How I saved $1000 off in a month

A lot of people struggle with saving money, very few people have an emergency  fund or a credit card that they can use.

I wanna share a little personal story about me, I normally do not put this type of thing out in the open but in the month of January I had a goal in my mind that I would not buy anything unnecessary including stationery ( which I love), I have two side business plus my full time job, anything I made from the two side jobs went in a savings account, and before I realized it I had saved 1000.00 in one month and I did not have to get a loan to take help me out.

This is not possible for everyone obviously. Alot of people live pay cheque to pay cheque and there are things to help those people when an emergency comes up, there are payday loans, you can now pick how many week to pay it back etc.

Zippa can supply the same amount of money and charge less interest than our competitors?
Below are some of the reasons and to see how we compare to our competitors click here.
  • Best Rates – We believe credit can and should be supplied at an affordable cost.
  • We are human! - Whilst we do run credit checks we also understand people’s circumstances change so we take time to look at every aspect of your application. We may phone you to chat over some points if we feel it will enable us to deliver a favourable outcome.
  • We don’t use brokers We deal directly with you.
It can be very helpful for students who are struggling while they wait on the student loan and they are not able to have anyone help them

What about you have you ever had to use a pay day loan?

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