How to Take the Stress Out of Vacation Planning

Planning a vacation can be exhausting and quite a daunting task. Whether you're flying
to another state or going international, figuring out how to plan the trip can be rough.
The stress involved can cause you to make the wrong choices, and this is why it's vital
that you know how to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible.
Getting the stress out of vacation planning is about having a good process and taking
your time. Use these tips to help minimize the stress while planning your next trip.

- Pack Your Luggage Days in Advance
Being proactive and packing days before you fly allows you to leave time for those
often-forgotten essentials. Make sure you have enough clothes, toiletries, and
other traveling essentials packed and ready allows you to see what you need and what
you don’t need. It also lets you be less stressed in comparison to packing the day of and
not counting off what's most needed to bring.

- Figuring Out Activities
One of the most difficult aspects of traveling is finding the right activities to do in the
short amount of time you have. It always seems like once you do find something that is
a fit for everyone it’s completely out of your budget. It can be stressful deciding what
you will be doing. The key is to be proactive and to do your research before you go.
Look online for the excursions and activities in an area, price check them, then send
them to all parties included so that you can have the details ironed out before you ever
leave. Whether it’s watching a Broadway play in Jacksonville or dune buggy riding in
Nevada, the more research you do up front, the easier the trip itself will be.

- Research Flights in Advance
Buying your ticket at least 40-60 days in advance can make a world of difference for
you. It reduces a lot of stress when you are able to get the best price on your ticket.

- Speak to Your Doctor
Depending on where it is you are going, talking to your doctor about your current health
and possible risks you may experience at your destination can help a lot. Whether it's
getting a vaccination a week before the vacation or talking about protecting your pre-
existing issues, speak to your doctor beforehand to put your mind at ease.

- Accommodations
Find accommodations at least two months in advance for the best pricing. Vacation
rentals or Airbnb’s are great ways to save money outside of traditional hotels. The key is
to have this organized weeks before the flight to avoid being stressed.

Learn about the security operations of your specific airlines. By knowing where to put
electronics or even your shoes, you reduce the anxiety of going through airport

- Organize Your Budget
The first thing above all else to be weary of is your budget. Nothing is more stressful
than wanting to experience certain things but not having the budget to do it. Organize
your budget from top to bottom. This will save you the stress on planning activities that
you cannot afford.

Planning any vacation can be exciting but also stressful. Reducing that stress is all
about being wise with your choices and knowing how to plan it all just right. The tips
above will help you plan your trip in a matter that reduces stress.

3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, your home will be filled with friends and family to celebrate
this special time of year. Hospitality is so important in this fast-paced world, and there are some
super easy ways to take your home to the next level of comfort for your guests.

Turn your guest room into the best room

In order to make friends and family feel at home, take a note from hotels. Think: clean, crisp
sheets, and folded towels on the bed. A bowl of mints on the dresser and candles in the bathroom
add extra special touches for your guests to know you are thinking about their comfort. Cosmetic
touch-ups are important, but your guests will spend most of their time in your guest bed. Let’s
face it: no one likes sleeping on a lumpy 20-year old mattress, especially because sleep
deprivation and in-laws don’t mix well! The best way to ensure fun holiday memories with
guests in your home is to make sure they get a good night’s sleep. There are tons of holiday
mattress sales going on right now. Feeling overwhelmed? Read reviews from real customers to
help narrow down your search process!

It’s The Small Things That Make A Huge Impact

Before guests arrive, change up the picture frames in your house to include photos of the guests.
It will make their day to see themselves featured in your home. Pull out the old family
scrapbooks from the attic and set them on the coffee table to retell funny stories and great
memories you’ve shared in past years. Stock up on extra toothbrushes, deodorants, soaps, etc.
from the dollar store––someone is bound to forget something in the holiday craziness. You can
also create holiday playlists so when your guests arrive you can hit play for hours of background
music without a worry! Got younger kids or teens coming over? The best way to their heart is
through wifi! Create a small sign on your fridge with the wifi password and network name. They
will text you “thx 4 the pswrd” with at least four emojis. Have little ones? Check out these great
winter activities for children of all ages.

Create A Welcoming Space

When hosting for the holidays, taking a few small steps to create a welcoming environment goes
a long way. Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into great hangout rooms for family and
friends. Don’t be afraid to move around some larger pieces of furniture to make room for some
extra seating. Beanbags and poofs"3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Holidaysare all the rage right now, and not just for kids! Ask if people
are allergic to anything, including your dogs or cats. Make sure all the beds have extra blankets
and pillows, and fluff the pillows on all the couches. Lighting candles is an easy way to create
ambiance as well. However, if strong scented candles overwhelm your guests, add some drops of
vanilla, cinnamon, or peppermint oil into your heating vents for a house that always smells like


How To Reduce Your Alcohol Use

It seems like no-one can really make up their mind alcohol. On the one hand, virtually everyone has woken up and said “I’m never drinking again” at some stage after a night where too many drinks were drunk. But then Friday rolls around, and it doesn’t take make convincing to put a glass of beer or wine in their hand. Still, the year twenty-eighteen was the year when we learned that, despite what we've been told previously, the best option for your health is a lifestyle that doesn’t contain alcohol. That’s a lot to ask for some people - it’s a better option to reduce the intake. But even this can be difficult. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for getting a handle on your drinking habits.

Stay Social

You’re not going to stick with a month or so of no alcohol if you’re cutting out everything that’s fun in your life, such as socializing. The important thing is not to make such a big connection between fun and having an alcoholic drink in your hand. It might sound crazy at first, but it is possible to visit a bar or spend a couple of hours with your friends without drinking alcohol. Break the link in your mind between alcohol and fun, and everything will be much easier.

Get Help

Some people find it more difficult to get a grip on their drinking. It’s a bigger part of their lifestyle than they realized, and they don’t know how to cut down the intake. If you’re in this position, it’s important to remember that there is help available. You can read books about how to give up alcohol, or talk with friends and family members about your problems. If you’d rather keep things private, then take a look at the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab costs, and pick the one that’s right for you. It’s much easier to overcome problems when you have the support of other people.

Understand the Benefits

If you’re a moderate drinker, rather than a heavy drinker, then you might think that the benefits of reducing your drinking don’t really apply to you. This is not the case. Even if you’re only having a few alcohol drinks at a time, you’ll see the benefits of cutting down, or giving up completely. Within a few weeks of no alcohol, you’ll have more energy, better skin, and your mind will be sharper. Try it, and see for yourself.

Ten Minutes of Strength

The feeling that tells you that you “need” a beer or glass of wine is pretty weak. It passes in a few minutes. But you do have to make it through those minutes. It’ll depend on the time of the day or week you associate with drinking. It might be Friday evening, or a Sunday evening, or whatever. If you can make it through the ten minutes of feeling “a drink would be nice,” you’ll probably make it through the entire night!


Elie Claire 365 day journals

As a busy working mom, I dont always have time to get to everything I need to do or should do daily. 
I love to journal the word of God and study with some easy devotions. 
When I was contacted by Worthy to review these 365 day journals I was so excited and couldnt wait for them to arrive. 

This is my favourite one, because of the colors and the theme. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and not let the worries of life make it look dark for me. 

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Look at the color of this, it is so eye catching. 

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I tried multiple pens and there is absolutely no bleed thru, I am very excited to begin using these for 2019. 

I actually share them with 2 girl friends who also enjoyes journalling the word. 
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7 tips for continuing to run in winter

Photo by Cam Adams on Unsplash

If you’re an enthusiastic runner then you’ll want to run day and night, no matter what the weather. Whilst it would be amazing to be able to go out and run every single day, the cold weather during the winter means that it’s just not possible unless you’re super prepared.

You may have to miss out a couple of days due to storms and snow, but if you prepare well enough in advance then you’ll be able to continue to run throughout winter. To help, here are 7 handy tips:

  1. Dress For Warmer Weather

Although it may feel as though you don’t need to wear warmer clothes as the exercise will keep you warm, it’s incredibly important you dress for the weather. In extreme cases, temperatures can be below zero so invest in some decent thermal workout gear and you should feel much more comfortable on your winter runs.

  1. Run With A Buddy Or In A Group

With extreme weather conditions making it more unsafe to go outside running, finding a buddy or group of people to run with is a great way to ensure there is always somewhere there in case of emergency. If you don’t know anyone that wants to run with you, trying searching for local running clubs in your area.

  1. Run Later In The Morning Or Earlier At Night

During winter mornings and evenings are much darker than they would be in the summer. Not only does this mean it will be colder during those times, but it’s also much harder to run as you can’t see where you’re going and other people can’t see you (to a certain extent). Try running later in the morning and earlier at night when it’s lighter and much safer.

  1. Wear Reflective Clothing

If you are going to be running in the dark, invest in some reflective clothing that makes it much easier for other runners and motorists to see you in low light.

  1. Take Extra Time To Warm Up

With the cold weather, it’s really important to take extra time to warm your body up. Not warming up properly could result in an injury that in the long run could result in having to have surgery.

Often not being warmed up results in a bad fall, which in many cases leads to people breaking bones or people with existing injuries needing things like carpal tunnel surgery.

  1. Keep Hydrated

When the weather is much colder it is easy to forget to keep hydrated, despite the fact it is just as important as it is in summer. Take a bottle of water with you that will encourage you to stay hydrated as you run.

  1. If All Else Fails, Hit The Treadmill

If you find that running during the winter is too much for you, you can always opt for running on a treadmill. It’s not quite the same but it’s a great way to continue your hobby in harsh weather conditions.

Do you love running? Let me know if you use any of these tips in the comment section below.


Healthy living. You need to think about long game

When it comes to our health, we all want easy solutions. That’s understandable, in a way. You want to see results as soon as possible. We’re all a little impatient. But you need to think about more than your wellbeing in the present day. Your lifestyle affects your long-term wellness as well as your short-term wellness. So, if you want to improve your health then you need to be a little patient and make changes to your daily routine that you can maintain on a permanent basis. You need to think about the long game, and we’re going to discuss some potential ways to achieve that in this article.

Get into a regular fitness routine.
The first step to improving your health both in the present and the future is to get into a regular fitness routine. You might dread the idea of exercising regularly, but that’s because most of us see physical activities as chores. But you don’t have to work out in a way that bores you; any sort of bodily movement that forces your body to work out more than usual counts as exercise. Even a short walk around the block or your local park can make a difference. You could start off by setting aside 10 minutes to take a stroll during your lunch break at work. The tiniest bit of exercise could make a huge difference to your long-term health. Plus, the more you exercise, the more motivated you’ll feel to get into a regular fitness routine. Physical activity releases endorphins in the brain, so it’ll boost your mental state.

Focus on nutrition when it comes to diet.
When people think of dieting, they often think of cutting down the amount of food they eat, but you should actually be focusing on nutrition. Simply eating less food won’t make you healthier; eating less unhealthy food will help, of course, but you need to supplement your diet with healthier alternatives. Fad diets are often restrictive, and that’s not a healthy way to eat. You might lose weight quickly, but you won’t be able to maintain those results. It’s time to think about the long game. Make sure your diet is full of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, and other important vitamins and minerals.

Adopt a consistent sleeping pattern.
You also need to think about the long game by adopting a consistent. It can even reduce your risk of heart disease.

Of course, you might feel a little physically or mentally disoriented if you majorly change your bedtime routine. Even if you’re getting a sufficient amount of sleep, any big change to your lifestyle requires an adjustment period. It’s important not to oversleep to compensate for your tiredness if you’re trying to go to bed and wake up earlier than normal. Otherwise, you’ll end up slipping back into your old sleeping pattern. You just need to make it a priority in your life to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It’ll improve your heart health and mental health amongst many other aspects of your wellbeing. Sleeping well is integral to thinking about the long game with regards to your health.

Stop bad habits.

You don’t need to make a change to your lifestyle overnight. As we’ve discussed throughout this article, improving your health can be a gradual process when you’ve got a long game plan. Maybe you simply need to reduce consumption of harmful substances that are a big part of your life. If you feel a little dehydrated after cutting alcohol out of your lifestyle then you might want to look into a hangover doctor to help replenish and rehydrate your body. The important thing is that you think about your health and make gradual changes to your lifestyle.

Spend time with your loved ones.
This is the simplest lifestyle change you can make, but it’ll have a huge impact on your health. We all know that our friends and family make us happy, but you might not be aware that such relationships are integral to your mental wellbeing. Many studies have shown that maintaining close relationships with at least 3 people in your life can help to protect your emotional health and prevent psychological problems. But it’s not just about having friends for the sake of friends - it’s about being close to the right people. You need to spend time with loved ones who serve as a support network. In other words, you would do anything to make them happy and they would do anything to make you happy. It should be a two-way street.

You need to make sure that you spend time with your loved ones to keep those relationships strong. You might know that your family is always there if you need them, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to visit them regularly. Simply heading over to see your parents or your siblings from time to time could really help to keep you healthy and happy (and it’ll do the same for them, of course). The same goes for that buddy you’ve not seen in a few months. You don’t always need to talk to your loved ones when you have a problem or they have a problem. Sometimes, it’s enough to simply have a chat and a catch-up in person. Laughing has huge benefits for the health of your heart and your mind, so you should be aiming to spend time with the people who make you happy if you want to look after your wellbeing in the long-term.

Sleep, Eat, House, Repeat! Stop The Process Of Buying A Property Taking Over Your Life

When you finally make the momentous decision to begin looking for a property to buy, it can be incredibly
easy for things to get overwhelming in a short space of time. In fact, it is such an important decision
and substantial investment that you can easily get consumed by the process, thinking of nothing else.
Luckily the advice below will help you balance buying a property with the other essential things in your life.

Read on to find out more.

Go in knowing what you want
One way that you can stop the process of buying home taking over every part of your life is to know
exactly what you want before you begin your search.
In fact, this is hugely important because it not only makes the actual searching processes easier but it
also will minimise the time you spend comparing and agonising over property that you like. Thus
freeing up much more of your times at weekends and in the evening, even when you are in the midst
of buying a home.

Delegate everything you can
Next, when it comes to keeping your life balance when you are buying a home, it's crucial that you are able
to delegate as much as possible. Yes, I know this can be scary because it's such a big decision and such a
huge investment.
However, you will find that there are many specialists out there such as your property lawyer, surveyor,
and Mortgage Broker whose job it is to guide you through the process safely. In fact, stepping back and
giving them space to do their job is something they will welcome as well, so don't be afraid to take the
pressure off of yourself and delegate critical tasks to others.

Schedule in non-home buying related activities
If you're spending all your weekends going to open houses, and all your evenings searching the internet
for new properties, it may be time to slow down. After all, while it can be exciting, it's also hugely draining
and can mean you lose your perspective on the process, and other areas of your life can get ignored.
That is why it's crucial to schedule in some normal everyday non-house related buying activities. You can
even put a ban on talking about it when you go out for dinner or on a Friday night. Just to make sure you
have some time to decompress.

Take a breathe
Lastly, if you want to prevent the process of buying a property from taking over your life, stepping back
and taking a deep breath both physically and metaphorically can be very useful. Yes, the process and
the end result are important, but they are rarely life or death.
In fact, even if you miss the ‘perfect’ house, or get gazumped by another offer you will survive to fight another
day. Something that it's crucial to remind yourself of if you don't want to end up eating & sleeping real estate
until you have moved into your new home, that is.   

Little Tricks to Up Your Makeup Game

Having the perfect makeup is not only a skill, it’s an art. But we can’t all afford to be
made up by industry pros every time we have a date, and following YouTube
tutorials never really ends up looking like the girls in the video. So let’s see what we
can learn from the pros and how you can up your makeup game with simple tricks
of the trade.

Play with lighting
The first thing you need to understand really well is exactly what the face is. A lot of
top makeup artists spend years just studying the face. Where are the dips, the hills
and what is the ideal face ? You might not need to go through all that work because
the only face you should be worrying about is your own, so get to know it well. Sit in
front of a mirror, take a light and keep moving it in front of your face and seeing
where the shadows fall. This will give you an idea of the shape of your skull and you
will memorize these natural guidelines for your makeup. This is the perfect way to
figure out contouring, creasing and highlights. Another lighting tip is to check out
your look under different lights, because the studio light in front of your mirror and
the neon ceiling lights that will be at the party might give a completely different

Know your colors
There’s more to creating a look than just the colors you think will go together nicely.
You have to think about the colors that are complementary to your skin tone, your
eye color and your undertone. All of us have a certain undertone: cold, warm or
neutral. There are many ways to test this, and after you’ve determined which one
you have, you want to stick to makeup that has the same undertone as your skin
color. Have you ever noticed that some red lipsticks just look a lot better on you
than others, even if they’re all a similar shade of red? It’s because of their undertone.
Your eyeshadow color should always be complementary to your eye color, because
blue eyes will never pop with a light blue eyeshadow, and you might end up looking
like the snow queen. Your hair color is no different: brows might look insignificant,
but if you don’t have perfectly toned eyebrow makeup,  it will be the first thing
people notice – and not in a good way. Your foundation, of course, should be a
perfect match for your skin, so look into lines that have a very wide range, or that
allow you to mix your own color. You might want to keep on hand several different
shades for different times of the year.

Less is more
If there is one thing that most celebs on the catwalk have in common is that it
doesn’t look like they have all that much makeup on at all. Now this isn’t completely
true, and that look of theirs was created over several hours, but in the end, it’s not
about bringing attention to the makeup – it’s about bringing attention to their
natural beauty. For example, if a makeup artist wants to make someone’s eyes stand
out, they won’t do it by creating an extravagant, colorful look – they will put some
highlight and shadow, put on a pair of false lashes and a lot of mascara. That will
bring all the attention to the eye , rather than the makeup. But less is more is a good
rule to follow in general, even if you are just doing your daily routine. Take it easy
with the foundation, don’t overdo your blush or highlight and just try to keep
everything natural.

Practice, practice, practice!
The pros make putting on makeup look so darn effortless, but when you try to do it,
it just doesn’t look right. That’s because, just like any skill, you need practice. They
do the in-the-crease-windshield-wiper motion a million times per day on a hundred
different eyes, so if you want to do better, you have to put in some hours. Do your
makeup for fun when you have some free time and really focus on the technique
you’re using. Practice blending, creasing, lining and everything else that you need to
complete the perfect look and it will become second nature to you in no time!
In the end, you have to remember that we all have our personal makeup style, and
nobody looks red-carpet-ready every time they leave the house. It’s perfectly okay
to just put on a whiz of mascara before you leave, and then do a full face the next
day. Find what is the best fit for your face and you will have a much easier time
completing looks that you are happy with.


6 Beauty Tips to Boost Your Confidence 100%

When you’re feeling down or blue, how do you make yourself feel better? There are so many roles that
we are to assume these days and so many different activities and chores that we’re up against, so there
certainly are days when we don’t feel like ourselves and we’re in need of an instant confidence boost.
It’s also quite impossible to do everything perfectly, and this is when our self-esteem levels may hit the
bottom. Do we need to emphasize the importance of self-confidence? Probably not, but here are just a
couple of ways in which you can help yourself get that daily boost of self-confidence that you so
desperately need:

1. Color is the weapon
Let’s start with the simple things, the ones that practically any woman can achieve. Even though it might
seem unimportant and totally silly, a woman feels totally differently when she paints her nails, so this is
definitely the thing that you must do on days when you’re feeling totally down. If you’re up for
something fun, you can always try a crazy color that will make you feel special or unique, but classic
colors also work on women who prefer class and sophistication.

2. Brows on point

Brows are extremely important nowadays, and it can either make or break your mood, especially if
you’re a millennial. If you’re not satisfied with the current shape of your brows, then you should
definitely consider microblading as this treatment is very popular at the moment and is proven to have
magnificent results. Yes, it can be a bit pricier than painting your nails, but it’s worth it (especially
because it can do wonders to your self-esteem). However, make sure that you choose the right
technician as you don’t want any mistakes here – opting for an artist who got a certification from the
top-quality PhiBrows training in San Francisco or other major cities of the USA is a great option. Note
down that everything depends on the artist, so make sure not to save money on this.

3. The power of your hair

You know what they say, when a woman needs a change, she changes her hairstyle. And this is not said
without a reason – it’s really true that a new hairdo can significantly affect your mood. So, the next time
you’re feeling down, break up an important relationship or have difficulties at your job, try to change
your hairstyle. Don’t just make small changes, though, as you want to have the biggest and most
magnificent change that there is, so choose the hairstyle that you’ve always wanted and go with it.

4. Pump and jump
Setting yourself fitness goals and sticking to them will definitely pay off, and you will be more than
happy when you see the results. There’s nothing that can improve our mood more than actually seeing
that the effort that we put into something paid off. This is why you should definitely buy a gym
membership and start working out – you can also consult a personal trainer just so that you make sure
you reach your goal in the best and more efficient possible way.

5. Taking the junk out

Perhaps you’re a junk food lover, and that’s totally fine. However, if this is the case, then you probably
won’t find any satisfaction in eating healthily. Bear in mind that eating healthily can affect the way you
look and, most importantly, your mood, so you should definitely give it a go. Try to cut down on junk
food and implement as many vegetables and fresh fruit as you can – you will see the difference in both
your body and your mood in just a couple of weeks.
6. Dress to kill
Finally, money cannot buy you happiness, but it can sure as Hell buy you a new dress that you’ve been
seeing while window shopping for the last couple of months. The moral lesson of the story: buy it!
Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in can significantly enhance your self-confidence – we all love
wearing something new for the first time, and that is the feeling that we want to have always.
Seize any opportunity you can to boost your confidence! We only have one life and it is crucial that we
feel good about ourselves, regardless of what other people say. If it’s plastic surgery – so be it. If it’s
microblading your brows – even better. If it’s buying a new dress – go ahead! The sky is the limit!


Add a little luxury to your home with these home upgrades

It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then, and if this is the case, then why not treat your home? It’s always nice to add a little bit to your home here and there to make it better. There are some simple things that you can do, and there are some things that are far more luxurious. When you step into the home of some people, you are immediately wowed by all features that their house has, but this could be yours too. If you are looking for something to do around the home, why not upgrade it slightly? You don’t have to add all the features on our list, but one or two will certainly push you up on the luxury scale. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you could add to your home to add a little luxury to your life.

A Skylight

One of the features that you could add is a skylight. This can go in your bedroom, kitchen, or really wherever you want it to. You might be wondering how a skylight is going to add luxury to your life, but the answer is simply: have you seen them?! They are beautiful additions to any home and make the space feel lighter and airier. Skylights are all the rage right now with more and more people adding them to their homes.

As well as this, if you are worried about going green, a skylight is a great option. They reduce the need for artificial light which will reduce your carbon footprint. So, it’s an upgrade for your home, and you are saving the environment.


The next item on our list is something that most people dream of having, a pool. This can be in your garden, or you could build an extension and put it in there. Either way, adding a pool to your home could feel like living the ultimate life of luxury. There are different sizes to consider here, as well as whether you want this in the ground, or above ground. Make sure that you think about this carefully, as you don’t want to be regretting your decision later. You can also consult a professional when you are considering this, and they will be able to advise you on what is best, given your unique situation.

Hot tub

Instead of, or who knows, maybe as well as a pool, you should consider adding a hot tub to your home. There are a variety of sizes here, but if you have a family you are likely going to want a hot tub for four people, rather than one that only fits two. You can use this as somewhere that the whole family can relax at the end of a stressful day. You will find that there are many benefits to this, including reducing stress, having a better nights sleep after you have been in it, and minimizing chronic pain.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Have you ever wanted to have a fire pit in your garden? This is going to look beautiful and you can fit it in with the aesthetic easily. Whether you want it to feel like you are on a beach surrounded by sand, or you want it in the corner with its own little space, anything is possible. You can make these totally your own and anyone who comes to your home is going to be in for a real treat. This is going to provide you with a cozy area to spend the evenings, for you and your entire family. It doesn’t matter if it is pouring rain as long as you make sure that you have a shelter for it, a fire pit is going to be great all year round.

Outdoor Kitchen

You might have guests over a lot and like to entertain them outdoors on the patio. If this is the case, then you should think about adding an outdoor kitchen to your garden. These can be as big or as small as you want, but it will allow you to spend more time with your guests, rather than running in and out all the time trying to cook and entertain. It will be nice for you to be able to stay around and talk to your friends, rather than missing half of a conversation.

This idea is also going to be great if you love to have a family bbq. You will find that this makes grilling for your family a lot easier as it will always be set up. There will be no more fiddling around with coal or gas trying to get your bbq to light as your outdoor kitchen will be ready and waiting for you.

A Game Room

Finally, you can think about adding a game room to your home. Whether you want to convert the loft, the basement, or you have a spare room that isn’t being used for anything, any of these will do. It is likely that if this idea is something that appeals to you, you already have a lot of game equipment scattered around your home. Move everything like this into your room, and slowly build up your collection. You can add a foosball table, a big TV, and any other game related items that you find while you are out and about.

It will be nice to have a space in your home dedicated to playing games and having fun. Your inner child will love this, and if you have children, they will love this too. Go nuts decorating this too, make it exactly the way that you want it to be with posters, the color wall you want, and comfy furniture, ready for hours of gaming.

We hope that you have found this advice helpful, and now know some of the ways that you can add a little luxury to your life. These home upgrades are great for anyone, and if you have the cash lying around to complete one or more of these, then go ahead and treat yourself.


How to Make Your Next Move Your Easiest Ever

Moving to a new house can be a pain in the neck. From organizing, packing, safe
transportation and unpacking, to organizing once again when you’re settled in, a
joyous milestone in your life can easily become a nightmare, unless you learn how to
handle this move like a pro. With a few handy tips, you won’t have to worry about a
thing, but move with ease and enjoy every moment of it.

Declutter first

To make your next move go as easily as possible, it would be wise for you to start
decluttering in time. Namely, don’t wait until the last minute to start picking what
you want to bring with you to a new home in Brisbane, what goes to goodwill or
maybe to some of your friends. You’ll save yourself and everyone around you the
additional stress. So, instead of waiting two days before the move to start
decluttering, do it at least two weeks in advance. Look at all of your belongings and
start making piles of things that you’ll take with you, things that you want to recycle
or throw away and those that you’d gladly donate. If you have too much stuff, think
about organizing a yard sale, and make some money along the way as well. Ask your
friends if they’d like to have something you don’t find cute or worth you interior
anymore. This is a great way for you to make room for new furniture and wardrobe
in your new Brisbane home.

Lists go a long way

Lists are literally your best friends in the time of the move. Whether you decide to make one in a spreadsheet on your computer, use an app on your mobile phone, or maybe use the old-fashioned way and put everything on paper, as long as you list all of your belongings you need to pack, it’ll help you immensely. Furthermore, you can make a list of all the small tasks that need to be done. Hiring movers in Brisbane, formal change of address, forwarding mail, cancelling utilities, and anything else that is of great importance that you think you might forget to do without writing it down. Aside from lists, having a folder with all the important documents, such as mover contracts, should also be among those lists so you don’t lose it during the move.

Rent a truck

Rent a truck
While you may have thought of asking your friends to help with the transportation, or you want to use your car, you should know it can potentially cost you a lot more than renting an inexpensive truck in Brisbane. You’ll probably pile things up that will easily tumble down when you go over the first bump in the road, if your car isn’t big enough. Don’t risk breaking some of your precious crystals, glass or other fragile items, because of the lack of space in a small vehicle. Instead, opt for affordable truck rentals in Brisbane  and as well as Atlanta that will offer plenty of room for all of your belongings. Moreover, trucks that you rent will allow you to transport all of your belongings safely from one point to another, and thanks to a hydraulic tailgate lift they have, you won’t have to worry about moving even the heaviest furniture. 

Go green

If you’re using every possible opportunity to save the planet, your move shouldn’t
be an exception. You’ll most likely spend an obscene amount of newspaper, bubble
wrap, and cardboard, which is why you should consider opting for reusable plastic
bins that you can find in various home d├ęcor and furniture stores in Brisbane and
put them in the closet until you find time to deal with the stuff inside. Avoid using
cardboard boxes and rent plastic bins to store the rest of the stuff, while you can use
older linens to wrap breakables.

Take inventory

You don’t want some of your belongings to magically disappear during the move, so
make sure you have a record of all the household items. It would be a good idea if
you had a spreadsheet of all the stuff in each box. This means that you’ll have to
label all the boxes either with numbers, letters or just with the type of belongings
that’s inside, and put on paper what each of the boxes contains. This way, you’ll have
the exact number of boxes written down as well as all of the items from your old
Brisbane house. Furthermore, to avoid accidentally throwing your wardrobe or
valuable items in the trash, don’t use trash bags for storage. Pack everything either
in boxes or in reusable bins for better organization.

Pack an overnight essentials bag

In the middle of all the moving fuss, you can’t forget to eat, sleep and stay clean and
fresh. Therefore, pack a small bag of essentials that you’ll have within arm’s reach,
because you’ll need to change clothes, brush your teeth, do all the hygiene-related
activities, and all of your stuff will be in boxes. So, instead of rummaging through
everything to find a clean pair of sweats or cleaning supplies and toilet paper, have a
bag with essentials ready for moving day.

Moving can be very stressful, which is why you should do your best to make it a
piece of cake. Just make sure you start decluttering on time, make a list of
everything, keep an inventory, rent a truck, protect the environment while you’re at
it and pack a bag of essentials to help you go through this move fresh and clean.
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