How to Make Your Next Move Your Easiest Ever

Moving to a new house can be a pain in the neck. From organizing, packing, safe
transportation and unpacking, to organizing once again when you’re settled in, a
joyous milestone in your life can easily become a nightmare, unless you learn how to
handle this move like a pro. With a few handy tips, you won’t have to worry about a
thing, but move with ease and enjoy every moment of it.

Declutter first

To make your next move go as easily as possible, it would be wise for you to start
decluttering in time. Namely, don’t wait until the last minute to start picking what
you want to bring with you to a new home in Brisbane, what goes to goodwill or
maybe to some of your friends. You’ll save yourself and everyone around you the
additional stress. So, instead of waiting two days before the move to start
decluttering, do it at least two weeks in advance. Look at all of your belongings and
start making piles of things that you’ll take with you, things that you want to recycle
or throw away and those that you’d gladly donate. If you have too much stuff, think
about organizing a yard sale, and make some money along the way as well. Ask your
friends if they’d like to have something you don’t find cute or worth you interior
anymore. This is a great way for you to make room for new furniture and wardrobe
in your new Brisbane home.

Lists go a long way

Lists are literally your best friends in the time of the move. Whether you decide to make one in a spreadsheet on your computer, use an app on your mobile phone, or maybe use the old-fashioned way and put everything on paper, as long as you list all of your belongings you need to pack, it’ll help you immensely. Furthermore, you can make a list of all the small tasks that need to be done. Hiring movers in Brisbane, formal change of address, forwarding mail, cancelling utilities, and anything else that is of great importance that you think you might forget to do without writing it down. Aside from lists, having a folder with all the important documents, such as mover contracts, should also be among those lists so you don’t lose it during the move.

Rent a truck

Rent a truck
While you may have thought of asking your friends to help with the transportation, or you want to use your car, you should know it can potentially cost you a lot more than renting an inexpensive truck in Brisbane. You’ll probably pile things up that will easily tumble down when you go over the first bump in the road, if your car isn’t big enough. Don’t risk breaking some of your precious crystals, glass or other fragile items, because of the lack of space in a small vehicle. Instead, opt for affordable truck rentals in Brisbane  and as well as Atlanta that will offer plenty of room for all of your belongings. Moreover, trucks that you rent will allow you to transport all of your belongings safely from one point to another, and thanks to a hydraulic tailgate lift they have, you won’t have to worry about moving even the heaviest furniture. 

Go green

If you’re using every possible opportunity to save the planet, your move shouldn’t
be an exception. You’ll most likely spend an obscene amount of newspaper, bubble
wrap, and cardboard, which is why you should consider opting for reusable plastic
bins that you can find in various home d├ęcor and furniture stores in Brisbane and
put them in the closet until you find time to deal with the stuff inside. Avoid using
cardboard boxes and rent plastic bins to store the rest of the stuff, while you can use
older linens to wrap breakables.

Take inventory

You don’t want some of your belongings to magically disappear during the move, so
make sure you have a record of all the household items. It would be a good idea if
you had a spreadsheet of all the stuff in each box. This means that you’ll have to
label all the boxes either with numbers, letters or just with the type of belongings
that’s inside, and put on paper what each of the boxes contains. This way, you’ll have
the exact number of boxes written down as well as all of the items from your old
Brisbane house. Furthermore, to avoid accidentally throwing your wardrobe or
valuable items in the trash, don’t use trash bags for storage. Pack everything either
in boxes or in reusable bins for better organization.

Pack an overnight essentials bag

In the middle of all the moving fuss, you can’t forget to eat, sleep and stay clean and
fresh. Therefore, pack a small bag of essentials that you’ll have within arm’s reach,
because you’ll need to change clothes, brush your teeth, do all the hygiene-related
activities, and all of your stuff will be in boxes. So, instead of rummaging through
everything to find a clean pair of sweats or cleaning supplies and toilet paper, have a
bag with essentials ready for moving day.

Moving can be very stressful, which is why you should do your best to make it a
piece of cake. Just make sure you start decluttering on time, make a list of
everything, keep an inventory, rent a truck, protect the environment while you’re at
it and pack a bag of essentials to help you go through this move fresh and clean.

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