Weekend Recap

Worked all day and had a lot of pain in my hand from using the capper, we also had a lunch time potluck, it was so nice to get to meet some more people and socialize. 
I worked the main lab for most of the afternoon. 
We stopped and got fried chicken for dinner, on the way home we stopped to get the mail and I slipped and fell, I really thought my leg or foot was broken, it instantly swelled up and started to bruise. I kept ice on it and elevated it. 

I rested my foot for most of the day, I had invited some friends from church over for dinner, so I had ended up cooking roast beef,potatoes and veggies with a chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. We had some friends drop by with their 5 week old baby, I snuggled and snuggled him, he is so adorable. 

Our friends arrived shortly after they left, we just hung out, he helped Andrew fix my desk that I am gonna use for my planning things. 

We had our 5th Sunday pot luck so it was a easier set up, and with  my foot, I just sat and didn’t do anything really and I feel bad for that but I couldn’t help it. 
We have a big happy family at church, they all care and show love to us and always have. 
We had no evening service so I took a nap and cleaned my kitchen. 
Prepped my planner for the week and packed my work bag, now I am all set for a new week. 

How was your weekend?


Confessional Friday

Hey friends,

I wasn't gonna post a Confessional this week but in honour of Leslie I am.  Hard to believe she has been gone for 6 months, how is the possible? Weren't we just emailing back and forth.. I miss her so much

Today I confess...

This week has been crazy busy.  In fact this is the first time since last Sunday that I even looked at my blog.  I have lost a lot of followers, not sure what I said or did to loose them.

I have been cyber bullied this past week, Monday was really bad, I was ready to close all social media sites and never go on it again but after chatting with some friends, I felt better. Left those groups really quick and will never go back. in fact I hate putting this post even up in case they are still lurking around my accounts.

I should be sleeping but I just wanted to stay up for a bit once everyone went to bed just for some peace and quiet.

Looking forward to a pot luck at work today, friends coming on Saturday and another pot luck on Sunday.

On that note, I am off to bed.


Weekend Recap

I worked til 5 pm and what a long day, I never slept the night before so I was functioning on about 2 hours of sleep, it made for a very long day and it was a super busy day. 
Brooke had a youth sleep over so she was gone so hubby and I had a date. we went to Swiss Chalet and had chicken dinner, then I went shopping at Michael's but didn't buy anything, I did find what I was looking for but had to check with my customer before I buy it and make it, once we got home we relaxed,  we both were up til super late, felt like were back in our young years. 

Slept in a bit, then cleaned my house - thats the worst thing about working during the week is spending Saturday's cleaning. 
We ran some errands, I had to go back to Michael's to pick up the paper that I needed for the project, also went to Walmart and picked up some snacks that I wanted for the hockey games, I made spicy buffalo chicken dip and wings, it was good. I stayed up late and watched some netflix. 

We had service x2 and Brooke went to her friends house, we didn't go anywhere after service, I'm so tired. 
Tomorrow begins another week of work and I am excited 


Confessional friday

Hey Ladies,

What a crazy busy week it has been and I am ready for the weekend.

Today I confess:

1) I am exhausted... I started my new job on Tuesday and I don't think I shared that.. I had an interview on Monday and I heard later that afternoon that I had the job and they wanted me to start on Tuesday morning, it is at a micro biology lab and oh so cool. I am so excited to be there. It is a contract and there is no end date so that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but for now I am working

2) I have put myself on a no spend rule for a while.. I am spending far to much on planning supplies and besides who needs 45 rolls of wash tape or 50 sheets of stickers.. no I don't at all and I need to save for our new house, working downtown is bad because I found a couple of cute craft stores.

3) My house is a mess, I had my week all planned to do some cleaning and well that went out the window when they offered me the job.

4) Had a better doctor's apt then I have been having this week, she gave me some good news meaning all cancer and tutors were ruled out from my biopsy, it is so scary to hear those words, I have kept it pretty quiet because it isn't something I was talking about much, I had a lot of fear about it, but thankfully all is well.

What's on your mind?

Here is a fun little giveaway, I did a review of this book a few weeks ago, well now they are offering a DVD to one of my readers. When I got the DVD this week I was so excited, called a friend and we watched it together, I truly loved it so much.
 Enter below and enjoy.

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Meet my new hobby

As some of you have seen from Instagram I have a new hobby.. 
Meet her: 

Ella is what I call her, Ella keeps me organized, she keeps me up to date with what I need to do and where I need to be. 

Planning has taken on a new hobby because there are so many fun things you can do with it.. 

Enter my Washi stash that is growing and growing and I am loving it. 

Enter Stickers- yes I am 33 and I have more stickers then my kid, they are so much fun and decorating the pages makes me happy. 

I am not all organized yet, i don’t know where to keep my things, I totally need a craft room to keep all this in.. 
So many pretty inserts

There are so many planners on periscope, I waste so  much time per day watching those ladies plan etc.. 

So many wonderful things to use: 

Anyone need a pen? I have always had an obsession with pens but it has gotten a little worst

So I am trying to juggle this blog and my planner obsession, I do have another one coming in the mail because we all need 2 planners, I want one for just myself, Ella is my family planner where I keep track of everything family related, the one that i have ordered will be just for me. 

Do you plan? 


Weekend Recap

Hubby was off for a vacation day, he had some left over from last year that he needed to use, so he was off for my biopsy on Monday and then today. 
Today was a very lazy day, where we slept late, watched TV, read, and I played in my planner ( off course), got some happy mail today, i got some new stickers.. yes I am 32 and I have washi tape and stickers… some day I will show ya all my planner stuff. 
We had our final night of our prayer revival, it was great. 

Hockey was on after that, Boston won :D

It was a very lazy Saturday around here, we were supposed to get a snow storm but it didn't bring much, so we hung around at home then we went to town to get some things Brooke needed for a project that she is doing.
I made nachos and wings for dinner, then we watched hockey and headed to bed

Normal sunday plans around here...
after pm service we went to Harvey's which is my fav place to eat. I spent some time watching some TV when we got home, typically we do not have any TV time on Sunday's but they were all asleep so I snuck on ;)
Spent some time with my planner and planner pals on periscope, it is such a great new tool, do you use it?

Have a great week


Date night idea 15

Date Night Idea 13 

Sports Night

We do this one a lot.. we watch hockey together, quite the rivalry when my team versus his team is playing


Weekend Recap

Was feeling under the weather with a small head cold that hit me on Wednesday, I just wanted to sleep. 
Hubby brought home supper and then I decided to get out of the house because I feel like I was going stir crazy after being home all week... 
I went to see Sisters with a friend, it s a funny movie, in a packed full theatre, I don't do well in such settings if I'm not on a end seat, oh well we got thru it. 
Got home and hung out with Hubby for a bit. 

We slept late then went to pick Brooke up from a sleep over she was at, ran to walmart for a couple of things and home again. 
We had a Leadership party at the church fellowship hall that night.. 

It was a fun time. Pastor and his wife cooked for us, they would not allow us to do anything. 

We did our regular services, it was a packed place with lots of guests. 
Kim came over for lunch, we all miss Moses and hope he is back soon. 

Went to PM service and I greeted today.  
Went to Mcdonald's with friends after service. 

Have a great week, I have some Dr visit's this week, and again next week ( story of my life). 


Confessional Friday

Today I confess: 

1) I have been struggling with anxiety since I came back from Christmas Vacation 

2) I am now full time job hunting... retirement was good while it was happening ;) 

3) My sister leaves Canada tomorrow to head back to Colorado Springs, I miss her already 

That's about it over here, you wanna confess?


Happy Birthday to my sister

Happy Birthday to my Sister and Best friend

You turn 30 today. 
30 years ago I became a sister for the first time, I did not want to have a sister, I think I wanted a brother... but now I am so glad to have you as my sister, you make me proud.

To celebrate your 30th Birthday here is 30 things that I love about you: 

1) You made me auntie to the cutest kids in the world
2) She has an insane amount of patience, which she does NOT get from me.If you only knew the situations that she’s had to exercise that patience, you would be impressed also
3) DEDICATED.To her family.To her friends.To her work. Knowing that you can always count on her makes me proud to know her, let alone be her sister.
4) She has seen me in my dark days.She loves me anyways
5)  Beautiful.Inside and Out.I love everything about her.Even when she annoys me
6) Great cook 
7) The BEST mom- I wish I was half the mom she is. 
8) I can always be silly with her, and she can with me.We often are too
9) The Best auntie to Brooke 
10) I get her old clothes 
11) Our many face time chat’s 

12) She lets her Norah call me Momma ;) as much as she don’t like it 
13) Her great big smile
14) Her sense of style
15) Her expressive eyes
16)That she's always been there for me
17) That she's let me be there for her at times, too
18) Her love for her kids
19) That she's like a second mother to my daughter
20) That she walks the walk
21) Her insight into others
22) Her empathy for others
23) Her generosity
24) I can be my crazy loud self with her
25) Shopping with her is fun 
26) spending two weeks with her made Christmas 
27) my partner in crime
28) You can share every little thing you have in your heart with her with all honesty.
29)  I love how we ( myself, sister and brother) have a group text that happens every day 
30) how you never take life for granted.

Have the best Birthday on your last day in Canada, wish i was there to celebrate you today. You are loved more and more and more. 


Family Photoshoot

We decided because we were all home it was the perfect time to have family pictures done, there are a lot of them so enjoy 

the Original 5

I love my brother and sister 

with our spouses 

My Sister's family 

My parents with their grand kids

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