Developing the Leader Within You 2.0- Book Review

When a book sells over 2 million copies you know there is something in it worth reading. Maxwell practically tells us that if you are not inherently born with explicit leadership traits you can still develop into a leader. Key ingredients to be developed for your leadership forte are developing influence, managing priorities, improving your integrity, creating positive change, solving problems, fixing your attitude, appreciating your attitude, sharpening your vision, developing self discipline and developing your staff. This book should be studied and the contents applied every day. The information is incredibly timeless.

Influence always make a big difference and this book implies the influential tricks to scale high to be a leader. Maxwell's techniques prove to be genuine stuff and anyways, the picked topics speak wide :
1. Influence - Defining Leadership qualities
2. Attitude - It really makes a big difference
3. Positive Change - foster integrity and self-discipline
4. Priorities - Defining goals
5. Integrity & People - Developing ties

An excellent book for anyone who desires to know more about leadership and desires to grow in their leadership abilities. John Maxwell is my favourite author and I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

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