Weekend Recap

a beautiful long weekend began.. we slept in, took Brooke to Mcdonald's for lunch and then went to our friends house about 30 mins away, we visited for the afternoon- had dessert with them, Brooke got a belated Christmas gift that she loves, her favourite things: pretty purple sandals, pens, pencils, high lighters, pretty socks.
She invited a friend over for a sleep over so we stopped for pizza, chips, chocolate and root beer. There was much laughter coming from her room. Makes me so happy because we have been here for 3 years and she has adjusted so well and has a lot of friends, we were so scared she would not ever make friends.
We watched hockey and I watched Nashville, was up til after 1 am, I am such a night hawk.

Never woke til after 10 am, woke to some major rain going on, it poured, then it turned to snow and you would think it is the middle of the winter outside again... grrr
Had to run some errands, got some groceries, took the girls to Relish, first time we were ever there, it was so good.
We picked up some new fish as well, they were ordered back in Feb ( I asked for them for Valentine's day)  and just arrived now... remind me to never buy fish from there again, we now have 20 new babies in our possession. 
Made nachos and wings for hockey night in Canada, it was a big game for the Bruins, they did end up winning the game! 

Did Brooke's hair in sock curls so she has pretty hair with her pretty dress for Easter Sunday 

Happy Easter 
Trust you all had a great Easter with family and friends 
Here is my pretty girl today 

Happy 6 months to Ms Norah Rose 

My sweet Nephew and Nieces 

We had a fun kids service today, here are some of the big kids at heart helping out with the skit.

Overall it was a quiet but a content Easter. 

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