4 thrifty ideas for maintaining your health

It’s all too easy to let ourselves slip when it comes to our health. With all of the tempting junk food and drinks surrounding us with each day, sometimes it feels easier to go for that option because of either price, or our emotional state at the time. However, leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is imperative to living a long and happy life, so it’s important that we do so. It can be expensive buying everything that we should eat to keep healthy, and this is often what turns people away. Your health isn’t something that should be bargained with because of financial status, so here are 4 thrifty ideas for improving your health.

Become self sufficient

One of the greatest ways of helping yourself financially is by becoming self sufficient. Sometimes a little bit of investment can make a great difference to your pocket and your health. Consider building yourself your very own vegetable patch, and planting some fruit trees too. You will have a constant supply of healthy food that you can cook rather than having to pay for your fruit and vegetables. Having the produce there in your garden will prompt you to eat healthier to avoid wasting the food, while saving you money too!

Exercise doesn’t mean an expensive gym membership

We all know that exercise is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle, but often the extortionate prices of gym memberships puts us off, or gives us an excuse not to do any exercise. However, exercise doesn’t mean an expensive gym membership as you can simply take advantage of the great outdoors to get in sufficient exercise. Hiking is a fabulous way of not only becoming healthier, but seeing some of the most breathtaking sights. Another bonus? It’s completely free to do. Head out and get yourself some women’s hiking shoes and you’re all set to go!

Cut out expensive fizzy drinks

While fizzy drinks are a luxury that you might enjoy indulging in, they can be extremely bad for your health. You’re depositing unnecessary fats into your body, allowing sugar to erode your teeth, and also burning a hole in your wallet by purchasing them. Cut out expensive fizzy drinks and switch it for water or squash. If the water in your taps isn’t very nice, you can always buy a brita filter jug to help solve that problem. Not only will you save money, but also dramatically improve your health too. You will notice clearer skin, weight loss, less dental problems, and also your need for sugar depleting.

Improve your home

Finally, sometimes our homes can be the cause for some ailments that we suffer with. Things like asthma and skin conditions are all usually affected by things you have around your home. If you find that you’re suffering with something constantly, try eliminating things that could cause it from around your home so that you can help improve your health and well-being.

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