3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, your home will be filled with friends and family to celebrate
this special time of year. Hospitality is so important in this fast-paced world, and there are some
super easy ways to take your home to the next level of comfort for your guests.

Turn your guest room into the best room

In order to make friends and family feel at home, take a note from hotels. Think: clean, crisp
sheets, and folded towels on the bed. A bowl of mints on the dresser and candles in the bathroom
add extra special touches for your guests to know you are thinking about their comfort. Cosmetic
touch-ups are important, but your guests will spend most of their time in your guest bed. Let’s
face it: no one likes sleeping on a lumpy 20-year old mattress, especially because sleep
deprivation and in-laws don’t mix well! The best way to ensure fun holiday memories with
guests in your home is to make sure they get a good night’s sleep. There are tons of holiday
mattress sales going on right now. Feeling overwhelmed? Read reviews from real customers to
help narrow down your search process!

It’s The Small Things That Make A Huge Impact

Before guests arrive, change up the picture frames in your house to include photos of the guests.
It will make their day to see themselves featured in your home. Pull out the old family
scrapbooks from the attic and set them on the coffee table to retell funny stories and great
memories you’ve shared in past years. Stock up on extra toothbrushes, deodorants, soaps, etc.
from the dollar store––someone is bound to forget something in the holiday craziness. You can
also create holiday playlists so when your guests arrive you can hit play for hours of background
music without a worry! Got younger kids or teens coming over? The best way to their heart is
through wifi! Create a small sign on your fridge with the wifi password and network name. They
will text you “thx 4 the pswrd” with at least four emojis. Have little ones? Check out these great
winter activities for children of all ages.

Create A Welcoming Space

When hosting for the holidays, taking a few small steps to create a welcoming environment goes
a long way. Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into great hangout rooms for family and
friends. Don’t be afraid to move around some larger pieces of furniture to make room for some
extra seating. Beanbags and poofs"3 Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Holidaysare all the rage right now, and not just for kids! Ask if people
are allergic to anything, including your dogs or cats. Make sure all the beds have extra blankets
and pillows, and fluff the pillows on all the couches. Lighting candles is an easy way to create
ambiance as well. However, if strong scented candles overwhelm your guests, add some drops of
vanilla, cinnamon, or peppermint oil into your heating vents for a house that always smells like

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