Graduation 2021- Post 1

 June 22 was my baby girls grade 12 graduation.  She received honors and so many awards.  Here are some pictures of her joyful day

Her dress was made by Deana at So What Industries   If you need a dress made for any occasion, look her up, the service was amazing and a quick turn around time. she made just what we wanted and Brooke was so happy. 

She has worked so hard this past year and with all the changes 

Special flower delivery from her aunt and uncle in Colorado. 

This is Brooke and Brooke- Our pastors daughter is Brooke as well and she has been a mentor and a role model for Brooke and we invited her to come spend the day with us.  

The Tassel was worth the Hassel 
Fully graduated from Grade 12.  
  • honor roll 
  • music award 
  • exemplary marks award 
  • business award 
  • bilingualism award

Her tech teacher and her 
Her absolute favorite teacher ever and his favorite student. 
Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Fritz who are like grand parents to her and we are so thankful they are here so close. 

Friends since the 4th grade.  

Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated her, who loved on her and wished her well. 

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