Natural ways to boost your mood without medication

It’s all too easy to let the evils of the world get us down at times. From school shootings to world pollution to the myriad personal problems in our careers, relationships, self-image and personal finances. The world can feel like a cold and indifferent place, in which everyone is scrambling to look after themselves. In this climate, it’s little surprise that all over the world depression is on the rise. While there’s nothing more unhelpful than letting our issues with anxiety and depression go undiagnosed and treated, some may find the cure worse than the condition. There are some for whom the idea of talking to a stranger about their complex personal problems is anathema, and the prospect of spending the rest of their lives dependent on medication is problematic.

Is it a matter of medication?

In today’s society we have become disproportionately dependent on big pharma to solve all of our problems. While we absolutely should not shame people who find that their antidepressants have a positive effect on their lives, it’s important that we consider the case against antidepressants in order to make an informed decision. Turning to pills can have unintended side effects that can actually exacerbate mental health issues and our relationships with others. They can lead to mood swings as well as reducing sexual appetite and in some cases diminishing cognitive function.

If our health is compromised of little habits, maybe we should think about developing better habits before launching ourselves into the arms of pharmaceutical giants...

Giving to charity

Giving to charity enables each and every person to do their part to solve all of the world’s problems, but there’s evidence to suggest that it gives us more than just a warm glow. You get a sense of fulfillment by addressing the environmental and sociological issues that matter to like helping your community by giving to SoaringEagle.com. Moreover the act of giving gives us a natural boost of mood lifting neurotransmitters like oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.
Bring nature into your home Another great way to incorporate nature into your daily routine is through indoor plants, which can give you that natural mood lift. Scientific research reveals that being around them can reduce stress and give you happiness. So, if you’re up for an easy, nature-approved hack to add a sprinkle of joy to your day and cosy up our place, bringing in some Indoor plants is a total win. This way, even on busy days when you can’t walk in the park, you still get to spend some quality time with nature.

A walk in the park

The act of walking and proximity to nature are proven to boost our mood and can be a great form of exercise for those of us for whom the thought of a packed gym full of sweaty bodies is a source of anxiety. A walk in the park or woods is so beneficial that the Japanese even have a name for it… shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”. Not only can it naturally boost our mood, it can even improve immune function and help to keep cancer at bay.

Clean up your diet
All the walking in the park and charitable giving, however, is unlikely to have their intended effect when your diet is full of sugary, fatty and salty processed foods. These are not foods upon which our physiology is designed to subsist. There are, however, many whole foods that are proven to lift your mood naturally. There’s evidence to suggest that eschewing meat, eggs and dairy products for a wholefoods plant based diet can have numerous health benefits, but amongst them is a naturally elevated mood.

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