Weekend Recap

Friday after work I had to get right to work with decorating for a precious baby boy's baby shower, we decorated in moustaches and bowtie theme, it was a mexican food theme and it was a great night with some awesome ladies
Peek a boo Mitchell 

Some gifts

Some awesome ladies 

Pastors wife with Mitchell 

Some decor 

Once home hubby and I just watched some TV and had a relaxing night. 
Then I did some planner crafting stuff. 

I woke up later then we had to go to town for some shopping and stopped but to see a friend who had broken her ankle a while back, I love going to see her as she has lived all over the world and she has some pretty awesome stories to tell. 
Brooke is going to go sit with her on Saturday as her hubby has to be away all day, they treat Brooke like their own grand daughter which makes me very happy as she do not have any great grand parents here, or any even living now. 

We had friends over for lunch, it was a nice visit. 

This week will bring some more house viewings- we are in the process of buying our new home, will share some pictures as soon as I am able ;)


  1. What a cute little guy! Good luck with the house hunting

  2. awwwww yay!!!! sounds like you had a great weekend!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! And what a cute little one!


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