Simple Habits for Healthy Skin

Do you often feel like you’ve drawn the short end when it comes to the way your skin looks? Well, you might have a less than perfect skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to be content with it! Actually, these simple habits will improve your skin’s look and ensure it’s healthier than ever!

Wash your face every evening

In order to retain healthy and beautiful skin, you have to keep it clean. A few minutes before bed is all you need to cleanse your skin of all the makeup, pollution, dirt and various other irritants you’ve been exposed to during the day. For the best effect, try to use a pre-cleaner or makeup-remover before actually splashing water on your face. This will additionally clean your skin, but also ensure your skin absorbs all the nutrients from your skin care products! Your skin will be truly invigorated and supple in the morning.

Apply proper sun protection

Besides protecting your skin from nasty dirt, you also have to keep it under careful sun protection! Sure, basking in the sun is great, but if you want skin that looks young, supple and healthy, you need to apply some sunscreen. Actually, make that a lot of sunscreen, because sunlight is the main suspect for causing wrinkles, blemishing, freckles and other signs of aging! Using a good “broad-spectrum” sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 is practical for everyday use and offers good sun protection. Other accessories, like hats, clothes and sunglasses can also help keep your skin away from the sun and its damage.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The best way to keep your skin elastic and healthy is to keep it properly hydrated. You can achieve this by drinking plenty of water and using quality products that will prevent water loss, rehydrate your skin and make it look supple. Brands like the fantastic Neostrata can help you conduct proper moisturizing and start your anti-aging process on time. They have all sorts of moisturizing lotions, creams and serums that can improve the look of your dry skin and help with those pesky wrinkles on your face and neck! However, make sure to pick the right product for the season! Winter calls for a stronger and richer formula to feed your skin during extreme colds and winds. On the other hand, in the summer when it’s humid, you can opt for a very lightweight moisturizer.

Eat good foods

Did you know that your skin is the largest (and most exposed) human organ? Well, now that you know that, it will not come as a surprise that you have to feed it right in order to retain its healthy appearance! There are great foods that can do wonders for your skin, but experts usually recommend loading up products rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, A and E. All of these nutrients will help keep your skin strong, elastic and rich with collagen! On the other hand, try to avoid sugary foods and drinks. Some research shows that foods with high-glycemic index cause sugar to bind with collagen and make it weaker!

Ditch smoking

If the thought of getting cancer, losing your teeth and having horrible breath isn’t scary enough for you, your smoking habits will also ruin your skin! Smoking will create deep lines around your mouth, give your skin a grayish undertone and stain your fingers and nails. Basically, nicotine destroys the structure of your skin and leaves it looking all saggy and wrinkly! So, ditch your ugly habit now!
Of course, these are only the most basic tips that will improve your skin care routine and help create healthy habits that will reap healthy skin. Start with these elementary steps and soon you’ll discover many more tricks that benefit your skin and make it look youthful, elastic and healthy!


Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Digestion

The digestive system is responsible for digestion, absorption and assimilation macro (proteins, fats and
carbohydrates) and micro (vitamins and minerals) nutrients as well as the removal of gases. Food and
liquids we ingest are broken down into smaller particles, before being absorbed by the small intestine.
This is where the products of digestion pass into the bloodstream which carries the nutrients, vitamins
and minerals throughout the whole body. Irregular nutrition, stress, smoking and diseases are the most
common causes of digestive disorders. The most common problems that arise are vomiting, nausea,
abdominal pain and heartburn. Therefore, we must take care of our digestive system by making sure we
take in enough of certain vitamins and minerals which help our body function properly. Here are a few
healthy suggestions.
Stimulate your metabolism with Vitamin C
Vitamin C is involved in all metabolic processes and it also plays an important role in oral health. It also
helps the body absorb calcium, which accelerates metabolism. The most effective way to take vitamin C
is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 60% more
vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown food. Foods rich in vitamin C are peppers, cabbage,tomatoes, broccoli and berries. Not only does it stimulate the metabolism, it’s the key ingredient for
your immune system, and also helps your skin glow too.

Turmeric is considered a ‘sacred powder’ in India because of the seemingly miraculous effects its yellow
pigment, curcumin, has on the body. Taking curcumin in Australia is a well-known practice due to its anti-
inflammatory properties, positive effects on colon health and its ability to destroy cancer cells. The fact it
doesn’t have any harmful side effects is another reason why Aussies love supplementing their diet with

Vitamin B
Vitamin B facilitates many metabolic processes, such as metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. These
vitamins are found in proteins such as meat, dairy products, fish, peas and many other.
● B3 is also known as niacin, and it’s essential for the mental health. It detoxifies the body from
various harmful chemicals. It also helps in the function of the digestive tract, nerve cells, skin
health and blood vessels.
● B1, also known as thiamine or aneurin is one of the water-soluble vitamins B involved in many
metabolic processes in the body. Vitamin B1 is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and
energy, for the proper functioning of the nerve cells, for the operation of all muscle fibers,
including the cardiac muscle.

● B6, also known as pyridoxine, is one of the B vitamins significant for the proper metabolism of
amino acids (proteins), sugar and fats, as well as for the production of blood cells. It can be
found in the following foods: tuna, avocado, bananas, chicken and many more.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for immune system function, which is our bodies’ defense mechanism. It helps
protect us from diseases and infections. If you have inflammatory bowel disease you might need a
vitamin D supplement. The main functions of vitamin D:
● Active in bone metabolism
● Strengthens the bones
● Strengthens teeth
● Active in the immune system
● Protect from some types of cancer.

Vitamin D enriched food: fortified milk, butter, egg yolks, sea fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, fish oil
(from the liver).


Shoestring Budget? You Can Still Renovate

If you’re bored of your home but you don’t have a lot of cash currently, you might be thinking that
 there’s nothing you can do to perk your home up and make it look more interesting. 
However, this isn’t true. It is totally possible to renovate your home and make great changes on a 
shoestring budget. In this guide, we talk you through how.

Look For Smaller Suppliers
If you’re serious about making renovations to your home, you’re going to need to find the right 
suppliers to help you. Brand name doesn’t always mean best, so hunt for smaller suppliers that 
you can trust. Read reviews and testimonials to help you.

Shop Around
Shop around for whatever you need. Look at various companies and stores and see where you can
 get the best deal, but don’t forget that if you buy low quality you’ll probably end up spending way more 
in the long run. Spending a little more of your budget initially for a higher quality thing will be better.

Get Multiple Quotes
Make sure you do your research on companies that  renovate apartment buildings or your kind of 
building and get multiple quotes so you have an idea of what you should be paying. The cheapest may 
not be the best choice, but the most expensive may not be either. Doing your research and reading 
reviews and testimonials will give you a better idea of who can be trusted to get things done on time 
and to a high standard.  

Be Your Own Project Manager
Hiring a project manager is expensive, so consider being your own project manager. This way, you 
can decide what you do yourself and how much you spend on certain materials. However, it’s 
advisable that you still hire a professional builder and an architect so that your plans and installations 
run as smoothly as possible.

Consider Going For A Trendy Unfinished Look
If you’re on a really low budget, you could consider running with an unfinished look and making it look
 as if it’s supposed to be that way. This is a huge trend in this day and age, and with the right textiles 
and cosy accessories you can make it look really cool and inviting.

Hang Dramatic Curtains
Hanging dramatic curtains can change the feel of a space and is a really cheap way to update your 
lounge or bedroom. Just make sure you get the measurements right!

Replace Your Tiles
Tiling the bathroom and the kitchen doesn’t take that long, and you can  
create a sort of feature wall with the right tiles.

Add New Accessories
Adding new accessories is one of the most cost effective things you can do. Invest in accessories that
 you’ll want to use in the long run. Feel free to mix and match accessories for an eclectic look.

You can still make lots of changes to your home on a shoestring budget. Have tips of your own? 
Leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


Self Service: The Easy Ways To Introduce Self-Care Into Your Life

Sometimes as a mom and a wife we spend so much time serving the others in our family that caring for 
ourselves can be way down the list of priorities. However, this can cause a problem for you and your loved ones, 
because if you don't look after yourself, you won't be in the best position to take care of their needs either. 
What this means that self-care should be seen as at least as valuable as the thing you do for everyone else! 
With that in mind, in the post below you will find a primer on some simple method of self-care that you can 
introduce to your life straight away. Keep reading to find out more.

Self-care for moms is vital!

Alone time

It is well known that people that sit further across on the introversion part of the personality spectrum need time 
on their own to rest, recharge, and be happy in their lives. However, no matter whether you are a pure introvert 
or an extrovert you will need at least a little time entirely without others in your life each day.  

Of course, for a busy mom, this can seem almost impossible. After all, when the kids are young, you are lucky 
if you get to go to the loo on your own! However, to improve the self-care that you are providing yourself, it can be 
beneficial to introduce a little alone time into each day.

It may be that you do this while your little one is having a nap or is at school. Alternatively, you may wish to wait 
until your OH is home and they can take care of the kids while you have your alone time? Just be sure to include a 
short amount of this regularly to ensure you are as happy and healthy as possible in life.

Girls’ time

Another very healthy way of offering yourself some self-care is to ensure that you get occasional breaks from 
being mom and wife. One fun way to do this is to get together with your friends and have some girls' time.

Now, what you do in this time is entirely up to you, as long it's its fun. You may wish to go to the mall and do a 
little shipping and catch up over a coffee? It may be that you are craving a fancy dinner out or even a few glasses 
of wine and a little dancing|? Just be sure to pick something that allows you to
 let off a little steam and then return
 back to your mom and wife role refreshes and enthused.  

Date time

Now, another essential element of self-care is giving your wife - husband relationship some time and attention. 
After all, it's pretty hard to be the best wife and mother is you are feeling neglected, ignored, or even under 

Luckily, regular date nights can help to eliminate these issues, and it also gives you an excellent opportunity to 
connect on a one to one level and ensure that the emotional intimacy of your relationship is still healthy and robust.

Once again you are free to choose any date that you and your SO will find fun, but a meal out, catching and film 
and going for dinner afterwards can work well. Alternatively, you could try something more adventurous like 
going to paintball, heading out into nature for a hike or a camping trip, or even taking up a new hobby together 
such as fencing or sailing.

Spiritual nourishment

They say that man cannot live or bread alone, and what they mean here is that sometimes even when our 
physical needs are met, we still yearn for fullness in a spiritual way. In fact, spirituality is an excellent way of 
promoting self-care in our lives as wife and mothers, and there are plenty of things that we can do to encourage 

It may be that you are already parts of a church or organized religious group and so making time to attend 
meetings, and connect with others in the congregation is an excellent way of showing care for yourself. 
However, do remember that even if you don't see yourself as a religious person there are still plenty of spiritual 
activities you can get involved with that will feed this side of your nature.

In particular, why not go for something a bit more new age or alternative and find a yoga class that emphasizes
 the spiritual aspects of the practice? Then, there are other approaches such as astrology and numerology that 
offer spiritual understanding and advice for when you feel stuck in life. In fact, in the latter, you can find out about 
all sorts of things like why 444 has a spiritual meaning, and why you regularly see specific numbers occurring in
 your life. Something that makes it a great way of embracing a level of spirituality as a method of self-care.

Physical nourishment

Of course, physical nourishment has vast importance in self-care as well, and when you are we busy mom, it can 
be super tough to feed your body in a way that is healthy.

In fact, many moms end up eating scraps from their children plates, drinking heavily caffeinated beverage to give
 them a little pep, or reaching for products jammed packed full of refined sugar to get them through another day.

However, it can be the most caring thing we can do for ourselves to change our diets and embrace a more 
nutritious and holistic way of feeding our bodies.

To do this, some folks like to opt for whole food only. What this means is that they steer clear of ready-made 
items and things that contain refined sugars and hydrogenated oils.

The concept behind this is that whole food is more nutritionally dense and so feeds the body more effectively. 
Many people also believe that whole food is more natural, so the body can better absorb it and therefore it does 
not cause the harm that processed items can. All of which can contribute to a sense of well-being and health,
 something that is a vital part of self-care.

Top Tropical Wedding Destinations

Every couple has a dream wedding, and no two weddings are the same. Some
couples want to tie the knot in an intimate environment, surrounded only by their
closest friends and family. Other couples want to throw a lavish wedding with
hundreds of guests and have their celebration be the talk of the town. And while
some choose to exchange their vows on home turf, perhaps even in their own
backyard, others want to make it an international adventure. And so the trend of
destination weddings was born. If you too want to get married in a fairy tale tropical
destination under the palm trees, here are the best locations:

Tahiti actually encompasses a group of islands that span over an area as large as
Europe. And while not all of them are the best destination for a wedding, Bora Bora
is known as the island of love. The crystal-clear waters, over-water bungalows and
just the most gorgeous sunsets will make you fall even more in love, and it is the
ideal place for a tropical wedding in one of the resorts, or out on the beach. If you do
a little bit of research, you will find a lot of native traditions tied to wedding
ceremonies, and it will be a great addition to yours as well. After all, if you’re on
such a beautiful island, why would you want to have a western wedding that you
could have had anywhere else?

The beautiful Mexican region of Cancun is a truly unique setting. The mix of
gorgeous beaches and ancient Mayan remains is something that will suit all souls.
There is a tranquility in the space, but also a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for young
couples who want a sense of relaxation paired with adventure. There are plenty of
amazing, luxurious resorts where you can have your dream wedding, and then stay
an additional few days to travel around the area and really get the full experience.

Having a beautiful wedding under the sun is not only reserved for small, exotic
islands scattered across the ocean; it can also be done in some of the world’s
capitals. One of which: Sydney. It has so much to offer, and if you want to bring a lot
of friends and family, you most certainly have plenty of options to accommodate
them. And as far as the venue itself, there are some great locations for stunning beach weddings, equipped with all the amenities and packages you need to make
your wedding wishes come true.

Puerto Rico
If you are a nature lover, you are going to absolutely adore Puerto Rico. Unlike many
islands that only have endless beaches, Puerto Rico offers nature beyond
photographs. Rainforests, waterfalls and even volcanoes all work together to make
the most amazing setting. As far as the culture goes, Puerto Rico is one of the
happiest countries in the world, and you will feel that vibe throughout your stay
there. It might not be the cheapest place, but it is absolutely worth the money for the
amazing experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Caribbean
Rum-coke in hand, dance the night away in the beautiful Caribbean. It is a place
synonymous with tropical beaches, so it’s simply impossible to make this list
without including this miraculous place. You can choose between some amazing
resorts, great landscapes and intimate private beaches for the ceremony. Just be
careful that the pearly whiteness of the sand beaches doesn’t outshine your dress!
Put a flower or two in your hair and make it an unforgettable tropical event.

If you are going through with a tropical wedding, make sure that all of your guests
are aware that it’s going to be in a tropical setting – especially if it is on the beach –
because that will require appropriate footwear and clothing. Supply everyone with
fans to cool down, and make sure you have some sort of cover, like a tent, to keep
the rays away during the ceremony and the party. Use the best that the local
ingredients have to five, and make plenty of tropical fruit drinks and salads, so
everyone has the full tropical experience. Stay in those wonderful destinations for
your honeymoon, or go to the other extreme and go, perhaps, skiing!
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