Get outside!

During the winter months I do a lot of netflix binging, once the weather gets warmer, snow is melting and it feels like Spring, I always tell myself turn of netflix and go out and do something. I do it for a few days, then I am right back into that loop again. 

With spring on the way, people often put a fresh focus on their health. Many will start new diets and exercise classes, and set new fitness goals. In order to make sure we can achieve these goals, it is essential that our body is in top condition. Wellness brands like Hims understand the importance of preventive health care. Check out these suggested health screenings from hims to ensure you’re in condition to hit your goals this spring!

I have also stopped eating so much take out, I am bringing lunch with me from home and to drink more water, the water I am not doing so well at, but the take out is going well. Last week I brought lunch for 4 days out of the 5 so I am proud of myself. I have also already noticed a change in weight as well. 

Little changes can go a long way as long as you keep it up. 

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