3 cocktails to take your party to next level

As you get older it gets harder to stay in touch with friends and those nights you spend together become few and far between. A great way to stay in touch with people and catch up again is to throw a party. Get everybody together at your place and put on some great food and drink and it’ll be just like old times. No great party is complete without drinks but a few bottles of wine and a bucket of beers is a little boring and you want to do something extra special if you don’t get to do this that often. Why not make some amazing cocktails instead? You don’t need to be an expert bartender to create great cocktails, these are some great ones that you can easily do yourself at home.


Sangria is a Spanish favorite that is easy to make in big batches and it’s sure to be a huge hit with everybody at the party, it’s also pretty cheap to do as well. You’ll need some red wine, orange juice and a bit of fruit, that’s it. You’re mixing it so you don’t need to buy expensive red wine either, you could even use the stuff that comes in a box if you really want to save some money. Get a big punch bowl and mix all of the ingredients with a bit of ice. There’s no exact science here, just mix it to taste and you’re done.

Jello Shots

If you want something a bit fun and silly that’s sure to be a big hit, make up some jello shots for people to have on their way into the party, it’ll feel like you’re all 20 again. You can easily make them by mixing up the jello and adding a bit of vodka, but there are plenty of other great recipes out there. You could try making some Fireball Whisky jello shots which are perfect for festive occasions as well because of the cinnamon flavor. If you have a quick search online, there are plenty of jello shot recipes you can try.

Tom Collins

If you’re having a party in the summer, there’s nothing better than a Tom Collins. This gin classic is so simple to make and it’s a refreshing drink that everybody will enjoy. It’s a mixture of a couple of classic flavors that come together to make something far better. You need one measure of gin, one measure of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar syrup. Shake it up with some ice and pour it over a chilled glass filled with crushed ice and top up with a little soda water, and that’s it. The flavor of the Tom Collins hinges on the gin, the other ingredients just bring it out so you need to get a good quality gin, you can’t get away with any of the cheap stuff here. You don’t need to spend loads but make sure you get a decent bottle.

These 3 cocktails are perfect for an elegant party and if you serve them all, there’s sure to be something that everybody will enjoy.

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