Preparing to say Good Bye

Some people walk into your life and leave foot prints for ever in your heart, that is what this family has done to us:

The beautiful Linton family.  ( Our Pastor and Family) 
Left to Right- Selah, Matt, Cynara, Bentlea and Malaki 

When we moved here three years ago the first day we were church hunting, we went to their church and we felt such a close family atmosphere, they took us to lunch that day, we had play dates that week and we had them over for dinner, we immediately knew they would become our pastor. We did visit another church but decided quite quickly that our decision was made. 

This past Sunday night they announced their resignation, they are going to be going full time into a music ministry, I got so emotional, I don’t do well with change but losing someone who means so much to us….

They are so caring, they give so much of them selves... My pastors wife { Our first Lady}is also an amazing singer and piano player, if you asked her that she would say she is a basic piano player

I can truly say that there few people anywhere, in any church, who have as much impact as the Pastor’s wife.   Yet, most of what they do is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. They aren’t often giving sermons, leading from the front, or getting the praise.  Oftentimes they move under the radar; loving the church and its people, and creating a foundation upon which a thriving church can be built.  

We have all benefited from four years of thoughtful, scriptural sermons that have rightly divided God’s word of truth. Your sermons have lifted our spirits and Yes, disturbed our consciences! You have shaken us out of complacency and self-righteousness. We have benefited from four years of exhortation; four years of important new initiatives.  We’ve benefited from four years of teaching-- Yes, Pastor, you’ve done much, and I could recite a further litany of many tangible accomplishments. But more than this,  because of the way you’ve lived before us, for the way you’ve responded to God’s Call. That--more than anything else--is why we value you and thank you

We’ve benefited beyond measure from being “eyewitnesses to your response to God’s Call.” You have shown us, by precept and example, how all of us, by faith, are to respond to the Call of God. The best of all preachers are those who live their creeds. To see good put into action is what everybody needs. For the way you’ve lived out the Call of God upon your life. For, in you, our Pastor and First Lady, we’ve witnessed four years of “steadfast, unwavering faith”; four years of purpose and vision; and indeed, four years, as our  theme so eloquently proclaims- Church In Motion- we are moving forward and we know God is with us and good things are coming our way. 

We appreciate you for the life you’ve led before us, for the model you’ve been of overcoming doubt and surmounting obstacles, but above all for showing us the power of being “inspired by God, driven by faith in Him, and empowered in all things by the Holy Spirit.

As for those precious kids- they have such a special spot in my heart, since Sunday I think about them and I am so over come with emotion... because every time we would go to church they would greet us at the door and give Brooke the biggest hugs, maybe me to if I was lucky.  they have made me smile by little things they have said or done.  I love you so much Malaki, Selah and Bentlea, you always have a special place in my heart. 


  1. very rare does one find a pastor (and a pastor's wife or husband) like that

  2. Oh I know how tough it is. I love our Pastor and his wife. When you build relationships with people like that, it feels like a part of you breaks off when they move on. I will be praying for your family and your pastoral family in their new journey.

  3. Beautiful family. Who ever steps in has big shoes to fill.

  4. Awww..... it's so wonderful how God unites families through the church. I'm sure your new pastor will be wonderful, too, although it may be an adjustment period! Blessings on your search!

  5. That's really rough. At least they were leaving for a good reason.

  6. What special people to have in your life - I'm sure that you will continue to carry the gifts that have given along with you.


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