Graduation 2021- Post 1

 June 22 was my baby girls grade 12 graduation.  She received honors and so many awards.  Here are some pictures of her joyful day

Her dress was made by Deana at So What Industries   If you need a dress made for any occasion, look her up, the service was amazing and a quick turn around time. she made just what we wanted and Brooke was so happy. 

She has worked so hard this past year and with all the changes 

Special flower delivery from her aunt and uncle in Colorado. 

This is Brooke and Brooke- Our pastors daughter is Brooke as well and she has been a mentor and a role model for Brooke and we invited her to come spend the day with us.  

The Tassel was worth the Hassel 
Fully graduated from Grade 12.  
  • honor roll 
  • music award 
  • exemplary marks award 
  • business award 
  • bilingualism award

Her tech teacher and her 
Her absolute favorite teacher ever and his favorite student. 
Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Fritz who are like grand parents to her and we are so thankful they are here so close. 

Friends since the 4th grade.  

Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated her, who loved on her and wished her well. 


High School Graduate


To my high school graduate,

Here we are, the end of your senior year.  12 years have gone by just like that.  In that 12 years you  have gone to 3 schools and a cross country move, yet you have continued to make friends and excel at everything you do. 

This is not how I imagined this year for you. It’s not even close to what I’d hoped it would be. I know you have watched class after class of seniors celebrate, make memories and launch into adulthood together. You waited for your turn to do the same. You looked forward to so much—your final band practice, your last high school band concert, your last musical, your last band library duties. You had planned for The Long Good-Bye of your senior year. You had prepared yourself for that difficult yet exciting season. 

Instead, Covid 19 has given you – An Abrupt Good-Bye. No one had prepared you for that. None of us could because none of us have ever lived thru this before.

When you started kindergarten, we carefully chose your backpack, labeled your indoor shoes and lunch kit and laid out your outfit for the First Day of School picture. When I tucked you in that night before the big day, I felt all the feels. I was so proud of you; you grew and learned so much already in your short five years of life. I was excited for you and scared for me. How was I going to fill those hours while you were away?  I was so sad that my baby was a school kid already. But I was also ready to see you own this adventure. I felt all of those things and so much more.

Each year as you grew, I marveled at how you approached challenges and how you were so brave, even when things were so hard. I was so proud of your success and with you in the heartbreaks of growing and trying and trying again. I tried my best to walk alongside you, without overshadowing you or standing in your way. More than anything, I wanted you to see how strong, capable, and magnificent you were.  

I want you to know how strong, capable and magnificent you are. Even in the disappointment. Even in the uncertainty. Even in the sadness. You, my dear one, are still so stunning.

And, baby, it’s okay.

It’s okay to grieve and to feel let down. You did not get to have the long awaited 5 plus hours at the Aiken centre or the prom where you would wear a beautiful dress and hang out with your friends for the very last time as school mates, it is okay to feel like the world has let you down.   Jesus will never let you down, he knows the end from the beginning, he knew when you were born how 2021 grad year would work out for you, he knows your future plans and he aligns it.  “For I am confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Today as you walk across that stage and they provide you with that long awaited, worked hard for diploma and you leave FHS for the very last time, I know without a doubt you will succeed in everything you do. Every career you choose, every job you take, every morning when you wake up, smile because you have everything to be proud of. 

You don’t need to have a five-year plan, just now. A five-minute plan is okay. Or no plan at all is good, too. (Daddy won’t agree) Eventually, the future will make way for itself. It always does. Eventually, you will find your way. You always do. I believe in you. I believe in all of the possibilities within you. I believe in your magnificent soul and your ability to find your way back to yourself, to your dreams and to your hope.

No matter how long it takes you, or where it takes you, I am right here with you. I will be here loving you, believing in you, cheering you on every step of the way. I will walk right beside you. For as long as you need me.

I believe in you, you magnificent, brilliant, courageous soul.

I believe in you.

Love always

Your biggest fan, your mom.


New home

 Bear with me- this is long…. 

About  15 weeks ago- we had decided to have our realtor come by to only discuss selling our old house, Andrew really was not on board but when the realtor left that night we had fully planned to sell our house and start looking...maybe less I was browsing realtor.ca because we had just accepted an offer on our house and a house that caught my attention was listed, it was on the north side of town and being from the southside- never thought we would live north side, so i clicked on it, like what will it hurt and I immediately showed Andrew and said this is my dream home and can we go view it- not ever planning to put an offer because it was on the northside, talked to our realtor and she set it up… I walk in the house and the owner had it decorated so beautifully and I felt at home but we had several to look at that day so I thought- andrew will never want all the driving to the northside etc, then we got back in the car and I thought I want to buy this, I want to see what he thinks… he really liked it, we timed how far it was from my work- so much closer, Brooke’s school was just minutes away, church is the furthest at 20 mins so I thought okay maybe that will be a problem… We went home after looking at several others but nothing felt like this house, I just felt at home…. Brooke, who most of you know is a big giraffe fan, was not with us but when we walked in the front door, there was a giraffe engraved in the tile and I felt like God was saying this is the home for you. I know Brooke won't live with us forever but it was an important point that I will get back to in a minute. 

We got home and I could not stop thinking about the house- the master bedroom has the dream bathroom I wanted, big closets and even a dressing room or a room to store my shoes ;) IT has a family room and a formal living room, big kitchens and dining room, 3 bathrooms etc- it was just what i wanted but it was Northside… anyway, that night we sat down and talked about it, my mind was already made up, I had complete peace, we decided to put an offer in and never in a million years did we think it would be accepted because the market is crazy but within a few hours it was accepted, we had a new home pending the inspection etc- ( I am sure I had my co workers drove crazy because i was excited) everything went well and before we left town for a mini anniversary get away we had purchased my dream home. 

We have now lived here for 2 weeks and while I do miss the old neighborhood ( we were there 5 years), I am content here, we are finally getting settled and the reason I am telling all this is because I believe we are where we are meant to be, God knew this house would be ours before we even looked, the failed sale and purchased we had a week before was all part of the plan- he knew Brooke would love to have a giraffe in the floor, because call me crazy but God cares about even the smallest things that mean alot to us, I have my magical bathroom and my shoe room. 

God has been so good to us- the past years since moving to NB- we have seen such blessings in our lives- not saying we wouldn’t in NL but we have made friends here that are like family, we have our wonderful aunt and uncle that moved here, Brooke has settled into her life here, we got Moses as our son and beautiful daughter in law Kim- and soon to be grand baby, we are so blessed and I just wanted to share to encourage someone- if you have a big dream- do not give up, God knows he sees it all and he is waiting for you to completely trust him.  Are we perfect, absolutely not, but we trust God with every aspect of our lives, as humans we do get tired of waiting sometimes but at what feels like the very last minute, he comes thru for us. 


Fall in Love With Your Garden All Over Again with These Trending Installations'

 Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Having missed out on all the summer fun of 2020 because of Covid-19, this year looks set to be a fun affair for all. Although many of you might have your own garden, the lack of any social aspect for over 15 months might have taken away some of the love as you sit alone without legally being allowed to invite friends, family, and neighbors.

So as summer 2021 approaches, you could perhaps get outside, clear up the garden and make space for some amazing new installations that are guaranteed to make you fall in life with your garden all over again, and while some of these are fun novelties, others will last for decades with everlasting memories that you will talk about even longer.

Garden Decking

Nothing makes a good garden shine like the installation of high-quality decking. Wood and the backyard just go great together, especially if you have any kind of foliage, fruits, vegetables, flowers, or trees, and next to pavers, grass, and a pool, a decking installation looks amazing but be sure to hire a reputable company for the installation.

There are many tales of poor decking installation and when done wrong it can be wobbly, uneven, and won’t last long, any of which can pose a health hazard for you and your family. Austex Fence and Deck are a great example of a reliable decking company and are among the best that specialize in seamlessly building decking that fits any property style. 

Outdoor Hot Tub

Considered one of the most luxurious items a home can have, a hot tub is an amazing way to both relax and have fun. In the UK alone, 2020 saw a 1000% increase in hot tub sales as Brits were told to stay at home during Coronavirus lockdown and around 6 million have been sold all over the United States.

While a hot tub can provide sensual relaxation for couples, fun for the kids, and make an impression with guests, there are health benefits to owning one. The strong stream of bubbles essentially massages your entire body similar to a professional masseuse and you will get the same benefits such as muscle tension relief, improved vascular function, and better sleep.

DIY Shed Bar

A quirky yet robust and useful trend for 2021 is that of building or buying a shed and converting it into an outdoor bar. While this sounds a little silly, the hobby has taken off in the UK as Brits missed going to the pub during lockdown restrictions, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think since most of the work has already been done.

Simpler than a tiki bar, most DIYers simply cut a hole on the side of the shed in order to place a retractable bar onto hinges that can be put up or down at will. Many companies now offer at-home beer pumps at reasonable prices so pulling the perfect pint in your own home is easier than ever and some enthusiasts have created stunning shed bars with LED lighting, sound systems, and cooking capabilities.


Considering A Switch To Solar, Many Other Businesses Are Taking The Leap!

 Photo: Unsplash

Saving the planet and cutting emissions is one of the major reasons why people choose to use solar energy. It is clean, it is sustainable and can cut long term costs. But we need to know more. Many businesses are already making the switch because it aligns with their goals and aspirations. So, is it worth it? Commercial community solar energy is on the rise and is a way for many companies to come together to save money. 

They can be used to generate clean electricity and they can save a lot of money and of course contribute to the preservation of our environment. Anyone can set up such a system, even near the house or on the roof. It is proven beyond any doubt that it is very worthwhile to invest in it. Of course, every investment also involves some financial outlay but it will be worth it. 

Solar panels on school roofs

The difference is that the system also provides added value in that it saves ordinary energy that is based on coal or oil and leads to a great improvement of the environment. One of the more expensive components in the system are the solar panels. In fact, it is the most expensive component in the system. The monetary cost of a solar system will almost always not be cheap. On the other hand, there has been a process of reduction in recent years due to the transfer of production lines to China, the development of technology and the entry of new solar panel manufacturers into the market - such panels constitute the highest cost in an entire system. 

What causes the price?

Many factors lead to an increase in the price of the solar system. It is possible to examine each system and installation surface specifically in order to get the most accurate price of installing and operating a system for many years. Another important factor that affects the price is the power which is installed. The power will also affect the revenues that will come from the production prices which are unique to the solar market. Power is measured by peak kilowatts, and this method gives the possibility to compare different types of solar panels. 

Pitfalls? What should we know about?

If you have already decided to install solar panels on your company's roof, one of the most possible dangers that is important to consider when starting such a project is leaks and leaks from the roof that can damage energy production systems. There are developed panels with a unique structure that connects to the roof in a smart way that prevents leaks and thus significantly reduces the risk of damage that can cost a great deal of money in the future.

In addition, it is important to make sure that you work with a solar contractor registered and are fully licensed. Ensure that the contractor works with a safety consultant who can ensure reliable handling of all safety aspects of the complex project. It is also worth choosing a company that is a private electricity producer itself, which provides it with financial stability, and one with many years of experience in this field.


Cleanup: The Risks You Need to Know About

 DIY Sewage Flood

In a world where DIY methods continue to save people tremendous time and money, it is not surprising to see individuals handling tasks that usually require professional service. For someone who has experienced doing DIY fixes to minor bathroom and basement problems, taking sewage flooding solutions into their own hands can be tempting. If you happen to think about solving sewage flooding issues in your home, you must know that you are taking on many risks that can pose a problem not only to yourself and the people around you but also to your safety and resources. 

The Risks That Come with DIY Sewage Flood Cleanups

Unlike any other water damage, sewage flood poses hazards to your health for several reasons. Knowing what is in the water, what it can do to you, and how it should be managed matters. Today, you will see beyond the seemingly harmless sewage water and why you should not be handling it on your own.

Wastewater Increases the Risks of Health Issues

Sewage backups can occur because of different reasons; they can be from tree roots, clogged pipes, sewer line damages, and more. Sewage contains wastewater which is also known as greywater and it contains chemical compounds, heavy metals, human waste, contaminants, debris, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Its foul smell can be explained by a million microorganisms present for every millimeter of waste. With this at hand, it is recommended to avoid handling it with bare hands, so looking at gloves from a firm similar to unigloves would be a good start. 

This kind of water requires professional handling, which means having a person equipped with PPE or personal protective equipment do the cleaning. Exposing yourself to wastewater filled with pathogens makes you vulnerable to contracting different types of health conditions that may be caused by toxins and bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, E. Coli, Giardia Lamblia, and more.

Mold Infiltration and Safety Hazards

As we all know that flooding creates a problem with moisture in any space, there is a high possibility of mold growth in your home. Mold develops and thrives in an environment that is moist; hence, there is no stopping it from infiltrating your walls, ceilings, appliances, and furniture in your space. For individuals who have weakened immune systems or asthma and other respiratory problems, mold can induce complications too. Like wastewater, mold has its risks and it requires proper handling by professionals.

Apart from mold infiltration, another risk you are getting into is electrocution or any instance that may lead to short circuits or explosions. As sewage flooding may cause wastewater to seep into furniture, walls, and other surfaces, there is a high chance of affecting your electrical lines, equipment, and fixtures. When this happens, the possibility of explosions, electrocution, or fire may arise. Hence, professionals are better suited for the job.

Why Leave it to Professionals?

Every minute you miss addressing the problem adds up to water buildup and water damage. The time you use to think of a strategy on how to fix the problem counts, and if you spend too long doing that, you may have a bigger problem ahead of you. Professionals handle sewage flood cleanups because they are trained and equipped to do these tasks.

  • They provide a comprehensive analysis of the cause, origin, and coverage of the sewage backup.

  • They safely and effectively remove debris and greywater using extractors and pumps.

  • They determine the extent of damage and identify materials and debris that should be removed, including the space’s baseboard trim, saturated drywall, insulation, and paneling, while ensuring all are disposed of according to local guidelines.

  • They sterilize surfaces with EPA-approved biocides, sanitize the areas with specialized cleaners, remove extra humidity using dehumidifiers, and use air movers to ensure that all the surfaces are thoroughly dried.

The Takeaway

A DIY sewage cleanup seems like a fairly doable job for anyone, but the truth about it is that it comes with health risks and downsides that are bigger than those misconceptions. The task is critical, and it needs the expertise, experience, and training from professionals meant to do the job. Why put yourself and the people around you at risk when you can hire experts to do it for you? Take on professional services to ensure the safety and smoothness of the process while having the assurance that all your sewage flood problems will be fixed.

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