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Juggling the duties of being a homemaker, wife, and mom with a regular job can get challenging at times. Unlike ordinary jobs, you can’t have sick days off because a lot of people are relying on you to keep things going smoothly on a daily basis. And if you do get sick, you can’t expect to be financially compensated for it, either.  

This is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of work-at-home moms, or WAHMs, consider getting side hustles to augment their regular incomes. Some get into the drop shipping business to sell on e-commerce platforms, while others choose to do online tutoring or become virtual assistants. Still, many are opting to sign up with online rewards sites. The latter is fast becoming a favorite go-to of WAHMs because of the ease with which they can get rewarded for tasks they would usually do online, anyway. ZoomBucks is one of these sites - also known as survey or GPT (get-paid-to) sites - because of the tasks involved. I first learned about it in a forum called EarnThatBuck, where members compare their experiences about different rewards sites and which ones they actually benefit from.

With that, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer to hardworking moms everywhere.

A Passive Income Generator

At ZoomBucks, you can actually earn cash by watching videos - an activity one does typically when online. As teenagers, it was a pipe dream to get paid for sitting on the couch all day while watching television, right? Well, with this site, that dream is now a reality: watch a video, then earn money. It’s that simple! We sit through thousands of ads and commercials on a daily basis, anyway, so why not get compensated adequately for it this time around?

As for the rewards part (we will get more into that in a bit), the idea of earning while not exerting too much time and effort into a task is the best example of a passive income. It requires no capital, no signing up fee, no prior work experience, no college degree, or any other requirement - except letting a video run its course!

Easy, Doable Tasks

Aside from watching videos, you can also earn points and redeem them for cash or gift cards by completing surveys and doing offers. If you’ve ever answered any of those silly surveys on Facebook or other social media sites, then you won’t be averse to doing the surveys here - especially since it involves rewards. Businesses and brands partner up with sites like ZoomBucks to get feedback on their products and services so they can improve their marketing strategies. The surveys being offered target specific demographics, and it looks like moms are one of their primary audiences. This means more surveys to complete for WAHMs, and more rewards to be had in a short time.
As for completing offers, ZoomBucks does not require a strict demographic “fit” for members to participate in them, unlike with surveys. Instead, you can simply sign up to do a trial offer, test an app or product, and then wait for your reward once you’ve completed an offer. A special note about this particular task, though: it will require the use of your credit card, so make sure to cancel your trial offers because you might get a recurring bill for it if you don’t.

Oh, and there is also a referral program which allows you bonus points from each successful referral’s earnings! So that is another plus as far as passive incomes go.

Better Rewards and Faster Payouts

Now for the good part: the rewards! If you like getting cash, sites like ZoomBucks has got it covered via PayPal. You can choose to cash out right away as soon as you reach the equivalent of just $3 in your account! Other online rewards sites have a much steeper minimum payout threshold (I’ve seen ones that require as high as $25, which is just too much to work towards). What is even more rewarding is how fast ZoomBucks processes payment requests - a lot of EarnThatBuck and other forum members attest to getting paid in as little as 48 business hours.

Also, it’s important to note that ZoomBucks only partners with well-known and trustworthy survey and offer providers such as PollFish, PeanutLabs, TrialPay, GrabRewards, and others. These providers are known for offering higher points in a shorter amount of time, which makes it worth your time and effort.


Why did I include this particular section? Because sites like ZoomBucks make it worthwhile for a work-at-home mom to sign up and become a member, that’s why.

Aside from earning points for cash, the rewards catalog in this site include rewards that can benefit moms. We are talking about gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, Lowes, Staples, the Gap, eBay, Netflix, and others which can definitely help with shopping and grocery needs in a snap. And if you have kids, you will be happy to know that some of the rewards also include gaming gift cards from XBox, the PlayStation Store, Rixty, Steam, Google Play, and more - perfect for gifting the special kids in your life without you having to dip into your hard-earned savings for it!

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