My dad worked hard to support us and to provide us with only the best in life. If we wanted something he would do his best to try and get it for us. Basically, he did what most parents try to do and that is to provide their child with their heart’s desire.
Not only did my Dad provide a stable “material” background for us to grow up in but he and of course my Mom provided us with the absolute ideal environment in which to thrive – a stable home-life. For this I am truly grateful. In fact, I don’t recall a moment in my life when I ever heard my parents fighting. This loving stable home set me on the path to providing me with the tools I have today, in order to deal with whatever life throws my way in so far as my own family is concerned.
They always made sure we had food, clothes and fresh air to breathe, they made sure we were taken care of before they were. Christmas time would come and we would have presents and it didn't matter if they didn't.  When i moved out of my home, every night Dad would call to make sure i was home before he would go to bed, he also kept that up our first year of marriage, then finally I told him it wasn't necessary, then the day we told him he would be a grandpa, the tears ran down his cheeks, Brooke makes him smile, they have a fun relationship. 
Thanks Dad for being the Dad that you didn't have to be