How to Take the Stress Out of Vacation Planning

Planning a vacation can be exhausting and quite a daunting task. Whether you're flying
to another state or going international, figuring out how to plan the trip can be rough.
The stress involved can cause you to make the wrong choices, and this is why it's vital
that you know how to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible.
Getting the stress out of vacation planning is about having a good process and taking
your time. Use these tips to help minimize the stress while planning your next trip.

- Pack Your Luggage Days in Advance
Being proactive and packing days before you fly allows you to leave time for those
often-forgotten essentials. Make sure you have enough clothes, toiletries, and
other traveling essentials packed and ready allows you to see what you need and what
you don’t need. It also lets you be less stressed in comparison to packing the day of and
not counting off what's most needed to bring.

- Figuring Out Activities
One of the most difficult aspects of traveling is finding the right activities to do in the
short amount of time you have. It always seems like once you do find something that is
a fit for everyone it’s completely out of your budget. It can be stressful deciding what
you will be doing. The key is to be proactive and to do your research before you go.
Look online for the excursions and activities in an area, price check them, then send
them to all parties included so that you can have the details ironed out before you ever
leave. Whether it’s watching a Broadway play in Jacksonville or dune buggy riding in
Nevada, the more research you do up front, the easier the trip itself will be.

- Research Flights in Advance
Buying your ticket at least 40-60 days in advance can make a world of difference for
you. It reduces a lot of stress when you are able to get the best price on your ticket.

- Speak to Your Doctor
Depending on where it is you are going, talking to your doctor about your current health
and possible risks you may experience at your destination can help a lot. Whether it's
getting a vaccination a week before the vacation or talking about protecting your pre-
existing issues, speak to your doctor beforehand to put your mind at ease


Find accommodations at least two months in advance for the best pricing. 

Vacation rentals or Airbnb’s are great ways to save money outside of traditional hotels.

 If you are looking to exit your timeshare in favor of a different type of accommodation 

 for this vacation, research the top timeshare exit companies well ahead of time

 and choose the one that best fits your needs. The key is to have this organized 

weeks before the flight to avoid being stressed.


 - TSA

Learn about the security operations of your specific airlines. By knowing where to put
electronics or even your shoes, you reduce the anxiety of going through airport

- Organize Your Budget
The first thing above all else to be weary of is your budget. Nothing is more stressful
than wanting to experience certain things but not having the budget to do it. Organize
your budget from top to bottom. This will save you the stress on planning activities that
you cannot afford.

Planning any vacation can be exciting but also stressful. Reducing that stress is all
about being wise with your choices and knowing how to plan it all just right. The tips
above will help you plan your trip in a matter that reduces stress.

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