Basic Wardrobe Essentials for Busy Moms

Being a mom is already a full-time job, but if you’re a working parent, then that’s what you call busy.
Still, no matter how hectic your life is, you should always take care of your style and make sure you’re on your best fashion game. Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to create a trendy look. All you need is a few basic pieces that’ll help you look your best and feel comfortable at the same time.

A leather jacket

One of the timeless and essential pieces of clothing is by far a leather jacket. Whether you throw it over a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt or you make it a part of a little less casual ensemble, it’ll make any combination flawless. The fact that they come in different styles and colours, and that they’ll last for years, leather jackets are definitely a must-have in your closet.
Even if you decide to go on a date night with your spouse, you can always bring a leather jacket to pair with that cute little dress, instead of a blazer or a coat, and make it a sexy stylish ensemble.

A good pair of jeans

A nicely fitted pair of jeans is one of the biggest essentials of every busy mom. However, by this we
don’t mean mom jeans, or anything like that. Splurging on figure-flattering dark wash jeans will be one of the best investments in your life. Stretch denim is the safest choice, since it will retain its shape.
Furthermore, go for dark denim because it’ll make your figure visually slimmer.
Also, denim goes with virtually everything, from shoes to pumps, sandals, flats, to plain shirt, a blazer, a silky blouse and a sweater ‒ you name it. So, it’s the perfect choice for casual occasions and it’ll look great on you during a nice intimate dinner with your spouse.

Comfortable footwear

Comfort is a non-negotiable matter when it comes to busy working moms. You need footwear that’ll
keep you on the move for the entire day, without putting too much strain on your feet. That’s why you
need to look for quality pieces that are trendy as well. Since this is the season of sneakers, we
recommend you invest in a pair of comfortable Nike shoes that you can match with a dress, a pair of
jeans, or even a skirt. Today, sneakers go with everything, from skirts to dresses and of course jeans ande ven pants. Therefore, look for the pair that best fits your taste, and give your feet the ultimate comfort while looking chic at the same time.

Aside from sneakers, a pair of wedges, ballerina flats or sandals are also some of the good choices if
you’re running errands for an entire day. Ankle boots and heeled booties are perfect for autumn days
and you can wear them at the office, to a dinner date or even when you’re out and about for the entire

Practical but trendy bag

A cross body bag is one of the best bag choices for busy moms. The fact that it’s filled with pockets  and it lays comfortably over your body, without constricting you in any way should be enough a reason for you to invest in this stylish piece. A leather bag will leave your hands free, and let you run freely after your little one, and not think about losing anything, because it’ll stay close to your body.

A nice dress

Dresses are comfortable, and they’re one of the easiest ways to create a classy outfit. All you need to
think about is which footwear to choose, since you already have all the clothes worked out ‒ a huge
time saver as well. So, the next time you lay your eyes on a jersey-knit dress or any piece that you can just throw on and get out, make sure you buy it. A wrap dress will bring out your best assets, so if you want the dress that fits just the way you wanted it ‒ this is your number one choice. A classy dress shirt will look amazing under a blazer or cardigan, so consider investing in this one as well. Go with happy colours and match the dress to the rest of your ensemble for a staggering effect.
From leather jackets, through well-fitted pair of jeans, comfortable shoes and to a classy yet cute dress and a nice bag, a busy mom should not find herself without these essential pieces. They’ll make any outfit look amazing, and you’ll feel and look like a new woman once you start thinking about the fashion choices you make.


How to Make Your Bathroom Instagram-Friendly

Your bathroom may seem fine at first, but does it really look that great in your photos as well? If not, it’s high time you invested in its redecoration to make it absolutely glamorous and Instagram-friendly. After all, the best selfies are always made in the bathroom. In order to help you out with this, we’ve prepared a list of several interesting ideas on how to design this space. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Go for quality lighting

One of the crucial factors that will turn a room into an Instagram-friendly space is the lighting. Therefore, before you consider any other details, consider investing in high-quality LEDs which are much more durable and energy-efficient than regular incandescent ones. On top of that, these bulbs can help you create a nice background for your photos and additionally highlight your beautiful features. Additionally, don’t forget to install a vanity mirror with lights, so that you can look like a true Hollywood movie star. Finally, it’s always advisable to let some daylight in since this will add that natural feel to your photos and simply sweep everybody off their feet.

Bring in a huge mirror

Another super-important item that every instagrammable bathroom must have is a huge mirror. We all enjoy taking our selfies in the mirror, but if it’s too small, we won’t be able to show off our sexy outfit and lean figure for which we worked so hard. Additionally, feel free to experiment with different mirror shapes and go for the ones that have the most interesting-looking frames. Not only will such a mirror become your favourite spot for taking selfies, but it will serve as a great decoration as well. Finally, don’t forget to check out these useful tips on how to take a perfect mirror selfie.

Tropical Prints

Bold and exotic prints have gained in popularity quite a lot recently, so don’t hesitate to give them a try. For example, flamingo and palm tree prints are definitely some of our favourites. They can turn every bathroom into a beautiful oasis of peace and create that special relaxed atmosphere which will make you feel as if you were vacationing in Hawaii. On top of that, these prints will look amazing in your photos and speak volumes about your great taste. Finally, they can be easily paired with all your elegant furniture pieces like trendy bathroom vanities which will add that final touch to the room and tie the whole place together.

Black and white tiles

Most often, a classic look which can be recreated through a simple choice of colours is exactly what you should opt for. For instance, black and white tiles would create that sleek minimalistic look that everybody is going crazy about these days. Furthermore, the strong contrast that these nuances create will break the monotony and turn your bathroom into a perfect place for photo-shooting. Finally, owing to these tiles, you colourful outfits will come more into focus thus highlighting how amazing and stylish you are.

Go green

Going green is definitely one of the most popular trends nowadays and more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious. So, if you want to fill your Instagram profile with some greenery and thus support this noble movement, make sure to bring some plants into your bathroom as well. For example, you can take a look at some low-maintenance plants which won’t require too much care, but which will definitely turn your bathroom into a significantly healthier place.

Art pieces are a must

Another great way to turn your average-looking bathroom into an elegant and chic place is by incorporating a few pieces of art. For example, you can opt for your favourite artists’ works like oil paintings that will make you feel as if you were bathing in a royal bathroom. Or, if you consider yourself an artist as well, don’t shy away from experimenting a bit and expressing yourself through art which is specially crafted for your bathroom. Additionally, one of the most interesting ways to make your bathroom truly instagrammable is to hang your framed selfies and thus turn your bathroom into your own art gallery. We guarantee you that you won’t come across anything similar at any of your friends’ homes, so you’ll definitely be the one who stands out from the crowd.
As you can see, making your bathroom Instagram-friendly is not that hard after all. You just need to think about all the details that will make your photos look simply fabulous. For example, investing in high-quality lights is crucial, as well as making sure to follow the latest trends and opt for some fashionable prints or unique art pieces. Finally, feel free to show your creative side as well and add a personal touch to your bathroom design. Good luck and have fun taking selfies in your new bathroom!


Beating Cabin Fever When You when You Work from Home

Working from home has got some massive benefits. You can set your hours, working flexibly

around family and other commitments. You can work the hours you want and take time off
when you need to. You can run your fashion business, blog or website your way,
without interference from others. You can have fabrics and materials strewn around without
You get to work in ways and at times that suit you, doing things your way. It’s nothing
short of fantastic. It gives you a freedom that simply can’t be achieved when you work in
a large office filled with other employees or have a manager breathing down your
neck 9-5.
But, it can also be frustrating. It can be difficult to find the motivation to work when you are in
your house, and it can be easy to start feeling a little stir crazy when you spend all of your time
at home. When you work in such close quarters, surrounded by home life and
family distractions cabin fever and procrastination can become very real problems. But they
don’t have to. Beating cabin fever doesn’t have to be difficult. It can even be fun.

Hire an Office

One of the best things about working from home is that you can stay at home. But, it’s also
one of the worst things. Your four walls can seem like they are closing in around you and it can
 be hard to concentrate. Especially when you’ve got housework to do. So, hire an office from offices.net/fl/miami/. You can hire a space as and when you need it, giving you somewhere to
go when you need some peace or extra focus. If you work around your children, it can be a
good idea to arrange a set time each week where you can leave the kids in childcare and get
out to your hired space for a few hours. Check out https://www.findababysitter.com for help
with childcare if you need it.

Get Outside

Hiring an office is great, but sometimes it isn’t possible, or you just can’t justify the extra expense.
In this case just getting outdoors can do the trick. On a nice day take your laptop or sketchbook
out into your garden or to the park for an hour or two. Get some fresh air and a change of scenery.
 If you are struggling with creativity, taking a walk outside can give you a significant boost.

Eat Well

When you work from home, it’s only too easy to sit picking at unhealthy snacks and fatty foods.
 But, this will have a negative effect on your mood and energy levels. Try to eat meals at the
same time every day, giving yourself a lunch hour and taking healthy snack breaks just like
 you would in the office.

Stick to a Schedule

One thing many home workers struggle with is stopping. They work all day, well into the night to
get things done. There’s no clock off time and no set time that the office doors lock. Try to stick
 to a schedule where possible. Start work, take a break, stop for the night and work the same
days each week. Giving yourself days off. Be flexible when you need to but having a schedule
can help give you focus and ensure you get the time off that you need to relax and beat the
cabin fever.

The five most important qualities that successful entrepreneurs share

If you want to be successful in business then it pays to learn from the best. We can study famous entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Warren Buffett all we want, but they each have their own personalities and quirks that help them in their respective industries. If we look hard enough at all of the successful entrepreneurs in the world and analyze their behaviours, we can condense it into a couple of important qualities.

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you.

In this article, we’ll be sharing five of the most important qualities that you need to have if you want to be just as successful as the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

Source: Pexels


If you want to be a successful business owner then you need to have self-discipline. You need to be able to stop yourself when things are getting out of hand, you need to be able to stop procrastinating and you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doing all of these things can be difficult especially when you consider the freedom you have as a self-employed individual. It’s easy to get distracted, and that’s why you need to have the self-discipline to help you stay focused.


In addition to disciplining yourself, you also need to be motivated. Motivating yourself can be incredibly hard especially if you also lack self-discipline. A great way to motivate yourself is to remind yourself why you started your business, to remember the values you set yourself when you started and to also be more true to your beliefs.

A Competitive Nature

Competition is always fierce no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re not willing to fight for your place, then you’re going to end up suffering. Your business will fall into obscurity and you’ll lose your customers to your superior competitors. Make sure you develop a competitive nature if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Deep Understanding

No matter what you do, you need to have a deep understanding and a passion for your industry. For instance, if you plan to construct large buildings and skyscrapers in the future, then you need to learn about civil construction which you can learn  more at www.helitechccd.com/". It’s a complicated subject and if you want to be an entrepreneur that specializes in that field, you have to study it and align yourself with people that are a part of the industry.

Coping With Reality

Being successful also means coping with the reality of having your own business and being your own boss. For instance, you may have thought about starting your business at home after reading this article at terri-grothe.com, but there are many things that will change in your home. You’ll be distracted, you’ll need to have self-discipline and you’ll also have to learn to ignore your kids occasionally in order to focus.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but if you develop these five qualities, you’re going to have a much easier time getting noticed so that you can grow a lucrative company.

Everything You Need To Know about Renting Through AirBnB

If you have a property you don’t use that much, maybe a few times a year, but it is in return costing you a fortune to maintain, then opting for AirBnB is the perfect solution. If you still haven’t heard about this renting platform here is a short overview. AirBnB began in 2008 when two designers had a space to share. Today millions of people around the globe are posting spaces or choosing unique accommodation offers through AirBnB.

So how do you go about renting your space?

Check if you have all the clearances

So the first step is determining if you fulfill all the conditions required for becoming an AirBnB host. Local laws differ from country to country, and at times there may exist some local restrictions on short-term renting options. The next step is sitting down and having a chat with your neighbours. Some people are not thrilled to have a lot of tourist go through their building or neighbourhood, but with the right argumentation things can be smoothed over quite easily. And most guests are just great since they also want to get a good review on their AirBnB profile from their hosts.

Well you still have to deal with the taxes

There is a great section on the AirBnB site explaining this. But taking into account the different laws and rules you should be prepared to do a bit of digging to make sure you are doing everything by the book. For example, if you need to collect the local tax, you can state that in your AirBnB listing, so that the guest know the amount that will go for this cause. Also if you live in a country where VAT is applicable it would be wise to contact your local tax advisor as to correctly assess the VAT amount you’ll need to charge for your rental.

You don’t have to do it alone

If the procedures in the previous sections are deterring you a bit from this option you can always do what most Australian hosts do, opt for AirBnB property management in Sydney, that way you will have experts handle your AirBnB properties and you will be left with the profits. Everything from your account management to booking and guest communication is done by trained professionals who have your best interest in mind. Just make sure you clearly point out the dates you might want to stay at your space so that the manager in charge of your property can have a clear yearly schedule. You see, Australians have got it made.

Cleanliness, design and house rules

If you are indeed brave enough to take your AirBnB property into your own hands then these three are bound to make or break your reviews. The cleanliness levels are essential for your guests to feel welcome. Now you can always hire a cleaning service after the guests leave so that the place is perfect for the next ones. On the other design of your property is something unique to you, so if you love eccentric furniture or boho style, go for it, the uniqueness of your place might be exactly what attracts your guests. Finally, we come to the house rules, the clearer and more detailed they are the less chance there is your guests will damage your property, willingly or unwillingly. So place house rules in a visible place, and when welcoming your guests make sure you point them out so that you know that they have seen them and read them as to avoid any possible misunderstandings later on.

So now that you are completely informed about the ins and outs of renting an AirBnB property you are ready to make your decision. The bottom line is, yes it is a bit of work, but with property managers you don’t even have to lift a finger and you can just collect the profits. Having a property that just sits there, unused and constantly costing you money is in no way a good thing, and an AirBnB profile and some time investment can really turn your income around.


Bring your kitchen into the 21st century

Is your kitchen looking a little tired and worn around the edges? Is some of the tech getting out of date, and have you noticed that your friends and relatives aren't too keen on spending much time in there? Well, then your kitchen may need bridging into the 21st century, and all you need to do this is read the post below to find out how.

Bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Gloss cabinets

Nothing says modern kitchen more than gloss cabinets. These are cabinet doors that are covered with a shiny gloss finish. Something that means they reflect light and look super neat and tidy as well as modern.

Usually,  folks opt for a clean, bright white color or even a red if they are going for a dramatic look. It is worth noting, however, that due to the popularity of the gloss finish you can now get it in all sorts of different colors including purple, yellow, and black too.

Remember that to keep these beauties looking their best you have to understand how to clean and polish them properly. Something you can learn more about in the video below.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2ZMGfJBkozg" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Built-in dishwashers

Next, do not forget that for your kitchen to seem as up to date and as 21st century as possible you need a dishwasher like the ones that Whirlpool offer that is built in. These built-in styles are a much better fit for a modern kitchen because they do not break up the line of the room. Something that is particularly important if you are using the gloss finish cabinets, as it helps to keep the look consistent through the entire area.

Such dishwashers also help to maintain that neat, clutter-free look that is so popular in minimalist modern kitchens. This is because you can close the door to them and they blend straight in with the rest of the decor.

Boiling tap

Another great 21st-century development that has a place in the modern kitchen in the boiler tap. This is an attachment that fits over your sink taps, which allows you to access not only to cold water for drinking and washing, but also water that is close to boiling point. Something that means you can make tea and coffee instantly and that you don't have to wait for the water to come up to temperature before you put things on to boil on the cooker.

Of course, such taps have extensive safety features that stop any crossover of the two type of water. Something that makes them perfectly safe for families that want the latest modern kitchen gadgets in their home.

Fancy cooker hoods

Lastly, cooker hoods are often thought of as purely functional items, but in the kitchen of the future, they will fulfill a decorative function as well as a practical one. In fact, there are many types that are already on the market that include light and decoration in a classy way that could be used to great effect in a modern style kitchen.

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