Choose to love

There are times in every marriage that you may wake up and don't "feel" in love anymore. Choose to love anyway. There are times when you may not be attracted to your spouse anymore. Choose to love anyway. Marriage is a commitment. In sickness and health, in good times and in bad. Those vows are sacred. They don’t say “if you have bad times”. They say “in good times AND in bad”, implying that there WILL be bad times. It’s inevitable. 
Choose to love, because love isn't a feeling it's a choice. 
Choose to love, because your marriage is worth it. 
Choose to love because sometimes in the 'bad times" the "good times" are right around the corner.


  1. It's so important to remember that this during the difficult times. They WILL happen and it's always better when we handle them coming from a place of love.

  2. This is great advice! Like you said there are days where you'll wake up not feeling motivated in the marriage department, but its a commitment you've made and there will always be tough times in marriage. Learning to let go of the little things helps a lot.


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