Life Lately

I use to think the older I get the more life would slow down, far from true..
I am busier now then I was 2 years ago...

Here is what im involved in:

work 40+ hours per week 
Secretary for Safety committee at work 
Hospitality coordinator at church 
Sunday school teacher 
President of the band committee 
Avon Rep 
Admin of several facebook groups. 

I also have a week long work trip coming up in March.

So I have been incredibly busy and it being winter has not been helping, I do not want to do anything but lay in my bed and watch Netflix.

Brooke has had a busy winter with school and her after school activities.
Andrew is extremely busy, he works so hard to provide for us. I love that man

We are planning our Christmas trip to Colorado this year, we are excited to actually finally be going.

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