Energy bills soaring, lets reduce them

Nobody likes to think of bills in general. Bills are like the devil that homeowners hate. Every month they take hundreds of pounds just so that we can live in our own homes. We would say comfortably, but the money bills make us lose often leaves us very uncomfortable indeed. It’s bad enough having the flat rate of a bill, but when things start to rise is where you have your problems. For some families, this can happen quite often, especially as their children get older. Even people living on their own can have a shock increase of their bills. Energy bills are one of the first that seems to creep up, unless you love to spend half an hour in the shower once or twice a day, then you’ll definitely have a high water bill as well. But fear not if you’re struggling with high energy bills, we’ve got some ways that we can help you to hopefully reduce them. Have a read of the tips we’ve got below.

What Are You Doing Wrong

We’re our own worst enemy when it comes to owning a home and having bills. There are so many things that we do wrong that is going to cause our energy bills to soar. First on the list is the fatal standby plug situation. You’re either someone who constantly turns all plugs off before leaving the home, or you’re someone who doesn’t batter an eyelid if the TV is still playing when you leave the home. The dangers of this are so high, not just for tempting fate with rising energy bills, but tempting fate with the safety of your home. We know you’ll have a TV on all day and it’ll be fine, so you’re obviously going to think that if you leave the home nothing would happen either. This is so wrong to assume. The longer you leave the TV on for, the more chance you’ve got of it overheating and catching fire. Then you’ve got a whole load of new issues on your hand. But anyway, we digress, leaving plugs on standby actually uses a whole load of energy that people don’t even realise. Just simply switching the plugs off and cutting the power supply completely will save you a lot of money. If you’re someone who loves to fall asleep with the TV on, try and get out of this habit. Having it on all night burns so much energy. As an alternative, you could try reading a book to send you off to the land of sleep, or watch a film on your phone and let that be your source of noise during the night.

Another thing people do wrong is the mixture of having the heating on when it doesn’t need to be on, or having the heating on but windows open all around the home. The heating uses a lot of energy. So much so that it contributes to more than 50% of your energy bill each month. But so many people seem to abuse the luxury of heating. There are of course those people who refuse to turn the heating on unless all coats and jumpers have been used, and it’s still cold. Those are the people with the lowest energy bills. Whilst we aren’t saying that you should have the heating off constantly, you do need to be more proactive in how you’re using it. For example, if you’re going to turn the heating on, try and have it as low as possible, and put a jumper and some fluffy socks on to try and raise your body temperature. Make sure all the windows in the home are shut and that nobody is coming in and out of the house constantly to let all of the hot air out.

Energy Saving Hacks

There’s so many energy saving hacks that you can use, some of which we’ve just mentioned below. If your home is using a lot of energy, a considerable amount higher than you ever expected it to be, then you need to think about the design of your home and whether that’s at fault. For example, the insulation and type of roof that you have plays a big part in the heat that your home is either able to keep or lose. There are certain types of roofs that let out more heat than others, you can learn more here about that. The insulation also needs to be properly fitted and thick enough that it’s going to keep all the heat you’re creating inside the house, and the cold air outside the house from entering. There are plenty of companies out there that can check the quality of things like this. Finally, you want to check and see if something like your windows is causing the problem. if you haven't got double glazing yet, then you are really missing out on a trick there. Double glazing is so effective at keeping a room warm, and it isn't even expensive to have fitted. This means that hiring a double glazing company can be a worthwhile investment for any home owner.

Are You With The Right Company?

Despite what they all say, there is no company out there that has the customers best interest at hearts. Every company is driven by money, and that’s what they’re going to be doing with your energy bills. Some companies charge through the nose, whereas some are giving you a fair deal providing you don’t use a ton of energy. What we suggest you do is have a look at comparison websites to see if you’re being conned with the company you’re currently with. Most of the time people are with the complete wrong company, or the company they’re with has slowly increased their energy bills until they just seem so expensive. If you go through a comparison website a lot of the companies will be giving out new customer deals, but you might have to sign some form of contract that ensures you stay with them a year or so. But as long as you keep switching every time the year is up, you’ll always have a bargain.

If you’re struggling with your energy bills, we hope this article has helped give you a few tips on how you can make them more manageable.

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