3 Ways To Support A Loved one thru a tough time

When a friend or family member is going through a tough time with injury, illness, stress, or a difficult life circumstance, it is entirely natural to want to help them however you can. Unfortunately, in many cases, people feel somewhat powerless when they see someone they love struggling; unsure of how to offer help, or even concerned that they don’t know what kind of help might actually be suitable.

However, there are a few different ways that you can show your support and ensure that your loved one feels cared for throughout a trying time - and here are three different strategies that can help you achieve this goal.

#1 - Offer practical assistance

In the first instance, support is often best expressed through offering solid, practical assistance that can ease the burden on your loved one. This may mean doing an online grocery shop on their behalf if they are struggling for free time; helping them with attending medical appointments or helping them in their claim with their personal injury lawyers after an accident; or offering to clean their home or cook meals in order to give them the chance to rest and relax during a stressful time. Anything that helps to ease the number of tasks they need to do each day can be beneficial, so ask your loved one where they could do with a helping hand and then make arrangements to assist them as and when you can.

#2 - Provide emotional support

In addition to offering practical support, it’s also worth considering that, sometimes, people who are going through a rough patch just need to be able to talk to someone. Sharing problems and venting frustrations can provide a kind of catharsis, and often, people are not seeking direct solutions - they just want someone to listen. As a result, it’s worth simply sitting with your loved one and allowing them to say whatever they want to say, however they want to say it.

#3 - Allow and encourage distractions

When you know someone is going through a challenging time, this knowledge can become consuming - it’s all you think about when you see them, and tends to dominate your conversations. While this is understandable, and can allow you to offer both practical and emotional support, it can become overwhelming for your loved one. Even in the toughest times, people may want to distract themselves and think or talk about something else. If they begin to lead conversations away from the issues they are experiencing, then go with them and encourage them to think, talk, and focus on other things, even if they are relatively unimportant. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

In conclusion

For most people, a combination of the above three strategies works best; you can offer practical and emotional support when required but, on occasion, allow focus to turn to lighter or inconsequential subjects as the person requires. By allowing yourself to be flexible in your supportive approach, you should be able to be there for your friend or family member in whichever way they require at any given time.


Earning On The Side With Zoombucks

Juggling the duties of being a homemaker, wife, and mom with a regular job can get challenging at times. Unlike ordinary jobs, you can’t have sick days off because a lot of people are relying on you to keep things going smoothly on a daily basis. And if you do get sick, you can’t expect to be financially compensated for it, either.  

This is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of work-at-home moms, or WAHMs, consider getting side hustles to augment their regular incomes. Some get into the drop shipping business to sell on e-commerce platforms, while others choose to do online tutoring or become virtual assistants. Still, many are opting to sign up with online rewards sites. The latter is fast becoming a favorite go-to of WAHMs because of the ease with which they can get rewarded for tasks they would usually do online, anyway. ZoomBucks is one of these sites - also known as survey or GPT (get-paid-to) sites - because of the tasks involved. I first learned about it in a forum called EarnThatBuck, where members compare their experiences about different rewards sites and which ones they actually benefit from.

With that, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer to hardworking moms everywhere.

A Passive Income Generator

At ZoomBucks, you can actually earn cash by watching videos - an activity one does typically when online. As teenagers, it was a pipe dream to get paid for sitting on the couch all day while watching television, right? Well, with this site, that dream is now a reality: watch a video, then earn money. It’s that simple! We sit through thousands of ads and commercials on a daily basis, anyway, so why not get compensated adequately for it this time around?

As for the rewards part (we will get more into that in a bit), the idea of earning while not exerting too much time and effort into a task is the best example of a passive income. It requires no capital, no signing up fee, no prior work experience, no college degree, or any other requirement - except letting a video run its course!

Easy, Doable Tasks

Aside from watching videos, you can also earn points and redeem them for cash or gift cards by completing surveys and doing offers. If you’ve ever answered any of those silly surveys on Facebook or other social media sites, then you won’t be averse to doing the surveys here - especially since it involves rewards. Businesses and brands partner up with sites like ZoomBucks to get feedback on their products and services so they can improve their marketing strategies. The surveys being offered target specific demographics, and it looks like moms are one of their primary audiences. This means more surveys to complete for WAHMs, and more rewards to be had in a short time.
As for completing offers, ZoomBucks does not require a strict demographic “fit” for members to participate in them, unlike with surveys. Instead, you can simply sign up to do a trial offer, test an app or product, and then wait for your reward once you’ve completed an offer. A special note about this particular task, though: it will require the use of your credit card, so make sure to cancel your trial offers because you might get a recurring bill for it if you don’t.

Oh, and there is also a referral program which allows you bonus points from each successful referral’s earnings! So that is another plus as far as passive incomes go.

Better Rewards and Faster Payouts

Now for the good part: the rewards! If you like getting cash, ZoomBucks has got it covered via PayPal. You can choose to cash out right away as soon as you reach the equivalent of just $3 in your account! Other online rewards sites have a much steeper minimum payout threshold (I’ve seen ones that require as high as $25, which is just too much to work towards). What is even more rewarding is how fast ZoomBucks processes payment requests - a lot of EarnThatBuck and other forum members attest to getting paid in as little as 48 business hours.

Also, it’s important to note that ZoomBucks only partners with well-known and trustworthy survey and offer providers such as PollFish, PeanutLabs, TrialPay, GrabRewards, and others. These providers are known for offering higher points in a shorter amount of time, which makes it worth your time and effort.


Why did I include this particular section? Because sites like ZoomBucks make it worthwhile for a work-at-home mom to sign up and become a member, that’s why.

Aside from earning points for cash, the rewards catalog in this site include rewards that can benefit moms. We are talking about gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, Lowes, Staples, the Gap, eBay, Netflix, and others which can definitely help with shopping and grocery needs in a snap. And if you have kids, you will be happy to know that some of the rewards also include gaming gift cards from XBox, the PlayStation Store, Rixty, Steam, Google Play, and more - perfect for gifting the special kids in your life without you having to dip into your hard-earned savings for it!

new diagnosis

I spent a really long time hiding my experience of mental illness for fear of hurting others or being judged by them.

I have had some people reach out to ask me how I am doing as my blog has somewhat been silent except for some scheduled post etc. 

I have been seeing my dr bi-weekly and counselor weekly, yesterday I saw my dr and she had some reports back and the verdict is I have PTSD- for those who do not know what that is- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

I feel like I am now labeled as a crazy person... I used to think only veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, etc got this and not a mom and a wife who had what most people would call a perfect life.  

It is important to remember that a diagnosis is not a label.

so this is not something a surgery or medication can fix ( well meds can help) but I am going to take some classes and hopefully help someone else get thru this. 

My Dr has asked a lot of questions and I do believe she is on the right track, she really believes mine has stemmed from my lung surgery/scare, a bad car accident that I was in when I turned 16, and my bladder disease which I still live with. Those things are major triggers, I also live in fear ALOT. Fear of the unknown, fear of the wait if's, fear of losing the two people who mean everything to me, I have lost a lot of friends in the past and every day I feel the same will happen to me again. 

Every day I wake up to a different version of me. Will I be happy or sad, will I feel safe or scared? It’s not that I am unstable; I have grown to become a master of me. The things I feel because of my PTSD aren't invisible to others. I like to think of myself as a warrior in my own right, because I face invisible battles every day. But we all have our own battles, diagnosis or not. Do you know what mood you will be in when you wake up tomorrow? The only difference between me and you is that my battle has been categorized. Because society likes to do that, it makes people feel comfortable. They can try to “make sense” of things. The thing we forget is, we designed these categories and labels ourselves and for some reason, we feel like we must conform. But what are we conforming to?

We all fit labels. I fit various hashtags; #PTSD #metoo #survivor but those things do not define me or make me less of a person. After all, like you, I am a human being, not a commodity and that’s exactly what I think we have all forgotten. How to be human and to be just that. Because there is no normal, but there will always be different. Look in the news about how many young people self-harm or struggle with mental health now. All fighting to fit into those labels. Instead, let's teach our children to embrace self instead of hiding because they don't 'fit in'. Let's save the labels for clothes.


Change when we least expect it...

9 months ago I started a new job as a branch administrator as you all know, I have struggled with this job since day 1.  It has been the best co workers that I have ever had, we are all like one big family, not one person that I do not get along with but on Thursday June 6th I resigned. 

Why you ask.. I have been having some health issues with high blood pressure and a racing heart beat, my Dr told me it would be best to take some time to rest and get my pressure and heart rate under control and take care of me because truth be known, I have not felt good in a very long time. 

So Friday, June 14th I will be jobless, I am not sure how long this will be for, it could be a week, a month a year, we shall see :) 



I just wanna feel normal, not feel alone, i long for someone who listens, who cares and loves me.

I think it is more then anxiety.  I think there is depression mixed in there.
No appetite, hungry yet nothing taste good....

I lay in my bed all the time because netflix lets me forget how i feel inside
My house is in shatters, im to "tired"all the time to clean it.  There are some great ways to get help thru Regain.us

After all, normal is just a setting on the dryer


She is 7

Happy 7th Birthday Raeana Lynn.

Auntie, Uncle Roo and Brooke love you so much. Hope you are having the best day and eat all the ice cream you want baby girl because you deserve it, the joy that you share to everyone you meet, you will become a world changer baby girl. I love you Rae!!!

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