Pornography and Marriage


1. Porn gives a very unrealistic view of the female body and causes unfair comparisons. 
2. Porn gives an unrealistic view and unreal expectations of sex. 
3. Things like love, respect, intimacy and commitment aren’t found in pornography. 
4. Porn causes lust to take place in the heart (Matthew 5:28). It's cheating ... emotional cheating. 
5. Porn is addictive. 
6. Porn causes people to no longer see their spouse as a person or partner, but as a sexual object. 
7. Porn breaks trust. 
8. Porn destroys intimacy. 
9. Pornography NEVER satisfies, it always leaves you wanting more. 

Simply put, pornography will ruin your marriage. It has destroyed FAR more marriages than it’s helped. Pornography will drive you apart from your spouse rather than bring you closer together. Instead of pursuing porn pursue your spouse. Instead of being addicted to porn be addicted to your spouse (Proverbs 5:18-19).

Taken from Trey and Lea's stronger marriage


  1. We need these reminders to take porn seriously. What some think starts out as innocence becomes a serious addiction!! Have you read "Pure Eyes, Clean Heart" by Craig and Jen Ferguson? It's an excellent resource for working through porn addiction.

  2. Idk I don't think porn is that bad.... But again it depends on the person I guess.... My hubby is the kinda person who gets uncomfortable talking about porn or anything like that so I guess that's a good thing... Where I've dated guys in the past that were so open about the subject...

  3. Porn ended my marriage. So many people are getting addicted to it. Thanks for writing this post.


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