you can return to every day.

Your wedding will be romantic and filled with love regardless, but with these decorative additions, you’ll be able to bring your dreamy vision to life completely. Good luck and go spread romance!


Taking Care Of Yourself After An Accident'

 When life hits you, you need to know that you are looked after. Whether you are a car driver or a motorcyclist, being on the road is part of your day to day life. You commute to work and you head out when you need to get your groceries. Being on the road is not always an easy thing, even if you are the best possible driver. All motorists are at risk on the road and it’s not always because of their own driving habits, but the habits of others on the road. Most of the time, you have to focus on yourself as you drive. The rest of the time, you have to keep an eye on the people around you.

If you are ever in the unfortunate position of being in an accident on the road, it can be difficult. Not only do you lose your independence for a while, but being off the road after an accident brings up a whole host of issues you have to sort through. You have to make sure that you are looking after yourself, but you also need to know dependable car accident lawyers to help you with getting back on your feet financially, too. Being in an accident can be difficult, and we’ve got some tips for helping you to take care of yourself after one occurs.

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Always get medical attention. If you’re recovering, the first step to looking after yourself is getting in touch with a doctor. Immediately after an accident, you have to look after yourself and a part of that is going directly to the hospital after the accident. Once you have had your initial checkup with the hospital, you are going to need follow up appointments, physiotherapy and more to get you back to your best. You need to seek medical attention for the report you need for the insurance company and the lawyers, too.

  2. Make sure that you get physical therapy. We just talked about seeing a physiotherapist and the reason for this is that your recovery can take you longer than you think. Physical therapy is going to help you to recover from an accident better than you think. It’s often overlooked, but it’s one of the best options to get your body back to its optimum health.

  3. Surround yourself with people. Taking care of yourself after an accident isn't just about how you feel physically. You need to ensure that your mental health and wellbeing is as taken care of as the rest of you. You need to remember that your accident won’t just have an effect on you physically. The trauma can lead to PTSD, depression and panic attacks. Surrounding yourself with people will help you to get through this with as little worry as possible.

  4. Remember to practice self-care. You won’t always feel optimistic about being in an accident, but self-care is going to help you to aid that healthing process of yours. You can implement routines like meditation, reading, massage therapies and more to make sure that your recovery process is a good one. 

  5. Don't put pressure on this. Your recovery after an accident is going to take time and you have to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself if you want your recovery to count. Too much pressure can lead to more stress, which will hinder your overall accident recovery. You deserve to get through this accident but if you try to rush this process, you’re going to take longer to recover from the pain you went through.

  6. Follow up. If you are seeing health professionals, make sure that you keep following up with your doctors. Depending on how severe your injuries are, you need to make sure that you are fully recovered. It’s only doctors that are going to be able to tell you that. Attend all of your checkups and you can know for sure that you are on the road to full health again. 

  7. Get some sleep! One of the best things that you can do after an accident and during recovery, is to sleep. Getting as much rest as possible will be the self-care that you need to get through this accident with as little interruption as possible. Alongside your sleep, keep your diet balanced and on track so your body is as nourished as possible. 

  8. Get some advice. You need legal advice after an accident and you should always seek the best advice possible. Legal advice will ensure that you get appropriately compensated after the accident has taken place. 


How to Prepare Your Child for Unexpected Situations

 After what has happened in the year 2020 and 2021, it just goes to show that we need to stay prepared and to expect the unexpected. As a parent, it’s important to protect your child, however, they will be exposed to things that parents cannot control. It’s important to begin preparing your children to handle situations on their own. But to also handle and manage difficult situations, even when they have their parents with them. It’s best to teach your child to grow strong and to handle what life throws at them. You’re not always going to be there to assess the situation and to take it on. So it’s best to begin teaching your child to do critical thinking and to be prepared. 

Image Credit

As a parent, how do you know when to start teaching your kids to manage tough situations and deal with unexpected events?

It all starts with demonstrating problem-solving skills. It usually begins at the age of four years old and by the time that the child is six they can use examples within their environment to begin problem-solving. While it’s going to be difficult to have your child struggle to grasp and understand some issues. It’s best to allow them to get a head start in their skills.  As they age, it will be easier for them to handle these.


Teach your children to properly process and access a situation

As adults, you know not to just jump headfirst into a situation without thinking. This is a characteristic that a lot of children have. It’s best to go ahead and teach them how to properly start their thought process so they can begin managing their problem-solving skills. Give them opportunities to use this thought process for low-risk situations. One process could be:

  • Figure out what exactly is happening in this situation

  • Break down the situation

  • What is the most important thing that could currently be done

  • How can you make the situation better?

Teach your child to focus on their response

There are many aspects in life that just can't be controlled, however, we can control ourselves. It’s important to teach your children that they have zero control of the world around them. They can have some influence at best, but they can only control themselves. Let them understand that they must keep control of their emotions and think clearly, even in the worst of situations. Children often learn at a young age that there are consequences to their actions.

 They’ll eventually understand cause and effect. A great way to get them to have a better understanding of cause and effect and their control would be to play out scenarios with them. Both board games and video games are great examples of cause and effect and they could be used to help achieve that understanding of control.

Have them gain an understanding of emergencies

Emergencies are a huge part of preparing for the unexpected. Schools will usually have fire, earthquake, and tornado drills. But what about drills at home? For some households, they prepare their children for a household crisis. This is a good idea because anything could happen in the safety and comfort of home. Does your child know how to dial 911? Do they know how to stay calm in scary and stressful situations? If there is a fire at home, do they know where the fire extinguisher is and how to operate it? How about if there is a tornado and they’re home alone?

These are questions that need to be answered, as your child must learn how to navigate these as a child and as an adult.  So it’s best to address these with your child and teach them the appropriate measures on how they can handle these emergencies. An unexpected event could happen at any time, it could be such a big emergency where you’ll need to step in and look for knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. So it’s best to not neglect the small things either. Overall, teach your children how to be level-headed in an emergency and let them know in certain ones what they should do.


Time and money also count

When it comes to unexpected events, even emergencies, time and money could be factors to help with solving the situation. Many adults face unforeseen problems with finances. Finances are something that can get a person stuck. It’s very important to teach children the importance and value of money and why it’s so important to save money. The same can be said for time. Time is something that children also need to learn how to value.  While there is time to foster creativity, children also need to learn to allocate time to other things such as homework. This is all a part of self-discipline while also preparing them for unexpected events.




Air track

You know the stress of trying to plan a fun birthday party for your kids, planning something that not just your kid but the kids that you invited can enjoy as well. Well I have the perfect solution if your kid is into gymnastics or younger, have you heard of Kameymall and the fun supplies that is there. This could be a great addition to any birthday party or fun event you are hosting 


With the help of the specially designed blower produced by our factory, the airtrack factory will quickly get into the inflation condition after you receive our product. The mat is made with the new material, which keeps the quality of the product. Our production technology can guarantee that the product is not easy to tear with a good sealing trait. The goods are light and easy to carry, store and place. Our mat is suitable for dance movement, sports, body fitness, and recreation. The air mat adopts a new type of fabric. After those treatments with relaxation, alkali quantity control, dying, anti-static, coating, etc., it has the advantage of lightweight, soft feel, good water resistance and durability. Our company is a factory outlet with low priced products. For big orders, we support customized service. Products' prices differ according to different specifications, which may have differences with the products you need. Please feel free to contact our customer service personnel to provide you with the accurate quotation and reference information.


This Air tumble track which is made of DWF material with international certification, enjoys great popularity among our customers with large orders. The material is non-toxic and odorless. Accidents will not occur when you properly use our mats. This inflatable mat is the favorite of children in gym rooms. The mat with extremely strong elasticity is more popular than other hard products, which is able to bring a bit of light and fun to the boring and hard practice for your children! The hardness of the product is subject to adjustment, and it is convenient to carry, transport and store the mats. Using imported new wire drawing material and double-sided coating, the mat enjoys longer service life with waterproof and airproof features. It can be used on the ground and water.


The airtrack gymnastics p3  is suitable to use in kindergartens, schools, dance studios, yoga studios and major sports events. Our company insists on the fine selection and qualified & environment protective material to make the aircrafts. Every product is strictly tested. We aim to control the product quality from its source. The imported drawing materials are used to produce the mats making them more reliable, safer and stronger with strong bearing capacity. There will be no compression deformation when you use it. The mat is designed with a fine gas tap, which will not leak gas. Its convenient and qualified design gives our customers the impression of safety. The mat is carefully designed with the handle, which is strongly reinforced without shedding. This delicate, useful and beautiful product can also be conveniently moved to the places of your need. Relying on many years of production experience and advanced technology, our company can guarantee the quality of our products as well as be providing the beautiful appearance of those mats.

Kameymall Fuzhou Chenjia Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a professional export cross-border e-commerce company

Comprehensive enterprises such as city, brand operation and e-commerce. Chenjia is based on R&D, production and sales

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Companies building international brands provide new opportunities to provide better and more convenient

Channel shopping, for consumers to enjoy the choice of comprehensive services, it is easier to obtain product information and

Can buy cheap and good-quality products. The company’s business scope mainly includes sports shoes, clothing,

Bags, accessories, accessories, and other products are sold in Europe, America, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Chenjia cross-border e-commerce headquarters is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, and the branch is located in Gaoxin district, Minhou County, Fuzhou City.

1102, Block B, Jiuce Building, Gaoxin District, has a staff of about 100 people.

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