These are a few of my favourite things

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These are a few of my favourite things ;) 


Mac Book 





Wife Talk- How to turn her on

One of the things we talk about in our Stronger Marriage Workshops is that romance for wives starts early in the day. We like to say, "Husbands, if you want to improve things in the bedroom, you must start by serving your wife in other rooms of the house earlier in the day."
It's the "little things" through out the day that get them "in the mood." For example to turn on a woman do things like ...
* Give a back rub … no strings attached.
* Cook supper and clean up.
* Give a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure
* Help pick up the house.
* Do a chore she doesn’t like to do.
* Surprise her with her favorite candy.
* Call/Text her just to say hello.
* Find the babysitter and take take your wife on a date.
* Compliment your spouse daily.
* Hold hands.
* Etc.
And wives, we always throw this in just incase you forgot ... How do you turn on your husband??? ...
* Simple .... show up naked. (smile)



1. Talk to your spouse more kindly than you talk to anyone else in the world. Too often we speak the most harshly to those closest to us.
2. Remember that marriage is less about marrying the right person and more about becoming the right person.
3. Don’t forget to laugh. Most couples spend the majority of their time talking logistics: who’s doing the grocery shopping, who’s calling the repairman, who’s picking up the kids. A relationship can’t survive on logistics. Remember to laugh by playing a game, having a water fight or having some fun.
4. She needs you to be her best friend. Everyday, talk to her and tell her what you’re thinking. Even if you don’t think you’re thinking about anything. She needs to hear your heart.
5. He needs you to be his cheerleader. Let him know you believe he can take on the world.
6. Find ways to say “I love you” that don’t involve sex. It's about the little things.
7. He loves it when you look good. When you dress up, make sure the main person you’re dressing up for is him.

Taken and used with permission by Lea and Trea 


Weekend Recap

Friday: I worked today instead of yesterday as I wasn't feeling well. 
It was a pretty good day, pretty busy but good. I was feeling tired from the busy week though. 
I had to go to the walk In clinic today to get my medications refilled. 
Hubby took me on a date after, I was in the mood for diner food- a messy cheeseburger and fries, it was the perfect beginning of our weekend. 
We picked Brooke up from drama around 8 and came home to watch some hockey games. 

Saturday: I cleaned house, made dinner- wings and spicy chicken buffalo dip- here is the recipe because it is to good to keep to myself


  • 2 cups shredded cooked chicken 
  • 1 (8 oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened 
  • 1/2 cup FRANK'S® RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce or FRANK'S® RedHot® Buffalo Wings Sauce 
  • 1/2 cup blue cheese or ranch dressing 
  • 1/2 cup crumbled bleu cheese or your favorite shredded cheese 


PREHEAT oven to 350°F. 
COMBINE all ingredients and spoon into shallow 1-quart baking dish.
BAKE 20 minutes or until mixture is heated through; stir. Garnish with chopped green onions if desired. Serve with crackers and/or vegetables.

Went in town and got groceries, picked Brooke up from Drama- it was closing night and they did so great. I am so proud of my girl. 
You can see photos here 

Sunday: Sunday School- we only had one service today, I did the nursery class today, I got my baby fix in, we did our first BBQ of the season, it was so delicious. 
I think i have a bug though- I keep getting waves of nausea, and incredibly tired. 

Have a great week 


Happy 24th Birthday Mike

Happy 24th Birthday to my baby brother 

You are the brother we didn't expect, but now we wouldn't trade ya for the world... you are my best friend, always there to listen and offer advice.

Reason why I am glad I have you for my brother 

1.) You know how to defend yourself, physically and mentally. You don’t let people push you around, and you know that you always have backup if they do.
2.) The support system is better than you can ever imagine.  They will even make loud obnoxious noises as you try to analyze the thought processes of men. But they are listening, and they are thinking about it. They are also thinking that this boy is not worth your time—hence the noises that they are making.
3.) They support you in more ways than one. 

4)They have your back no matter what, they are not afraid to tell someone off, and they will always pay for your coffee.

5.) There is never a fight over clothes.

6.) You keep my secrets 

7.) World's greatest Uncle 

8) Drives me to the airport in a snow storm 

9) Because he is as bighearted as anyone can imagine. His heart is twice as large as normal human heart because he has so much love to give.

10) Because he acts like an older brother sometimes. It’s nice to have him watching out for me.

11) Because he stays determined and focused despite all of life’s obstacles
12) brothers are the bravest people ever born.
13) You are an amazing cook 

14) Handsome 

15) just down right funny 

16) You hang out with Brooke and make her laugh hysterically 

17) Take care of Mom and Dad 

18)   Does his very best to listen to my sisterly advice without getting annoyed.

19) Always follows through when we have plans and doesn’t flake out on me

      20) Despite the age difference (he is 24 and I am 32), we have always gotten along

21) We rarely fight and can’t even remember the last time we got into a disagreement.

22) He loves to scare the crap out of me

23) works hard 

24) Honors student 

Music Festival / Drama Festival

Brooke was in her first ever solo music festival this weekend and she was so beautiful and did amazing 
Day 1: 
Today's theme was: Music Theatre- She did "Think of me" from Phantom of the Opera 
 Daddy and his girl 

Mommy and her girl

My gorgeous girl 

Day 2- Folk Theme- She sang Shannondoah- I was without my phone so no pictures :( 

Day 3: French theme - she sang a beautiful song in french- the adjudicator loved her selections, she did not win this year but I know it was the best experience for her 

Brooke and Jurian- her accompanist 


Drama Festival- 
Her class mates and others ( 102 kids all together) performed Tempest 

Brooke is in the front row with leaf headband 

Brooke is the third from the left 

My girl in all her beauty 

It has been a busy weekend so far- next week there are 3 days of drama festival and then her band festival 
Busy, Busy but i love it 


Outfit Post

I was asked by Eshaki to review one outfit for them, they have truly amazing clothing

It was my first outfit review, I was so excited. 
This is the dress I picked out:

You can wear it tied in the back or to the side, this time I did the back 

The dress is made from a light weight cotton, very comfortable, cool and perfect for this time of the year.
It is the type of dress that makes you feel pretty and very girly.
The service I revived from Eshakti was truly amazing, I have told many people about them, they kept me posted all the entire process.

Thank you Eshakti for the amazing experience.

I was given this dress for my honest review. 


Choose to love

There are times in every marriage that you may wake up and don't "feel" in love anymore. Choose to love anyway. There are times when you may not be attracted to your spouse anymore. Choose to love anyway. Marriage is a commitment. In sickness and health, in good times and in bad. Those vows are sacred. They don’t say “if you have bad times”. They say “in good times AND in bad”, implying that there WILL be bad times. It’s inevitable. 
Choose to love, because love isn't a feeling it's a choice. 
Choose to love, because your marriage is worth it. 
Choose to love because sometimes in the 'bad times" the "good times" are right around the corner.


How often should married people have sex?

How often should married people have sex?
The frequency of sex among married couples depends on how old they are. One survey looked at the sex lives of married people by age. They found that:

Between 18-29, married people had sex 112 times a year, or a little over twice a week.
Between 30-39, they had sex 86 times a year, or about seven times a month.
Between 50-59, they had sex 69 times a year, or a little under six times a month.

Sex appears to decline further as couples get older. Although frustrated married people can romanticize the sex lives of swinging singles, studies show that married people have more sex than single people. While married people 18-29 have sex over nine times a month, single people average a little under six a month. It makes sense -- married people have a potential sexual partner in bed with them every night. Singles often sleep alone.

The Average
There is some question among sex therapists about what the true average is for couples in committed relationships. The answers can range from once a week to once a month! When Ian Kerner, PhD, was asked how he responds to couples who ask him how often they should have sex, he said, “I’ve always responded that there’s no one right answer.
When couples stop having sex, their relationships become vulnerable to anger, detachment, infidelity and, ultimately, divorce.
After all, a couple’s sex life is affected by so many different factors: age, lifestyle, each partner’s health and natural libido and, of course,  the quality of their overall relationship, to name just a few.
So while there may be no one right answer to the question of how often couples should have sex, lately I’ve somewhat been less equivocal and advise couples to try to do it at least once a week.”
sex just makes life better;) 


Weekend Recap/Ladies Retreat Edition

my day off 
I slept in a little, cleaned the house thru and did a lot of laundry, it felt good to have such a clean house, I also cooked dinner. My house has been neglected because it has been so busy around here. 
Then it was time for the day I was looking forward to for a while that I almost missed the registration day for... 

it was time for Ladies Retreat. The theme this year was so bright and beautiful 

My pastors wife always decorates and she always does a great job, we had such  great time, the speaker was amazing, she is from World Network of Prayer 
She challenged us for sure
We went out to eat after service friday night, it was fun to meet some new friends, we laughed a lot and ate some delicious Chinese food. 

Iw as running on 4 hours of sleep, I could not sleep friday night, I was up at 6 am on Saturday morning to go for breakfast for 7:!5, we had a great breakfast, then we had a morning session with Madonna Massey, she is incredible. 

There was lots of shopping, lots of games and prizes
This was so much fun, there were about 100 balloons/balls and the person who had them at the end won a prize, it was fun. 
My pictures are all too dark, I should have taken my camera but just had my phone
One of the games was to compliment our pastors wife and who ever had the most compliments won a night stay at a nice hotel here, my pastors wife won, we were all pretty happy as it is her last year here. 
Cynara( Pastors wife) and Danielle 

Cynara and Ginnie 

Cynara and Amy 

Cynara and Jessica 
The Ladies ministry team all got beautiful umbrellas with their monogram on it, they were beautiful 

I was so excited to run into this beautiful lady- she used to babysit me from the time I was a few weeks/months old until I was old enough to babysit for her, then her daughter lived with us while she was in University, It was so amazing to see a face from home. 
I didn't go to church sunday morning, I was so exhausted and just plain tired out. my secret sister spoiled me again

Have a great week, we have another busy week, Brooke has her music and drama festival this week and we are going to be running around a lot for that

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