Updating your garden this spring

The sunny weather has finally reached our doorstep and it’s safe to say that barbecues all over the country are being lit up this weekend. If you want To make the most of the sunny weather, a great way to do this will be to start looking at ways to update you garden to bring that spring flare to life. This weekend is the perfect weekend to start and you will be able to change a huge amount things in your garden ready for the summer.

Start with a spring clean

Before you start stocking up on bedding plants and seeds for your outdoor space you need to think about clearing the space to allow you to start fro. Scratch. The first job on your list will be removing any debris from the winter in your garden such as leaves and twigs. Once you have done this you can look at pruning your large shrubs, clearing out weeds and making room for new additions to the space.

Make small changes

When you are looking to make your space more I vting and vibrant for the spring and summer yu don’t have to change every single aspect of the space all at once. You can easily start with a few small changes which will have a big impact On the space. For example, you could have a fence installed in a bright white or Pastel for a stunning effect. Fencemakers is a professional fence installation company who can do the job for a good fee and it won’t take too long either. Similarly, you could place down a new patio or decking which will change the landscape of the space without having to change any of your plants.  

Be wild

Dont be Acura’s to try new things when it comes to the plants you grow in your graden sometime it can be fun to simply sprinkle a mix of seeds and see what comes up. You can buy cottage garden and wildflower seed mixes online which will give you a range of 5-6 different types of seeds. Sprinkle these down on the ground and you will end up with lots of fun colour and texture gracing the space.

Grow food

There isn’t a lot which is more satisfying than planting a seed for strawberries or an apple tree in your garden and growing the wild fruits yourself. Being able to pick off the fruit in the summer time to use in fruit salads and desserts is rewarding and can also be a great addition to your garden for the wildlife who reside there.

Bring in the bees

You might not realise it in your normal day to day life, but bees are in danger of extinction and they need our help to spring back to life. Bees are a hugely crucial part of our ecosystem as they pollinate plants to allow them to reproduce, they produce honey for us to eat and they encourage other species into the space. If you want to encourage bees to thrive in your garden you can start by bringing in plants that they love such as buddleia and rhododendron. Once you have these in your garden you will notice how quickly they come in and make your space feel buzzing with life (pardon the pun).

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