Meet my new hobby

As some of you have seen from Instagram I have a new hobby.. 
Meet her: 

Ella is what I call her, Ella keeps me organized, she keeps me up to date with what I need to do and where I need to be. 

Planning has taken on a new hobby because there are so many fun things you can do with it.. 

Enter my Washi stash that is growing and growing and I am loving it. 

Enter Stickers- yes I am 33 and I have more stickers then my kid, they are so much fun and decorating the pages makes me happy. 

I am not all organized yet, i don’t know where to keep my things, I totally need a craft room to keep all this in.. 
So many pretty inserts

There are so many planners on periscope, I waste so  much time per day watching those ladies plan etc.. 

So many wonderful things to use: 

Anyone need a pen? I have always had an obsession with pens but it has gotten a little worst

So I am trying to juggle this blog and my planner obsession, I do have another one coming in the mail because we all need 2 planners, I want one for just myself, Ella is my family planner where I keep track of everything family related, the one that i have ordered will be just for me. 

Do you plan? 


  1. i never named my planner....but i definitely like yours... :)

  2. I have a passion planner and I love it. I use all kinds of sticky notes, higlighters, etc.

    It's fun! I take it everywhere!

    You look like your having a blast with yours!

  3. Oh fun!! I love planners and being organized.

  4. yay for planners! Mine has helped me so much already this year and we're only 20 days in! lol


Thanks for the blogging Love

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