Romantic Decoration for a Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding day should be a big celebration of love that will take everyone’s breath away. So how do you decorate your venue to incorporate romance in your special day? From lighting to decoration, prioritize things that you love. And don’t think you need to drain your budget—romance usually lies in small details, so don’t overlook anything. If you need some inspiration, here’s how you can decorate your wedding venue to pay homage to all things romance:

Go soft with lighting

Start from the top and light up your venue. No matter the size of your space, proper lighting can make it look cozy, cute and romantic. Tall candles on every table are a great solution for intimate atmosphere, but if your venue doesn’t allow them, you can go for battery-powered kind. Sting lights are also a great idea, especially if you’re aiming for that rustic barn vibe.

Get draping

Don’t overlook your backdrop. Consult with your venue managers and see whether you can incorporate light draping in your décor. If they don’t hold any, there are always online auctions that allow you to buy second-hand decorations. When placed strategically over your ceiling, these drapes can add romance, elegance and occasion to every reception.

Include plenty of flowers

Nothing says romance quite like flowers, so make sure to shower your venue with greenery and color. Most places in the world have roses and they might be an obvious choice for anything romantic, but there are other flowers to incorporate as well. Big cities like Sydney have a lot of great flower choices from peonies, tulips and lilies basically all year long. Just consult with your trusted florist in Western Sydney and you can even create bouquets for every table up to your liking. Work with your florist to create a balance between flowers with delicate Baby’s Breath and greens. If you want to go into flower meaning, you can incorporate white lilies that signify purity, pink carnations that signify devotion and red tulips that symbolize love.

Choose delicate décor

Romance lies in the details, so find smaller pieces that will complement your lovely vision. Consider adding gold and red accents to your color scheme, provide extra fabric for the head table and decorate the entire venue with heart-shaped balloons (if you do it right, it won’t look tacky). If you think out of the box, there are many ways you can use décor to tell a story of love.

Add cute signs

Your wedding venue and reception need signs so that guests know that they are in the right place. You also need to inform guests of the seating plan, schedule, photographs and signature booklets for cute messages of love. Signs should be displayed at the entrance, but you can also decorate your venue with hand-written love notes, romantic quotes and messages from great minds—it’s a great way to further awaken romance.  If you're in need of some professionally designed signs, then suppliers like Loom Weddings are readily at hand to provide everything you need. Combined with a personal touch, these signs will start your second part of the wedding on the right note 

Create a romantic photo opportunity

Having a flower wall, light-up hearts and letters, a balloon sculpture or a cute little corner for two will encourage people to take photos, spread love and commemorate your big day. Put out a box with props for even better pictures. You can think outside the box with photo-op decoration, just make sure it stands out. The majority of people will take advantage and photograph there, posting photos online and creating a digital album of your love you can return to every day.

Your wedding will be romantic and filled with love regardless, but with these decorative additions, you’ll be able to bring your dreamy vision to life completely. Good luck and go spread romance!

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