Review: Doki Diva

I first heard about this planner a few weeks ago.. I fell in love with it instantly. 

I am semi new to the planner world so right now I find it hard to spend money on planners, I really want to but what do I need three planners for?

BUT I fell in love with it and when I fall in love with something I have to buy it.. well not everything but this in particular.... 

Within 7 days it was here from Hong Kong.. such quick shipping and great customer service. 

Room inside for business cards, debit or visa cards if you wanted, the back folder can fit a target shopping list. 

It is rose gold and so feminine, just the way I like it 

These are the dashboards ( like dividers to separate the months). 

I haven't decorated the month yet because it is starting fresh on April 1. So I will update and let ya know how I am using it. 

Another perk is FREE Shipping,  you can reach them here 

I have a list of other planners that I really need:
Coral Carpe Diem or any color as y prayer planner to list scriptures etc. 
color crush- not sure 
Kikki k - not sure 

Weekend recap/ Inlaw/Easter Edition

Friday began with a day off ... I cleaned a lot and then relaxed while hubby made some chilli, his parents arrived around 7 pm, they had travelled all day to get here for Easter.
We had Chilli and nachos for dinner when they arrived. Then we chatted a bit before we all went to bed.
Finally after 3 long months OUR SON is home, he arrived from Guatemala at 5 pm.

we had some house viewings at 11:30 am, we went and saw three houses, now we have narrowed it down to two, who knew that this part of being an adult would be so stressful.
We need more room then we have now, as we have no extra bedroom, we also want a craft room, or a music room and one of the houses gives us both of those, another house will give us the extra bedroom/office but also has some potential for building onto it. So we have no idea what to choose, we are gonna send both listening to our bank and see which one will give us the best options etc.
Andrew had music practice so we came home and I napped while everyone played some card games.
Then we took them to East Side Mario's for dinner.
After dinner we went bowling... It was fun, it's been a while since we've gone. 

Sunday: Easter Sunday is one of my favourite services. 
We had a lot of special singing, a drama and we got to see friends that we haven't seen in a long time.  For lunch we did a taco bar... It was yummy.
After evening service we celebrated my Pastor's birthday. My father in law made his famous German chocolate cake... It was so good.
Monday: it was a holiday for both of us. We cooked the traditional ham dinner and had friends over. My father in law loves to cook and he does a great job of it.
They leave in the morning, it has been a nice weekend with them, hoping their trip back home is quick and not feel like forever...they have a 13 hour drive ahead of them.

Have a great week


Weekend Recap

I left work early because I was having a lot of bladder pain, so I came home and slept some and then  felt better. Hubby decided he would work later, so we had a craft night, I made some things for my planner and did my weekly layout. 
I also watched some Longmire, I really like that show, it is more drama that I usually like but I am addicted now. 

 We all slept in then we had to go to town, I wanted to go to Michal’s for some crafting stuff, but I never found anything I wanted…then we went to get some groceries and came home… i relaxed some and then we cooked food for the work pot luck. 
Hubby had an international potluck for his work, here are some pictures
German Potato salad 

Spicy Thai grilled veggies 

it was so delicious, there was so much food

The dog belonged to the hostess, beautiful black lab 

We had a great Sunday morning service- Our Pastor's wife spoke on Blessing's. 
We are such  very blessed people. We have so much compared to some places in this world.. overflowing fridge and pantry's ( at least I do because I have a grocery shopping problem), fresh air, water, shelter, fancy vehicles to drive... I could go on and on.
My sister sent me this picture of this angel girl. I miss my nieces so much 

After service we went to Harvey's for spicy burger and fries.

How was your weekend? 
Also by the way.. I am missing my blog and one post per week isn't enough anymore, I want to get back into it, this week I will be back with Dating Idea's, so be sure to check back and may even get a post about Life Lately up. 


Glimmer Girl Review

When I was contacted to review these two books, I was delighted because I love having books that Brooke will also enjoy. 

In Natalie Grant's new Glimmer girls series, we meet 10 year old twins Mia and Maddie and their little sister LuLu. 
They embark on an international adventure and mischief, their mom is a very famous with her singing and she travels the world, we also meet their Nanny Miss Twist. 
LONDON ART CHASE~ The first book in the series.
We meet Mia and Maddie and Lu Lu, the girls are smart and sassy.
They are excited for the family adventure to London to see their mother perform... but while on a day trip to the National Gallery, Maddie sees what she believes an art theft and takes her sisters and her nanny on a wild adventure as they follow the thief....I am going to keep you in suspense and make you wanna read this lovely series. 

DOLPHIN WISH~ the sisters have a three night stop in San Diego and it is the break the girls needed... they hear the animal handlers at watery world discussing the trouble they have been having with keeping the animals in their habitats, those girls cannot resist such a challenge and they take their nanny to the amusement park to see what they can find out about why or how the animals are escaping. 

I have a set of these two books to give away to one of you, to enter please let me a comment below and tell me what would you do with these books? Please also leave me an email with your comment so we can email you when you win. 

You can follow these hashtags to read more about it. 


Weekend Recap

Friday after work I had to get right to work with decorating for a precious baby boy's baby shower, we decorated in moustaches and bowtie theme, it was a mexican food theme and it was a great night with some awesome ladies
Peek a boo Mitchell 

Some gifts

Some awesome ladies 

Pastors wife with Mitchell 

Some decor 

Once home hubby and I just watched some TV and had a relaxing night. 
Then I did some planner crafting stuff. 

I woke up later then we had to go to town for some shopping and stopped but to see a friend who had broken her ankle a while back, I love going to see her as she has lived all over the world and she has some pretty awesome stories to tell. 
Brooke is going to go sit with her on Saturday as her hubby has to be away all day, they treat Brooke like their own grand daughter which makes me very happy as she do not have any great grand parents here, or any even living now. 

We had friends over for lunch, it was a nice visit. 

This week will bring some more house viewings- we are in the process of buying our new home, will share some pictures as soon as I am able ;)



Coming over from SUYL from Kelly's Korner 

Hi All,
Welcome to my blog


I am Terri- 
 Mommy to one little girl( not so little anymore)
I am a wife-
During the day I work as an appointment Coordinator
   and I LOVE my job, during the night I spend time with family and I blog, bet ya didn't know that did ya :) 
 I love to laugh
I love shoes and notebooks 
Big fan of Boston Bruins 
saved by the grace of God 

This handsome hunk is my husband Andrew
he is a computer programmer and amazing at his job
He plays guitar
He plays drums
He makes the BEST chilli in the world. 
He loves to read a good book 

This beautiful lady is our daughter-
She is in Grade 7
She is 12
Loves to:
Play piano 
Play guitar
Hang out with friends
loves giraffe's 
has her own private fan club 

This is us
Together we like to:
road trip
doing nothing

You can check out our love story on the Wifey stuff tab. 

I started this blog because i wanted some place to keep a record of the happenings of our lives and its so much more convenient.


Weekend Recap

was a rather quick day- having a meeting at 8 am and then another at 4 pm, it was a busy day, it has been a busy week and month. 
I had a lunch date with a friend, then we went to a fun art store down town. 

After work I went shopping because I needed some retail therapy, I didn't buy anything but a card for my friend. 
Met Andrew for 6 pm with our pastor and his wife and we went on a double date, we went for greek food. after we ate dinner, we went to Second Cup ( it is like starbucks but we love their desserts) we shared a chocolate eruption.  

Frozen Hot chocolate! 

Brooke and I were crafting for far to long :) I like our weekly craft night, I make things for my planner and she works on her art journal 

Andrew has been working most Saturday mornings so he was at work til noon, then we relaxed a little bit, had coffee, had a chat. 
Went to town to buy some groceries, and I decided I wanted to not be available for the day, so my phone stayed home, it felt so nice to not have to worry about people reaching me, if it was an emergency they would have called Brooke or Andrew. 

I felt like I was cooking all day.. I made: pulled pork for sunday's pot luck, then i had 4 dozen banana coffee muffins ( perfect for breakfast), then I made spicy buffalo chicken dip .  it was so good. 
Faceted my sister and kids for bit, I miss them so much. 

 We had morning service, then a leadership pot luck and meeting, came home and took a nap and then went to evening service. 

That does it for this weekend. 


Moonlight- Review

 Moonlight by Ann Hunter 

One Vow, 
One Curse
One Thousand Moons

Aowyn felt her 6 brothers were their dad’s favourite, but she is the jewel to her mother, once her mom dies, she take a vow to protect her brother and her father. 

she has to risk a dangerous deal with the dark creature Sylas. 

Only true love can reverse the spell and Aowyn realizes she has paid it to steep

This is the story of faith and true love.

You can purchase your copy here 


A Piece of Sky- Review

Growing up I loved the story of Chicken Little and when I saw this book, I knew that I would love it as well. It started out very nicely,it captured my attention. The characters are well developed. It's fun to constantly be in the perspective of weird things- which is exactly what this author did and it's fantastic on an extraordinary level. The author did it in an amazing way, as well, in a way that it worked SO nicely. The settings were detailed and precise, so you're never blind, ever, in this entire story, all the through. It's well explained, but there's no info dumps that distract you from the story. I can't get over how well the author wrote the story. Ann hunter is really becoming one of my favourite authors. You can read more review by following this hashtag: #CrownsoftheTwelve You can also purchase this ebook here


2015-2016 Secret pal

Each year at our church we pick secret sisters. Tonight we did the reveal, I was shocked and never once thought who mine was, in fact when she told me I thought she was teasing me,  it was my BEST FRIEND Cristie. 
I wanted to put a post together to remember all the wonderful things she gave me, she spoiled me all year long

First gift of the year

I love this body wash and this infuser is great, I use it a lot

a gorgeous throw blanket, pillow and a coffee mug

Fall present 
Christmas present 

My reveal present, gorgeous purse, bath/body wash, mug, book. 
Our pastors wife gave everyone a magnet with their name on it.. 

The person I had wasn't there, so I will give hers to her on Sunday at church. 

We went to swiss chalet for dinner, we had such a great night. 

Thank you Cristie, you are appreciated and you made me feel so loved. 
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