Health is comprised of all the little habits

The little habits often form our lives in all aspects. For example, how often you tidy the small messes in your home greatly contributes to how organized your living space is. We all know that if we neglect to clean, a massive pile of dishes, laundry, dust and many other unpleasantries awaits us to sort out at the end of the day. It’s much better taking a small, habitual approach to make this gigantic task manageable across time.

Health can be looked at in much the same way. While we are less in control of certain issues occurring from time to time, there is a thing as taking a better or worse approach to maintaining your health. Many things play into this. They are as follows:


It’s important to bolster your diet in the right ways. Despite our amazing access to many food sources across the world, it is not realistic or possible to get 100% of our daily RDA in every single vitamin and mineral we are supposed to. People who can are often obsessive and surgically precise in their diet. It’s fine and sometimes desirable to be this way, but most people neither have the time or inclination to. Sometimes we might have days of indulgence; sometimes we simply do not have time. This is why supplementation is so important.

For a healthy adult, a psyllium husk tablet to help digestion, a multivitamin and omega 3 tablet for daily upkeep, and around 1-4000 IU’s of Vitamin D work perfectly well to sustain us. Taken every day over years, it can be amazing how a few seconds of effort translates to a better digestive system, better skin, better hair, better cognitive function and gut health. This is no joke, so be sure to study this and try to develop good habits.


Of course, antibiotics are wonderful. Medicines are incredible. Surgery is akin to miracle work, and all the instruments that a modern hospital or general practitioner Doctor’s office uses to assess and help medical difficulty is wonderful. However, none of this would work without hygiene. Hygiene is the greatest discovery in the medical field, and living an incredibly hygienic existence is more than worthwhile. You shouldn’t obsess of course. Your immune system needs grime and bacteria to fight against and sustain its own health.

However, the term ‘cleanliness is close to godliness’ is not an oversimplification. It might actually be you are less or more hygienic than you expect also. For example, you might have strange quirks such as re-wearing underwear more than one day in a row. You might prefer to not clean your bathroom every couple of days, but once weekly. You might never pay attention to your gum health, and be in sore need of the Dentisterie VMR service to help you find and fix issues before they become problems.

For some people, it might be lessening their use of antibacterial hand soaps to improve the natural skin flora they have. It could be cleaning the air filter you use daily of dust and grime. Hygiene improvement is possible in a variety of ways, and so making sure you try and look for your weak spots is a great way to develop as a person, and sustain your health long term.
With these small habits, a big difference can be made in your long-term health.

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