Worried You Have an Addictive Personality? Here Are a Few Troubling Signs

Managing an addiction can be difficult especially if you have no support. However, the worst offender that can easily become the biggest issue is not knowing you have an addiction in the first place. There are always early warning signs that let us know if we have an addiction or not, but some of them are too subtle to notice and we often ignore others.

If you’re worried that you might have an addictive personality then here are a couple of signs that you should keep in mind.

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You find commitments difficult to cope with

One of the most glaring signs of an addictive personality is finding it difficult to commit to something. A weak commitment is usually followed with something comfortable that you do in order to take your mind off your failures and lack of commitment. A weak commitment to your personal goals is often a trigger for other problems such as a poor outlook on life and general demotivation. The best way to overcome this issue is to take a hard look at your life to see where you’re currently at and where you plan to go. Setting goals is a long-term commitment that can be difficult to cope with as someone with an addictive personality, but people change over time and it’s important to move forward in life.

You don’t like the idea of conforming to normal standards

Those with addictive personalities often have a tendency to stray from the norm as a way of rebelling. The way people with addictive personalities dress, react to situations and the hobbies they take are usually perceived as strange or uncommon to others. This can often push them into social alienation. If you feel like you don’t want to conform to the norm and love standing out or doing things differently, then it might be an early sign of an addictive personality.

You have a comfortable thing you do or retreat to

People that have addictive personalities usually have a comfort zone they retreat to. Whether this is an online game they play, a movie they watch or even a drink they love, everyone has something they turn to when they’re feeling down. Unfortunately, relying on this comfort zone is in itself a bad habit. It’s important to focus on breaking out of what you’re comfortable with in order to move on with life, develop new habits and overcome bad ones.

You alienate yourself from friends and family

Alienating yourself and shying away from social situations is a sign of an addictive personality. This usually stems from issues that are related to the previous points. For instance, if you don’t like the idea of conforming to normal standards then there’s a chance you’ll pick up habits and hobbies which aren’t popular and thus looked at in a judgemental way that alienates yourself. Having a weak commitment to something (such as jumping between different hobbies) can also put you in a position where you hop between different social groups and thus have weak relationships with the people in communities you’re briefly involved in. As such, you might eventually develop a persona for each community you’re involved in as a way to reinvent yourself with each new interest you have, and this can be a primary cause of an addictive personality disorder.

You don’t care about harming your body

Having an addictive personality doesn’t mean that you self-harm, but it can mean that you care less about the bodily damage you inflict upon yourself which is the result of a habit you have. For instance, smoking and drinking are known to cause harm to the body, but those with addictions to those habits often put their health as a lesser concern than what they get from those habits. If you feel like the harm you cause to your body is worth it, then you might be developing an addictive personality.

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What to do next

If you believe that, judging from this information, you have an addictive personality then don’t panic. There is always help out there that can make things easier and help you recover quickly. If your addiction is damaging to your health, then you may want to consider a drug rehab center or a support group that you can keep in touch with to help lessen the effects of your addiction. If your addiction is causing you to have difficult relationships with people or if it’s lowering your quality of life in other aspects, then there are likely support groups on both the internet and in your local area that can help you overcome them.

The idea of overcoming an addiction isn’t to completely erase it and remove it from your life. It’s more about controlling how much of it you expose yourself to and replacing it with better habits. As you weed out bad habits and fix your addictive personality, you’ll find that your health and overall well-being can be improved.

Here are a couple of good habits that can keep you distracted and help you overcome addictions:

  • Spend more time outside and do something relaxing with friends and family. Going on long hiking trips is a great way to keep your mind off your addictions and it can help your wellbeing.
  • Exercising is a great pastime that will improve your body, your health and give you something to work towards.
  • Having a hobby is also a fantastic way to take your mind of addictive tendencies. For instance, you might want to take up arts and crafts or even a sport with your friends and family members.


To conclude, there are many subtle signs that will tell you that you’re starting to develop addictive tendencies. However, you should also keep in mind that unless you act on these warning signs, it will just get worse and the likelihood of you needing rehab or at least some external support becomes greater. It’s best to solve these issues as early as possible so that you have a higher chance of recovering quickly.


Lately, Marriage has been on my mind a lot.
I get a lot of messages about marriage and how do I have a fairy tale marriage. News Flash- we do not. Yes we have been married for 16 years and yes I still feel like I am in the honeymoon phase most days,

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

When I said I do, I didn't mean until things got tough, I meant I do to work with you and be his companion for the rest of my life, God did not create marriage just to let it crumble, that being said I know not every marriage is going to work, some people have tried- they have done everything.

Marriage is like a garden.  There are steps to have a successful garden and the same with Marriage. 

  • Step 1: The two partners begin by discussing and sharing with one another the type of marriage they each want, recognizing that not all marriages are the same and that there are various models for marriage. This becomes the design.

  • Step 2: Then the couple puts their design on paper so that they can refer to it from time to time to determine whether they are on track toward building the marriage they both said that they want.

  • Step 3: In a marriage the plants are the values and principles that they have each agreed to honor and live by. Such values and principles as integrity, learning to really listen to one another, abstaining from sarcasm, verbal or physical abuse, generosity of spirit, affection, respecting differences, developing communication skills, promoting romance and affection, being considerate, having alone time, procedures for dealing with finances, etc.

  • Step 4: They may have to spend considerable time removing the impediments (weeds and rocks) to intimacy. The impediments may be a function of their joint and individual history. If they are not removed, they may well interfere with the healthy blooms that can result from an intimate relationship.

  • Step 5: They must set aside time during the week to work on their relationship. They need time to discuss issues that are of concern to one another. They need time to have romance, affection, and emotional and physical intimacy. Tending to the relationship must be a priority for each party. The relationship cannot survive by the efforts of one person only.
As you might imagine, this process takes time, patience, and commitment. Just as with a garden, the time and energy expended in the early stages will pay handsome dividends in the future. And just as with a garden, your marriage will only thrive to the extent that you tend it. If you fail to exercise the steps suggested in this post, you are reducing your odds of having the relationship you want.


Take a break with the family on one of these great day outs

These days it may feel like you get hardly any time to spend together as a family. What with your busy work schedule and the kids’ various school and hobby commitments, you won’t be left with much free time to spend as a whole gang! So, whenever you do all have a free day, it’s important you all take a break and enjoy some quality time with one another.

What better way to enjoy each other’s company than by going for a day trip together? No matter where you live, I’m sure you’ll be able to think of some great local sights and attractions to check out as a family.

Are you a bit stuck for ideas? No problem - here are some great days out ideas that are suitable for the entire family!

Local Arcades

Kids love the flashing lights and loud noises of arcades. These are great places for the whole family as there are now many arcades that feature many vintage games, so you could even find your favorite game from your childhood - it’ll definitely bring back a lot of memories! You can learn more about the various arcades in your local area by checking their website. Most arcades also have eateries in them, so you can all grab a bite to eat while you are trying to make it onto the leaderboard!

The Beach

If you all want to get outside and feel all that great fresh air in your lungs, it’s a good idea to travel to your nearest beach. This might not be possible if you live quite far in land, but perhaps there is a large lake nearby that you could use to replace the beach? Either way, your kids will get to paddle about in the water and enjoy some time away from their computer screens!

Museums And Art Galleries

Feel like your family could do with a bit more culture? You could always spend your day out at a local museum or art gallery. The majority of museums and galleries have permanent exhibitions that don’t change too much, and will also host touring ones too. Many of the touring exhibitions during the school holiday periods will be specifically aimed at children, and will be a really interactive way for them to learn about history and art. As the touring exhibitions are regularly changing, there will always be something new for you and your family to discover and learn!

Nearby Parks

If you are looking for an option that won’t be too stressful for your bank account, you could simply organize a day out at a local park. This doesn’t have to be boring, as there are plenty of cool things you can do there, such as enjoy a picnic or take a soccer ball for a kick around. If you visit a toy store, you will find lots of outdoor games that you can take with you to the park.

Hopefully, one of the ideas above is something that you and your family will be interested in. Enjoy your time together!

Life has a way of moving you places

We all know that life has a way of making changes. It can mean that we change our career, where we live, the size of our family, and even our lifestyle. Life has a way of working in mysterious ways, and with that can come change. Change isn’t always a bad thing, although it can be feared, wouldn't you agree? We can be so used to how our lives our, our routines, that change can seem like we are thrown in at the deep end. But, change can also be a good thing. A chance to live in a better area or have more space for the family. A better job or a change in career direction could end up opening doors. I wanted to share with you some of the ways life can have a way of moving your places, and why it shouldn't be feared.

Changing your career

How many of you reading this do a job that you simply fell into? A job or a career direction that you have had since leaving education? A career that you took because of a time of need and now can’t get out of it. However, once you get settled in to a job or industry, it can be quite difficult to leave it, as you get used to the income it provides ad the security you feel. But taking a new job or starting up a career in a whole new sector could open up so many more doors and opportunities. It could mean you need to move, it might mean that you earn more money, or it could provide you with more time to spend with your loved ones. POsitive changes could be afoot, but you just need to take that leap of faith to make it happen.

Changing your home

Our home is our very own castle, but sometimes it can’t be our forever home. You may need more space, you may want to love to a different area, and it can be quite overwhelming to make that change. However, moving could be a great way to take on a new adventure with your family. Perhaps exploring a new city or state, maybe taking on the chance to meet new people, make changes to your careers or to your lifestyle. Moving doesn’t just mean you change your home, but it could change other aspects of your life and the adventure could be one worth having.

Changing your lifestyle

Finally, changing your lifestyle can be a great way to move you to different place sin life. It might enable you to lose weight down to a change in diet, it may help you to rid yourself of symptoms of anxiety and depression as you take on a lifestyle change of exercising, it could even see you try different things in your life and routine with friends and family. A lifestyle change could open up doors as you become more confident to take on new directions in your life.

I hope that this has given you the determination to accept that life has a way of moving you places.

Summer countdown. How to get a bikini body

Summer is maybe several months away, but it's already time to start preparing for the beach. Even though you'll stumble upon various diets promising to melt your weight in only a few days, it's important to be realistic.

Before you start working on the bikini body, you have to carefully envision your goals. Dieting to lose a lot of pounds in a short time is never healthy, so you must come up with a plan that you’ll benefit from. Therefore, here is some advice that will help you feel great in the bikini.

  1.  Mind what you eat

The first thing that comes to mind when people start talking about getting into shape is controlling their diet. Unfortunately, that usually means that they’ll follow diets promising wonders and reducing their eating habits to inappropriate portions and ingredients.
The only way to make sure you are not harming yourself with your diet is to consult your doctor and nutritionist. After certain medical analysis and detailed examination of your lifestyle, the nutritionist will prepare diet specifically tailored for you. This way you will eat properly and control your looks in the healthy and responsible way.

  1. Start exercising

Physical activity is not only important for shaping your body but also for prevention of certain life-threatening diseases. If you want to work on your bikini body, then exercise paired up with appropriate diet is the right way to go. There are several ways you can start exercising. If you feel uncomfortable working out with others, you can start cycling or jogging outside. Also, yoga is a great exercise to do at home or in your backyard.  
Video tutorials by famous trainers are another solution, but make sure that you choose appropriate one so you wouldn't demotivate yourself. Private trainers can cost a lot, but it can be money well spent if you're not a disciplined person. Gym membership, on the other hand, is cheaper and you can always get advice from the personnel on the exercise.
  1. Cosmetic surgery

Science has gone a long way today. Even though many feel that surgery may be a bit extreme, sometimes it’s the only way to achieve the goals. For example, plastic or cosmetic surgery can be helpful for those who lost a lot of weight and have a problem with loose skin. It is also a good start for working on your physical appearance, but you shouldn’t see it as the only option. Cosmetic surgery can help you get the look you want but you should always consult with an expert on the scope, recovery and risks.

  1. Love yourself

There are different bikini models, so approach your summer outwear from a slightly changed perspective. Instead of trying to fit into the certain model, choose the one appropriate for your body type. This doesn't mean you should avoid exercising since it will make you feel good about yourself. The studies show that regular exercise is not only excellent prevention for certain diseases but also boosts your mood.
During the workout, your body releases endorphins which are chemicals responsible for reducing stress, feeling good and controlling depression. In the end, it all comes down to accepting yourself and being positive about your body in a healthy and sensible manner.  

  1. Don’t give up

There will come the time when you'd want to give up or choose unhealthy and faster ways in the end. It's always hard in the beginning and it will take time to get used to new regime and lifestyle. The most important thing is not to give up and continue with your plan even when you can't stand it anymore.
To avoid losing motivation and quitting, find an exercise buddy or try new recipes online. Never strain yourself too much and take it slow to avoid injury and exhaustion. Don't forget, it will take time and patience, but this new habits can be the interesting and exciting experience to go through.

Final thoughts

Putting on the bikini is about relaxing and having fun on the beach with your friends. Summer is usually that time of year when we want to feel free and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Even though you will worry about your bikini body, make sure that it’s for the right reasons. In the end, it’s important how you feel and see yourself, and not what others think. Remember, healthy body is the perfect bikini body.



Dealing with the diagnosis you didnt want to hear

No one ever wants to hear their doctor say the C word. Getting this diagnosis can be a huge blow, especially if you have a large family who depend on you in various ways. But it’s not only a bad diagnosis practically speaking - it can also bring a huge emotional strain to your family as well. But you will have to shoulder the majority of the stress and worry that comes with a cancer diagnosis, and this can sometimes cause problems with your treatment.

Once you do hear that you are suffering from cancer, you need to make sure you start dealing with it as effectively as you possibly can. The only way you are going to beat this terrible disease is if you take numerous practical steps to deal with it. Ready to take your diagnosis and show it who’s boss? Here are some things that you should do to help yourself and your family come to terms with and deal with your cancer diagnosis.

Try And Stay Positive

First and foremost, it is super important that you try and stay as positive as possible. You might find that your mental health starts to decline after you receive your diagnosis, and this will especially be the case if you end up feeling down and depressed about the illness. Thankfully, there are some reasons to stay cheerful. After all, cancer survival rates are constantly on the up, so there will be a good chance that you will overcome this illness. There are a few different things you can do to try and stay positive as well. For instance, you might want to surround yourself with all the people who love you and are happy to support you through this new chapter. It’s also useful to practice lots of self care to ensure that you are feeling as good as you can as much as possible.

Finalize Your Will

Of course, you need to try and stay realistic throughout your cancer treatment and the whole recovery process. Sure, cancer survival rates are increasing year on year. However, you still need to be aware of the fact that you might not survive, no matter how good your treatment is. This is one of the sad realities that come with a cancer diagnosis. So, it’s important to go through your last will and testament to see if any changes need to be made. This way, you can ensure that all of your family and next of kin will be financially looked after in the event of your death. Even if you are sure that your will is all sorted already, it’s important to double check it just in case there are any clauses that need taking out or adding in.

Consider Your Treatment Options

You will of course be eligible for the very basic cancer treatment. This will be covered by your insurance plan. If you want to benefit from better treatment, then it’s worth paying for a better insurance plan. You might be able to make a one-off payment to buy some specialist cancer treatments, which is another option that you have. You could always find out more about NSCLC xenografts if you or your doctor think that they could really enhance your recovery. Of course, it is always best to consult the cancer specialist who is in charge of your care for their recommendations about the best treatment options for your particular form of the diseases. Every type of cancer is different and will respond to different treatments differently. Your doctor or specialist will be the best person to turn to for treatment advice.

Improve Your Diet

When you are going through the recovery period, you will need to make sure that you try and lead a healthy lifestyle, as this can greatly help to improve your chances of a speedy recovery. Not only that, though, but it will also help to boost your treatment and ensure that your body doesn’t suffer from too many side effects. One way that you can try and keep in good health is to improve your diet. Ideally, you should ditch all the process food and ready meals in favor of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you eat things like bread, pasta, and rice, try and stick to wholemeal options as white varieties have had all the nutrients stripped from them. You should also try and keep your meat intake down to a minimum as there have been some studies and research that link it to an increased risk of cancer. Cooking from scratch is also another way to ensure you are eating as well as possible.

Grow Your Support Network

It’s important that you find as much help, support, and advice as you can once you are going through your cancer treatment. To help you with this, you should try and get as big a support network in your life as possible. Of course, your friends and family will be a big part of this. I’m sure that the majority of them will want to help you with anything that you need, such as doing your weekly grocery shop for you or going with you to your hospital appointments. But you shouldn’t forget that all of your doctors and nurses who you are regularly in contact with also make up your support network as well. Whenever possible, you should try and grow this network so that you can get as much help as possible when you need it the most.

Continue With Your Exercise

Hopefully, you were very active and took part in plenty of weekly exercise before you got your cancer diagnosis. Well, there is no excuse to give up this exercise routine now! However, if the cancer is leaving you feeling extremely tired and weak, then you will obviously have to cut back your physical activity accordingly. But if you still feel physically fit, then there is no reason for you to stop your weekly exercise sessions. In fact, keeping up with it could help to boost your immune system’s fight against the illness. Of course, it’s always necessary to check with your physician to make sure that it is safe for you to continue with your exercise even if you do feel fine when you do it. There could be an underlying issue that your doctor will be able to flag up for you.

Join A Local Support Group

There are lots of support groups and organizations that have been set up to give cancer sufferers help and support as they work through their treatments. These support groups also help individuals once they have completed their treatment and are in the recovery period. It’s a really good idea to join your local support group. Groups hold regular meetings in which experts and professionals can give you lots of help and reading material so that you can find out more about your illness and treatment. But that’s not the only reason why it’s a good idea to join such a group. You will also be put in contact with other people who are in similar situations to you. You’ll then be able to chat to all the other cancer sufferers about their experiences with the illness and treatment.

Review Your Finances

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, you might find that you need to take a close look at your finances and try to improve them. This will be especially important if your illness means that you need to give up your job. If you aren’t working for a prolonged period, you will find that you stop receiving sickness benefits from your job. That’s because statutory sick pay only lasts for so long. So, you might need to place your savings into strong investments where they can accumulate more interest. That way, your savings will last for longer while you need to live off them. You could also see about applying for some benefits from the government. There will be a few that you will be eligible for while you are undergoing treatment and unable to work - it’s worth speaking to a cancer specialist about these as they will have a good idea of what you can apply for.

Find Your Own Coping Strategies

We all have our own coping strategies for certain situations and scenarios. It’s important that you take some time out so that you can find the best coping strategies for you to use right now. Some people find that taking part in more self-care really helps them cope with all the stress and strain that cancer brings. You might prefer to start to keep a daily journal so that you can write down all the feelings and emotions that you go through. Some people find that writing down all of their feelings in this way really helps them come to term with things.

Getting through cancer won’t be easy, but there are things you can do that will make your treatment a lot easier on you. Just remember to try and stay positive!


Transforming your basement into home theater of your dreams

Life is wonderful… But it’s also often a lot of hard work. The pressure of work and career combined with our obligations to our friends, families and loved ones often mean that we’re not sure if we’re coming or going. In an age where we’re working harder than ever and the political and economic climate seems increasingly turbulent it’s little wonder that so many of us use the escapism of the movies as a panacea to the exhausting effects of modern living. The trouble is that modern moviegoing can really take a toll on the bank balance. In an age where internet piracy is rampant, movie theater chains are (perhaps paradoxically) hiking up their costs to keep their overheads paid. Thus, when the tickets, popcorn, sodas and hotdogs are all accounted for, one might wonder if they’d be better served taking their family to a 5 star restaurant.

Yet, if you’re prepared to endure some initial overhead costs, there’s never been a better time to set up your very own home theater. Once purely the domain of millionaires and only the most serious of movie buffs, the home theater has encountered a renaissance in recent years with ordinary people from all walks of life eschewing the inflated prices and sticky floors of the multiplex in favor of a picture house built to their own exact specifications. If you’ve longed for a fortress of solitude where you can enjoy your movies without the distractions of the home, or a social space where you can enjoy your favorite movies with your friends and loved ones in the ultimate surroundings you may find a home theater more accessible and affordable than you thought.

Better in the basement

If the idea of a home theater appeals to you, but you’re not sure if you can spare the space, this may be the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your basement. The common basement is a dark, damp and forbidding place used mainly for storage of stuff that we’re unlikely to ever venture down to retrieve anyway. The basement is a natural choice for conversion into a home theater for a number of reasons. The underground spaces are conducive to the kind of sound dampening effect necessary for a theatrical space so that the sound is not distorted by the ambient conditions as they would be in your living room. The floors are usually concrete which will prevent the kinds of vibration usually felt on wooden floors which facilitates the distortion of low frequency sounds coming from your system’s subwoofer. Since most basements have very small or no windows, you have much greater control over the lighting conditions for that authentic movie theater experience.

Laying the foundations

Many basements are quite damp spaces. Since you’ll be storing delicate and expensive electronic equipment here you’ll need to seal and waterproof the space. Visit HelitechOnline.com for a quotation. It may also be advisable to run a supply duct into the room so that you can control the temperature. You may want to keep the space nice and cool to prevent your valuable equipment from overheating.


Basements tend to make great home theaters because they share no adjoining walls with other houses, meaning that you can crank the sound without annoying the neighbors. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to soundproof the space to prevent sound from bleeding into the rest of the house. Between the concrete walls and ceiling and the drywall you erect in the space, a layer of fiberglass insulation should be used to keep the sound in your home theater while a cushion of foam tape over ceiling joists and wall studs will prevent annoying rattling on moments where your subwoofer gets a workout. You may also want to attach a layer of acoustic tiles to the ceiling.

Your setup

Now the foundations are laid, it’s time to think seriously about the home cinema equipment you use. Depending on the size of the space you may be better served by a large HD or UHD TV or a ceiling mounted projector. If you’re thinking of making the jump to 4k this is only really worth doing if you’ll be viewing on a screen of over 50” in diameter. Besides which, a projector contributes far more to the theatrical experience. With a surge of affordable new 4k projectors on the market you can enjoy your movies in ultra high definition at a realistic price.

You’ll also want to invest in a powerful subwoofer and an amp to which you can attach your Bluray player, PC, games console and whatever other sources you may wish to enjoy on your giant new screen. Most amps allow you to connect 7 speakers and a subwoofer and this guide will enable you to achieve the perfect speaker setup for the space you have available. Most amps will also include a sensor that you can place where you’ll usually sit in order to calibrate the speakers quickly and easily without having to spend hours tinkering with settings.

Your decor

Just because you’ll be spending most of your time in the dark, doesn’t mean that your home theater can’t be beautifully appointed. The beauty is that you can decorate the space however you want. You can go for the classic art deco inspired look of the theaters of yesteryear or opt for something more contemporary or minimalist. Whatever design concept you choose, its best to stick to dark colors on your walls and carpeting (carpeting is preferable to hard flooring for comfort and acoustic reasons) as these will prevent distractions from the images on screen. Likewise be sure to use matte paint on your walls as glossier finishes will reflect light from the projector and result in distracting glimmers around the room. For that authentic theater experience, some home theater enthusiasts like to surround the space with reproduction prints of their favorite movie posters.

Your furniture

Now all you need is some comfortable furniture from which to recline and enjoy your movies. Most opt for recliners or love seats but a leather (or vinyl if you’re vegan) upholstery is preferable. It’s comfortable yet hard wearing and if you should spill popcorn, ice cream or any other favorite cinema snack, they’ll wipe down easily.

Nine ways to reclaim romance in your marriage after a baby

Having a baby will change a lot of things, including your daily routine, lifestyle, and relationships. You will be more tired in the first few months than ever before, and will find it hard to cope alone. To make sure that having a family doesn’t affect your marriage, you will need to talk about your issues, ask for help, and trust your partner. You both have to take responsibility for the future of your marriage, and this means taking some time off to spend together and enjoy intimate moments watching a movie on the TV, curled up on the sofa. Below you will find a few tips on how to reclaim romance in your marriage after having a baby.
Image via Pexels
  1. Involve Your Partner in Childcare

Men often feel neglected and left out when you face your new responsibilities of caring for a small and vulnerable human being. They might seem like they accept that the baby needs you more, but deep inside they crave intimacy. You cannot just neglect your childcare responsibilities, therefore, it might be time to involve your partner. Wait for the bathing time until he gets home from work, and make sure that he sees the baby before he leaves in the morning. You can ask your partner to watch the baby while you are cooking dinner, so you can share the workload, and he can have some time alone with your little one, too. This will improve the bond between the two of you and him and the baby, as well.
  1. Have Regular Date Nights

No matter how busy you are with the laundry and looking after the little one, you can take some nights out to have a date night. If you have a family member or babysitter to watch the little one while sleeping at night, you can book a table at a nearby restaurant, or simply have a date night at home with some great food after the baby goes to sleep. Be sure that you stick to a routine with your baby, and put them down to go to sleep at a certain time, so you can spend some quiet time with your partner. As soon as your baby sleeps through the night, you can make programs for the evening together.
  1. Take Family Trips

Image via Flickr
If your partner is working all day, they might be missing out on taking the baby to walk. You will be the one who goes with them to the local park, meet other mothers, and socialize around the baby. In the weekends, however, you can take family trips to the local national reserve, with your partner carrying the baby. Just because you have a new addition to the family, you shouldn’t stop doing what you used to enjoy for years before. Spend some time together, book a family room, and simply enjoy being together.
  1. Take a Drive Together

Sometimes you might be struggling with getting your baby to sleep at a certain time. It is a well known fact that some babies fall asleep better in the back of the car. Why not get your partner to jump in the car with you and take an evening drive together? While this might not be your idea of a date, you can connect better, have a chat, and enjoy a change of scenery. It will do you good to get out of the house, and with your baby fast asleep you can continue the conversation at home.
  1. Socialize

One of the main problems young mothers face is social isolation. You need to make sure that you maintain your friendships and get together with friends, and get your partner to accompany you. Meet your old friends and introduce your partner to your new ones. You are less likely to feel alone and unsupported if you have friends around. Find out more about improving your relationship with your partner from Sam Nabil Counseling Services and ask for expert advice on how to improve your communication.
  1. Work Out

Stress can negatively impact your relationship. To restore your chemical balance after childbirth, and feel better in your skin after having a baby, you might want to start a home routine just a few minutes a day, while the baby is sleeping. You can get involved in energizing workout programs, such as yoga and tai chi. Working out will restore your confidence level, and make you feel better about yourself as a woman, which will improve your romantic life.
  1. Leave Love Notes

To bring back the romance you believe is lost after having a baby, show your appreciation to your partner. Leave love notes for them on the fridge, on the mirror, and their lunch box. This way you can express your love in a way that men can understand it. If you would like to improve the game, you can even get your baby to “sign” the letters with their fingers or toes.
  1. Spoil Your Partner Sometimes

Instead of focusing solely on your new baby, make sure you have time for planning surprises for your partner, too. Simple things, such as cooking their favorite food, or getting them a surprise, a card, or a video game will not take a lot out of your time, and can help you restore romance and intimacy. Make sure you tell them how you feel about them, so they don’t feel left out and unsupported.
  1. Create New Rituals

Your lifestyle will change with the arrival of your new baby, and so will your daily routine. Spend a few minutes with your partner in the morning and have breakfast together. Never be too busy to listen to them. Spend a few minutes together or talk about your day after the baby has gone to bed, over your favorite snack. Have a bath together, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Having a new baby can be challenging for most couples. You need to make adjustments to your daily routine, and pay attention to your partner’s feelings, as well as your baby’s needs. Don’t make your partner feel ignored and unsupported, and involve them in looking after the little one, so you can start a journey towards a new level of intimacy together.

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