Therapy for your mental health

I have been suffering from anxiety for about 14 years, I wish I had some online help back then, it was so embarrassing for me to go to the clinic as I was considered " strong, her life is together" among my friends... little did they know the pain and the hurt I carried inside for many years.  

My anxiety and depression journey started after I gave birth to my daughter, I would feel a lot of fear and feel like I could not be left alone, so it put a strain on his studies and on our marriage, life for me every day was a struggle, I felt like I wasn't a good mommy, I felt like I was a nothing, little did I know this was the beginning of a bigger problem. 

I would talk to my doctor but she would tell me to get out of the house more and go to mommy/baby groups or sleep when she slept, well guess what I don’t drive so I couldn’t just go, secondly- Brooke wasn’t a sleeper so for me to sleep when she did meant I got very little sleep... I would not stay home by myself at all, while Andrew was at school I would go to a friends house, in fact, it was our Pastors house, I felt like I was intruding, yet I could not bear the thought of being alone, I was just full of fear and anxiety.

I went back and spoke with my dr again and told her again how I was, she again told her how it was, she told me I needed to change many things about my life, she never once said it could be anxiety or depression, never offered me meds, just told me to gain control, sorry but I could not do that on my own. 

This went on for weeks and I didn't get out of bed,
I lost weight, 
I cried all the time, 
I begged like to please for life to stop throwing things at me, 
I never got help for my postpartum depression and it still lives with me thru this day, 

Depression is a very very real thing, it ruins lives, people hit rock bottom and they have no idea how to get out of it, people say it is all in your mind, to an extent yes it is, but you cannot change that, people think you are crazy person if you are depressed, well I am here to say don't let them you from getting the help and the encouragement that you need during this time.  Surround your self with a family who loves you, friends who care about you, write out your feelings, blog about them, share them with a counselor, they care about you, so please get some help... 

I struggle with anxiety, so I have recently started to do some research to find more help, as I do not want to just take medications forever, there has to be something that will help. I found some therapy now let me say I am not a doctor or even in the medical field this is research that I have done for myself and I found some therapy that I think could be beneficial to you. This is from the comfort of your home, it is private and confidential. 

You do need to create an account, which starts with a short questionnaire and then they will set you up with a counselor.  It is very quick and easy and you have a councilor in minutes. 

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