7 Tweaks to Boost Your Home Style in 2019

We know we say this every year, but 2019 really has something else in the store for all of us interior
design and style freaks. From floors to ceilings to everything in between, the New Year will not let any design aspect rest. So, if you’re looking to give your home a little somethin’ after the holidays, here’s a bit of inspiration.

Embrace the curves
Another hit from the past that’s experiencing a second coming is curvy design aesthetics. Very popular in the 70s, this trend is taking over everything, from sofas to coffee tables. Organic shapes will replace hard, geometric lines in 2019, so embrace this chic trend and bring some curvy comfort to your home.

Get glossy

If you’re not thrilled by moody and dark shades, don’t worry. You can still enjoy bright and bold colors, as long as they are glossy. High-gloss paint will give your space that cute ‘jewellery box’ look that will make you feel like an Old Hollywood movie star! Sure, glossy paints look great, especially in bolder colors, but make sure to invest in high-quality manufacturers and quality brushes and that your surfaces are properly primed. Glossy finish and bold colors aren’t exactly forgiving when it comes to flaws.

Board the terrazzo hype train

Terrazzo has been back for almost a year, but in 2019 it will be bigger than ever. It surely is a trend that’s having a major revival, but this time it’s coming back with a slight tweak. Why? Well, because we can expect this colorful material to penetrate every sphere of design and give people to choose from terrazzo lamps, coffee tables, countertops, and all other d├ęcor elements.

Prep for a staycation

If you want to spend your every day like you’re on vacation, boost your outdoor space and you’ll forget all about expensive plane tickets and suitcases. A stylish and well-equipped garden will make you enjoy your staycation like never before! For instance, you can boost the comfort and practicality of your garden with an outdoor kitchen. Equip it with a BBQ grill and some bar seating, and it will quickly become your favorite spot in the entire home. On the other hand, if you love the beach, treat yourself to a fun outdoor spa pool that will bring the ocean right to your backyard. Every time you need some relaxation, just jump into your spa and let the bubbles and warm water work their magic! There are even swim spas for those who love a good water workout. They are equipped with strong jets that will turn your spa into a treadmill for swimmers. Ocean who, we say!

Green it up in every sense

Move, you light pastels, and let the deep green take the reins! The color of the year for 2019 will come as a breath of fresh air for all green lovers since we haven’t seen green used this much since Art Deco of the 1920s. This new ‘it’ shade is called Night Watch, and it’s deep, calming, provoking and elegant—all one interior might need. Plus, it provides a perfect backdrop to all the things botanical and metallic, so feel free to fill your green space with wood, stone, foliage, and gold or brass accents.

Invest in art

Art has always been popular, but lately, it has reached a new popularity record. One of the reasons
behind it is the fact that there are no more rules when it comes to hanging art in your home.
In 2019, you’ll be able to do whatever you like and invest in everything from paintings to photographs and graphics. Hang them in groups if they are small, or pick a huge piece that will create a ‘wow’ effect, and you’ll have a perfect home gallery that will boost the style and sophistication of your space. Just make sure to pick original pieces and who knows, maybe you’ll have a small treasure on your wall in a few years.

Look up
Long forgotten is the rule: darker on the bottom and lighter on top. Designers all over the world are
ditching the white ceilings and opting for something more daring and interesting. So, in 2019, don’t
forget to look up and you could see everything from bold colors to wallpapers and intricate moldings that can transform your room in a blink of an eye. It’s truly amazing what interesting ceilings can do to space!

As you can see, there’s no need for large renovations that will break your bank in order to add some
style to your space. In 2019, even smaller details carry a big effect, so pick any of these trends listed
above and watch your home transform into a stylish and elegant retreat!

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