Finally we are mask free!


18 months ago, the world as we knew it shut down.  Our government issued an emergency order because of Covid 19. In any public spaces we had to wear masks, schools closed, we had to social distance, business closed, friends were not able to visit, people were working from home, many people lost their jobs, many people lost family members to Covid 19.  We were in my first ever world-wide global Pandemic. 

No travel, no funerals, no weddings- Life felt like it was on hold.  There was hand sanitizer on every corner, stores that were open could only allow a a few people in at once, people would line up outside to enter a store.  Covid cases were on the rise.  The premier and chief medical officer would do daily updates and each day it was more depressing with more and more cases. 

 Churches became virtual, people were very sad and lonely, suicide numbers were increasing as people did not know best how to deal with this pandemic.

 Then about 9 or 10 months in churches could open with a limited number of people and masks were to be worn, stay six feet apart, sit with your family, exit with your family.

My daughter had to graduate from grade 12 with masks and only a few people in attendance, no prom, no last day with classmates. Birthdays were celebrated with just immediate families or drive by where you stood in the yard and wave.

 Now here we are 18 months later and our emergency order ended on July 30- one day after my daughter turns 18.   We are all over joyed to get rid of our masks, we can hang out with friends, we can travel, and we can begin a new normal- Life will never be as it was before this pandemic hit.

 This pandemic was not all bad- my husband started a very successful business, I landed my dream job, we moved into our dream home.  Covid could have taught us so much- it taught us to be thankful for what we have, so many people lost so much in such a short time,  it taught us that community is essential and so is technology, it taught me that family matters- it was just the three of us for several months and we actually had fun together- some marriages did not make it, but I believe ours is better then ever. 

We were taught to honor each other as they were all we had, we could facetime people but no one could come to our homes to hang out and it hurt especially for me who loves to entertain and have friends over.   We have come a long way in medicine, they now have the vaccine and while I am fully vaccinated, I will never tell you that you need to be, we each have a choice and no matter what you choose, I still respect you.  

It taught me to love, to listen, to care, to respect and to help.


Brooke is 18 today


18 years old, yet it still feels like
only yesterday that you were a baby
and I was cradling you in my arms. Now when you come into my room when I am laying in bed and snuggle beside me, it makes my heart smile so big.

The love I had for you then was
enormous, but each year since
that feeling of love and adoration
has only grown.

You will always be my sweet little
girl, my darling daughter. Your momma loves you more then any words can ever say, you are the light of my life. 

Happy 18th birthday to you.


Family Movie Review- When We Last Spoke

It seems like these days it’s always hard to find a movie that the whole family can watch together that isn’t animated, so I was so glad to be invited to watch the pre-screening of “When We Last Spoke.” I have my family visiting , so I was glad we could all sit down and enjoy it. It’s SUCH a great movie, which is why I can’t wait to tell you all about it, except the ending of course 🙂

When We Last Spoke is inspired by the novel from Marci Henna, director Joanne Hock and screenplay writers Rick Eldridge and Jimmy Hager. I really love movies that are based off of novels. 

In 1967, sisters Juliet (Darby Camp) and Evangeline (Chandler Head) are abandoned by their mother at their unsuspecting grandparents’ farm in the small southern town of Fireside. They begged her not to leave them with their grandparents. Their father was away at war, and would write his kids letters all of the time, which of course, his kids looked forward to his letters, especially after their mother left them.

With their grandparents stunned by their sudden arrival, tender-hearted Walt (Corbin Bernsen) and fiddler Ruby (Melissa Gilbert) graciously stand in for the missing parents and create one blue-ribbon recipe for a loving family.

I absolutely love that the grandparents are a good Christian family and instill this into their grandchildren. They’re always talking about faith and they pray together every night at dinner.

Fireside, home of radio Station KOFF, kept secrets, broken promises and to-die-for sundaes serves as the backdrop for this heartwarming story full of surprises. Evangeline and Juliet became impromptu DJs for their local radio station and love every minute of it.

Top it all off with the unexpected appearance of Walt’s ailing mother who has congestive heart failure—eccentric, Emily Dickinson-quoting Itasca (Cloris Leachman), and laughter and tears abound.

Richly packed with plenty of quirky characters and hilarious escapades, #WhenWeLastSpokeMIN is a timeless movie for all ages that digs in deep to things that matter most—family, friends, love, and forgiveness. 

This is a movie that your whole family will thoroughly enjoy, there’s lots of laughter, tears, and will leave you heartfelt, and grateful for family and friends.

Many thanks to Last Spoke Partners and  #MomentumInfluencerNetwork for providing this product/product information for review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.


10 Plants That Will Bring Your Curb Appeal to Life!


A beautiful front yard can fill you with pride when pulling up to your home. But you can bring your yard to life with these 10 curb-appeal-boosting plants!

You know all of the idioms: “Home is where the heart is,” “Your home is your sanctuary,” “A man’s home is his castle,” and more. These sayings encompass the interior of the home, but what about the exterior? Do you pay as much attention to your property’s curb appeal? You might do the usual maintenance like raking the leaves and mowing the lawn, but you can fix up your front yard and turn it into something truly awe-inspiring (and a buffet for bees) by adding new plantlife to your property. 

Here are 10 plants that’ll give your front yard that wow-factor it may be lacking. 

1. Clematis

The clematis vine is popular because they can grow up fences, trellises and even walls. Their star-shaped flowers come in an assortment of colors and sizes and typically bloom in the later summer months. But, you can find varieties that will bloom well into the autumn months.

2. Hosta

Hostas are leafy green foliage plants that also have blue, pink, purple or white blooms that will blossom during the summer. These plants are perfect for homeowners that want to attract birds and butterflies, but they can also attract other critters like slugs, snails, deer and rabbits!

3. Roses

It should be no surprise that roses are on this list. Rose bushes are the quintessential plant that can add color and elegance to any property. Caring for these bushes can be a little daunting, especially if you aren’t much of a gardener. But, with a little TLC and doing a little research, your roses could be the envy of the neighborhood!

4. American arborvitae (thuja)

The American arborvitae is an evergreen tree that will take your ordinary landscaping to the next level. They’re great additions to a yard because they can act as privacy hedges or can be used to hide an unsightly chain fence. 

5. Hibiscus

There are two types of hibiscus and it’s important that you know which variety will thrive in your climate. Hardy hibiscus are better suited for colder climates, while the tropical hibiscus needs to be in warmer climates (as the name would imply). The hibiscus plant is known for its large flowers and can come in a variety of vibrant shades like orange, pink, red, purple, as well as unique and rare colors.  

6. Canna Lily

Canna lilies are perfect plants if you want a vibrant burst of color throughout the summer and fall. These flowers can grow near water features like a pond or stream, but they also make beautiful potted plants. What truly makes these flowers stand out is that the leaves turn a beautiful shade of bronze (or a variation between bronze and silver) near the end of the season. 

7. Tulips

The tulip is pretty common because they’re easy to grow and come in a wide variety of colors (yes, even “black” - they’re more of a deep purple). These flowers typically grow during the spring so it’s best to plant them in the fall, however you can find late blooming tulips. 

8. Hydrangea

The hydrangea is one of those plants that makes a statement. The bloom colors range from pink to blue and every shade of purple in between. They are also available in green or white - but never yellow or orange.

9. Dahlia

The dahlia is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plant that’ll bloom for several months (namely the summer and fall). These plants can have a variety of colors, including orange, pink, purple, red, white, and even multicolored! Not only are these plants known for their colorful blooms, the blossoms can be as small as 2-inches in diameter and can get up to 15-inches in diameter!

10. Magnolia

There are a few different types of magnolia trees, but regardless of which variety you choose, you can expect beautiful blooms with a sweet fragrance. If you do choose to go with a magnolia tree, you’ll want to keep in mind that these trees have a root system that can spread out pretty far, therefore making it nearly impossible to move (we don’t recommend moving them at all). 

Sometimes properties will have invasive plants or plants that require more work than a buyer may want to deal with. So when you’re thinking about boosting your property’s curb appeal, we recommend gathering a few tips from top agents regarding what features and plants buyers are drawn to. And, if you’re hoping to see if planting these plants are worth the investment, you can use a net proceeds calculator to get a ballpark idea of what your profit could be when you sell.


Facing my fear


How many of you have fears and You have no idea why you have those fears? 

Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response

For me I feel like I live a life full of fears... 

Fear of swimming
Fear of driving 
Fear of semi trucks 
Fear of anything and everything that does not always make sense to me. 

Since July has arrived I have felt to work on my fears.  
I actually got in our pool now twice and I was perfectly fine. 

I have gone for a driving lesson and I passed semi trucks 
and I was perfectly fine..

For me the real big one was for me to get in a drivers seat and drive for two hours like I did last night, I hired a driving instructor and he took me out and he told me that I did a great job with my driving and I should not be fearful so why am I fearful? Why for all these years have I let fear grip me and not let me go? 

I wish I had the answer to that but I do know last night felt good to actually kick the fear in the face and show fear that I can do it.  
Fear is very real and we let fear take over sometimes, it stops us from getting the job we want, it stops us from getting the promotion we deserve, it stops us from meeting the person we are meant to be with  

I have decided I am going to face my fears and be the person I am supposed to be, beginning with something as simple as a swimming pool.  


What is the True Meaning of Family?

 The last few days I have been thinking about family. 

we left our home and everyone and everything that was familiar to us 10 years ago this month, we moved to a brand new province, knew about 5 people but yet we felt it was right and it really is, this is home now. 

That being said I hosted a grad party for Brooke and I was thinking we have very few family here, will anyone even come, I was literally blown away when I saw who came.. it made me realize we are not blood family but we are heart family. 

Our church family came out and loved on her, they decorated, they cleaned, the cooked, they served and we got to visit with everyone.  It was such a lovely day. 

This got me thinking about Family. 

Family means having someone to love you unconditionally in spite of you and your shortcomings. Family is loving and supporting one another even when it’s not easy to do so. It’s being the best person you could be so that you may inspire your love ones. Family doesn’t see color, race, creed not culture it sees heart. Family isn’t always about being connected biologically, because understands that other things and influences bind us. Family is unrelenting, it’s secure and reliable. Family isn’t just important, it’s what is most important!

Family. It’s not just any other word lost in the pages of a vast dictionary. ‘Family’ is an emotion. Just the mere mention of this word can invoke the most innate feelings of love and belonging in you. Love and belonging is a true family definition. Everyone, even the most solitary soul needs someone they can call a family because family is the one humane aspect that makes a house a home.  And that’s why we must know the true meaning of family.

What is the True Meaning of Family?

A family doesn’t necessarily mean your parents, your siblings or your immediate blood relatives. Family can mean your best friends, your classmates, your teachers, your pet, or even that one person you always wave to at your local coffee shop.

To be a part of a family is a beautiful phenomenon. It gives us a sense of belonging and love we all crave. But your family isn’t always limited to just your parents, grandparents or siblings. Your family can also be your closest friends, your teachers or your mentors -your chosen family. The true definition of family lies not in blood relations, but it is measured in the amount of love and respect people hold for each other.

The definition of a true family is just this. A group of people who have each other’s back and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to bring a smile to the others’ face. Call it a true family or a real family—the true family definition is the sense of loyalty, selflessness, love and genuine care and concern for the others.

A family has an unbreakable bond, that can be challenged, but never severed. No matter how bad the times are, your true family will be within a mere arm’s reach. They’ll stand ready to help you fight your battles and guide you on the long path of life. After all, a family is what helps a person make their life worth living and we should value the true meaning of family.


I am a grandma.

 9 years ago when we adopted a sweet boy as our own, I never knew the joy he would bring us with a beautiful daughter in law and on June 24 a sweet ( the SWEETEST) little grand daughter. 

Everyone Meet Saelah Estraya. Born at 2:20 pm, 8 lbs and 2 oz and all kinds of sweet sugar. 

Fresh bun out of the oven. 

She had some breathing issues so she was in the NICU for almost a week before I got to see her

Her sweet momma- what incredible momma she is. 

I mean, come on 

My girl 

She held my finger for the longest time 

She fell asleep on Nana's bed 

My boy, his baby and me.  

There is no love like the love we have felt since she has been born. I think of her non stop and want to hold her all the time, she may be a little spoiled but a whole lot loved. 



One year ago little did I know this was it.  No more running, no more listening to the voices telling me I wouldn't last.

This time it was different

I was about to grow in so many ways.

It was more then just a job it was a healing process that was taking place from the inside out. 

I was so lost and so broken... My joy was misplaced because I allowed what other people had said to me live inside and fester.  I was living in the fear of my past. Emotional abuse may not leave physical bruises, but it often leaves behind deep, lingering wounds.

March 2020 I lost my job due to covid but July 7-2020 changed that for me.  It may sound crazy but I felt I was 'home'.  I am not saying every day was perfect but after jobs failing because I was so broken and continued to break apart everyday because of verbal abuse I endured from managers, I just had enough, enough brokenness or I would never survive. 

I am so so thankful for this past year and all the patience, support, and did I mention patience they have shown me


hey girl, are you lonely?

A lone text, “I’m struggling.”
A phone call, “Today is hard.”
A Facebook message, “It’s been a day.”

The quiet teen, behind the screen, scrolling through newsfeeds of activity.
The busy working woman, beige file folders spilling over her desk.
The smiling young mother, children running circles around her while she cooks.
The heartbroken widow, staring at the empty chair beside her.

“I’m so very lonely.”

Loneliness has nothing to do with being alone. Loneliness is the feeling that you’re not seen or understood, loved or valued for who you are. But girlfriend, that’s not true.

You were created for connection.

Created from man’s side. Is this why we feel so secure curled up in the nook under his arm?
Created to house the created. Is this why littles fit so snug in our wombs, our arms, on our hips?
Created to lean in, draw close, link arms, nurture, protect and notice.


Yes, you’re isolated, you might even be physically alone, but girlfriend, you are seen. You are precious, loved and valued, just for who you are. Exactly how you’re different than everyone else, is exactly how you’re right. You are not what you do, or what you achieve, you are so much more than that. You are you and you are the gift the world needs, not a carbon copy something else.

Did you know the God of the universe delights in you? Yup, just you, just your being.

Can you see Him…
caught up in your foolish laughter,
wiping a tear as your heart breaks,
painting sunsets and sunrises just for you?

Girlfriend, are you lonely? Let him whisper your worth to your lonely heart and then do what you were born to do, lean in, draw close, link arms, nurture, protect and notice.

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

Zephaniah 3:17


Brooke and her dress


Grad Party

 I said on my Facebook today that 9 years ago we left our home and our family and moved to NB where we had very few friends, but on Saturday we hosted a grad party for Brooke and as I looked around and saw everyone who was loving on her and was so proud of her.  I did not know how many people would show up as it was covid and a lot of rain but we had fun anyway. 

My friend Christie did all the decorating and it was so lovely. 

The flower arrangements for the tables that we set out in the back yard

Cake table centerpiece 

some of the outside tables

The candy bar 

And cake table 

The cake 

Some of the guests 

We celebrated and had a great time loving Brooke 

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